Vansh Cries Bitterly Hearing His Child’s Heartbeat. Till Love Do Us Part 31 March 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 194


The Episode started with Riddhima saying I can’t wait for the moment when we will have our baby in our hands, I have another surprise for you, you have missed the moment today so I recorded this. She made him hear the baby’s heartbeat. Vansh and Riddhima cried. She said I feel you will become the world’s best father. He wiped his tears and lay down to sleep and she also lay beside him. She thinks what’s the fear that’s keeping you away from the world, I will connect you with your baby. Vansh recalled the baby’s pic and heartbeat.

It’s morning, Rudra complimented Chanchal. She asked what happened to you today and he sang a song for her. He said I have a surprise for you and made her wear a necklace. He said happy valentine day. She said you have gifted me a gold necklace, my first love I love is gold, you are my second love, thanks and asked do you like it. Ishani and Angre came home. She said you made me leave the movie and got me home, what’s the matter. He got on his knees and gifted her a ring. He said happy valentines day, I love you Ishani. She said to you too Angre, I love you. He made her wear the ring and they hugged.

Vansh caught Riddhima. She said you scared me, it was a bad joke. He said you should be scared, I am going to kidnap you today. She asked kidnap? You think it’s easy to kidnap me, if I tell you about my husband, your motive will change, he trained me well to deal with such people and he smiled. He asked what’s this, lizard. She screamed and asked where is it, make it away and hugged him. He said your training failed here, you got scared of a lizard.

I think your husband trained you to deal with kidnappers, but not on getting saved from their tricks and kissed her hand. He got on his knees and asked would you be my valentine, just you, me and our love, you will be my lover, keep aside all the relations, I will kidnap you and take you to some special place. She held her hand and said I am eagerly waiting to get kidnapped and they hugged. Someone was outside their door.

Riddhima lights the diya and prayed to Bappa and Mata Rani. She said last two incidents scared me, I am getting a strong feeling that someone is scaring me. She said I know you will save me and my baby from every danger, Vansh is scared to become a father, it’s a day of love, I will not talk to him about the baby, just bless us, there will be love and happiness and placed flowers near the idol. Her dress got stuck there and she left. The diya got blown off an Riddhima saw a card there. She said Vansh thinks of surprises always.

Someone with a red gloves looked on. Riddhima read, your surprise is waiting for you in the backyard, meet me in an hour. She said fine, I will get ready and wait. She got ready and came downstairs. Siya complimented her and asked where are you going on date. Riddhima said Vansh planned a surprise for me. Siya said you should go soon, Vansh doesn’t like to wait. Riddhima collided with Aryan and the red gloves fell from his pocket. He said happy valentines day, Bhabhi.

She said same to you Aryan and she left and he picked the gloves. She said Vansh would be waiting for me. She saw Chanchal there and smiled. Chanchal starred on angrily. Riddhima asked Ishani what is she doing. Ishani said a bird used to come at my window every day, the bird got killed by some shooter, I was burying the bird. Riddhima said I can understand the pain, sorry, take care, she left and Ishani followed her. Riddhima then called out Vansh.

Someone came and blindfolded her. She said I thought you were joking, anyway I am excited and tied her hands also. She said Vansh, you don’t need to do this, I am ready to come with you, if this is your plan, then fine, what’s your plan, won’t you tell me anything. Her bangles broke and fell there. Angre said I spoke to him. Vansh asked did you find out about the diamonds. Angre said he said he delivered real diamonds. He said how did the diamonds get changed, we have to find out, we can’t make Chang quiet and his phone beeped. He said I had to go to Riddhima, keep me in the loop if you know anything about the diamonds and looked for Riddhima.

He said she isn’t in the bathroom. Siya said you are here, you called Riddhima to the backyard, what are you doing here. He said I didn’t call her. She told me you planned a surprise for her, so she went there. He said I will just come. He went to the backyard and called out Riddhima. He said Riddhima isn’t here, where is he. Riddhima asked Vansh to open the car.

Someone made her sit in the car. Vansh said it means someone called her by my name, I hope she is fine. He got the broken bangle. He said Riddhima is in some trouble, don’t worry Riddhima, your Vansh is coming. Kabir sat in the car. Riddhima asked where are we going, tell me, fine, I will wait, don’t tell me, I didn’t know you will take the surprise so seriously. Kabir thinks you will be my valentine today, Riddhima, you, me and our love will celebrate this love day, happy valentine to us and he smiled.

Kabir danced with Riddhima who was blindfolded. On his touch, she realized it was not Vansh. She asked him to move back, but he didn’t and she slapped him. By the time she removed the blindfold, he hid, Vansh came there and she hugged him. Kabir got angry and threw a heavy object at them. Riddhima saw it and saved herself and Vansh. Vansh then chased Kabir…Read more

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