Grandma K!lls Vyom In New Video. Till Love Do Us Part 3 June 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 282


The Episode started with Riddhima coming to her room. She heard the shower tap running and called out Vansh. She went to see and closed the tap. She said where are you Vansh, I feel you around me, just we both have the keys, I feel you come here and go, please come back. She saw a dress and a rose, with a note. She read it… you and we will unite…. Siya recalled keeping those things and running out. Riddhima smiled and said I understood what you want, love you.

Siya said Vyom you are right, Riddhima understood the meaning of the message, she is going there. He asked what does that message mean, call me with concrete info, keep an eye on Riddhima, tell me about it, please give me the info. Riddhima saw Vansh coming. She said Vansh and smiled. She shouted Vansh…. She then run to see him. Siya hid and saw Riddhima running.

She said Vyom, Riddhima is running, I think Vansh has come. He asked what, keep an eye on her, give me every detail. Siya said okay. Riddhima went to the lawn and pool side looking for Vansh. She cried and felt Vansh around and Siya looked for her. Riddhima collided with Dadi and said so sorry. Dadi asked can’t you see and walk. Riddhima said sorry, but you here… Dadi said so what. Riddhima said I didn’t mean that, this ball room is usually closed. Dadi said it’s my property, why do you ask, from where were you coming.

Riddhima said I felt I have seen Vansh and Dadi scolded her. Riddhima said I think Vansh is here. Siya called Vyom and said Riddhima loves Vansh and thinks he is here, like I love you and see you everywhere. He asked her to find out about Vansh and Riddhima’s plan, stop hallucinating, they will meet soon. He got drunk and recalled his little daughter Pihu.

He cried and shuts his ears and said stop this voice. Riddhima came there and looked at him. She went to his room and checked his room and got a doll. Vyom came there and saw her with the toys. He asked what are you doing here, how dare you touch this. She said I just wanted to see whom this belongs to. He caught her neck and scolded her.

She said sorry to come this way, I just wanted to know why are you behaving like this, I have the courage to ask you anything, you gave me this courage by saving me from the bullet. He said I will kill you, just get out. She left and he cried looking at the toys. Someone rang the bell and left a pendrive for Dadi at the doorstep. Dadi got the pendrive and thinks what’s in it and she went to play it.

She saw the same black mamba videos with Vyom and her pic masked worn by the girls. Dadi killed Vyom in the video. She said what, I have done this. Angre came and asked what happened and Dadi showed him the video. He said you are killing Vyom in the video, who is making this video, who sent this and why, sit down and she worried. He asked her to have water. He asked who came here. She said black mamba. Sara heard this and said who is it, is it Angre. Ishani said Dadi got the same video, have the cocktail Siya, it has no alcohol.

Siya said no thanks. Ishani said you had become a bad girl when you ran away from the hotel, you don’t tell me that you have become a good girl again. Siya said no, I am not the old Siya now and she drank. Ishani said Dadi was killing Vyom in the video, what happened, are you feeling bad for your BF. Siya said no, I hate him. Ishani said I don’t understand the videos, who can be this black mamba. Siya said you and Dadi got the video, who else got it. Ishani said Riddhima. Riddhima heard them talking and Siya got a call.

Ishani said you can take the call in front of me. Ishani asked who was it. Siya said Chanchal, she was asking how we are. Ishani asked, was it Chanchal or Vyom. Siya said I hate him. Ishani said okay, lets have another drink. Vyom recalled playing with Pihu. They were playing hide and seek. She hid and said now you can’t find me. He missed her and saw the same tree with her name written on it and he cried.

Riddhima said just come to me and hug me, my tiredness will go away and she took a box. She got Vansh’s note and looked for him. Vansh came and hugged her. She said I won’t let you go anywhere now.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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