Vansh Fools Kabir As Sejal To Expose Him. Till Love Do Us Part 28 December 2021, Tuesday pt1: Episode 84



The Episode started with Anupriya burning Vansh’s pic and saying how dare you hurt Kabir, I have just loved you, my son longed for my love, I sacrificed Kabir’s happiness and gave to you, you dared to shoot him, you have hurt someone I love the most, I will also hurt you by using someone you love, if my secret comes out at dinner tonight, I will also reveal Riddhima’s secret so that you know she is cheating you. Dadi said everything will be fine, I kept the havan for that, we will keep a puja also, so that Mata rani ends problems for Riddhima and Vansh, what happened to you.

Siya signalled nothing. Vansh got balloons and made her smile. Siya thanked her. Dadi said you returned her childhood. She went to placed the kalash at a safe place. Siya said you know what I want. Vansh said yes but she stopped him. He said yes again. She asked why don’t you talk to Riddhima well, you behave so rude, I don’t like it. Vansh said you are young now, Riddhima is not like she appears, her truth is something else, she nodded and left.

Ishani got gifts for everyone. Chanchal liked the purse. Dadi said these gifts tell a beautiful story, I like to see Ishani happy, Ishani looks responsible now, my worry got away now, it’s because of Riddhima, we should thank her that she fixed this alliance, she chose the best life partner for you and gave you a good gift, didn’t you get anything for her. Angre said her gift is here. Ishani thinks I wish I got a poison for her, the stupid honeymoon was like a punishment for me, I will make her life a punishment now.

Riddhima came to Vansh. He said I hope you liked my surprise, didn’t you plan anything for me. She got a gift. He checked his sketch. He said I love it, I promise this sketch will always be here, whether you are here or not, I meant it will be here, whether we are here or not. She thinks what did Sejal tell him. He took her and asked her to sit and gave her roses. He then gave her the bouquet and said surprise is inside the bouquet. She got a gun and thinks is it to take my life.

He said you remember our first night, what did I tell you. She recalled his words. She thinks Vansh doesn’t want to kill me, he wants me to kill myself. He said you are thinking right, I know everything but I want to know it from you. She thinks Sejal told him everything about me and Kabir. Ishani and Angre came to their room. Ishani scolded him a lot for booking a cheap hotel, whose idea was it that we have a tour in India. Angre said Covid is going on, I promise I will take you abroad. She taunted him and left.

Anupriya looked at the door. Chanchal and Anupriya set the table. Chanchal thinks I thought to separate Vansh and Riddhima, and fell into trouble, when Sejal comes, my bad time will start. Anupriya thinks I can see the game getting over, Sejal will tell about Kabir and me, how to save myself. Kabir came drunk to his home and said what does Vansh think of himself, no Vansh, you won’t win if you got Sejal, you can’t suspend my motive.

He switched on the lights and saw Mishra. He asked what are you doing here, didn’t Vansh kidnap you and Sejal. Mishra said no, I got Sejal here. Kabir became shocked. He said she is here it means Vansh was lying. Riddhima thinks truth is bitter, truth is our marriage is a deceive, I came here to send you to jail, I cheated you and your family, I should die, I accept it, I will accept myself. Kabir took Sejal’s phone. Riddhima thinks to tell the truth to Vansh once and then accept the punishment he gives her. Kabir called Riddhima and said don’t tell the truth to Vansh, he is lying.

Riddhima said I want to tell you something, Vansh. Vansh said say it Riddhima, I am listening. Kabir said pick up, come on. Her phone rang. Vansh answered the call and said so you reached and he stopped Riddhima from going. Riddhima said actually, I will go and receive her. Vansh made her hear a man’s voice on the call. She said its a man’s voice, but it was Sejal’s name on the phone. Vansh said he is my office boy, I asked him to get the files, I saved his number on Sejal’s name.

She said you lied about Sejal. He said I never met Sejal till now. She went away and asked why did you lie, why were you playing game with everyone. He pulled her and said you are saying it as if you don’t play any game, I had to do it, because I know there is someone who is cheating me, I will unveil that person, the world knows that I hate cheat a lot and cheaters.

He left. Riddhima said it seems Vansh knows my truth, but how can he know it if he didn’t meet Sejal, what is he saying, I don’t understand. Kabir sent Sejal’s pic. He said Riddhima isn’t answering, I hope she sees the pic and doesn’t tell anything to Vansh, he played a good game. Riddhima checked the phone and said thank God, Sejal is with Kabir, she is safe, I will call him after Vansh sleeps. Dadi said when is Sejal coming. Aryan said she isn’t coming, I heard Vansh and Riddhima’s talk, he said Sejal won’t come today.

Dadi said I got many things made, we will have dinner. Chanchal and Aryan smiled. Chanchal thinks I did some good deeds, I got saved. Anupriya got Kabir’s message…. Vansh was fooling everyone, I have Sejal with me, be happy. Anupriya thinks he is my son, I am proud of him. Riddhima said make me talk to Sejal, she wanted to tell me something.

Kabir said she is safe, I am going to send her to Dubai, don’t confess anything to Vansh, he is a killer, he said no one can find out about Ragini. Riddhima said I will find out about Ragini’s truth, stop blaming anyone without proof. She saw someone and said there is someone here. Her phone fell down in the plant pot and she looked for the phone. She thinks to leave before anyone sees her and take the phone in the morning.

Riddhima did the puja aarti. Dadi asked Vansh to do the ritual to get Mata Rani’s blessing. Vansh took red bangles and said red colour is a sign of suhaag, do you know the colour of cheat, red and hurts Riddhima’s hand. He asked them to ask if its a good or bad omen…..Read more