Aryan Recalls How Kiara D!Ed. Till Love Do Us Part 6 May 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 245


The Episode started with Vansh coming to Anupriya’s room and checking for evidence. He got the firetorch there. Riddhima came and took the same firetorch. They asked each other what are they doing. He said it’s my house, I can go anywhere and he held her. She asked him to leave her and the firetorch. He said I can’t leave it. Ishani said Riddhima is checking your room, she got something there. Aryan asked how dare she check my room, I will see her. She said you are lying to me, you killed Kiara, right. He said shut up, tell me what did she get from my room. She said she got a stupid candy stick. Riddhima asked why do you want this firetorch. Vansh said I have fire in me. Anupriya came and said Vansh, what are you doing, what’s this.

Vansh said firetorch. Riddhima asked where were you last night. Anupriya said I have the same routine, I sleep by 10.30pm. Riddhima said you would be sleeping by 11pm. Vansh said of course. Anupriya asked why are you asking me. Riddhima said we got this firetorch from your room. Ishani said you killed her, right. Aryan said I didn’t kill her, I came to my room, then… He recalled seeing Kiara dying. He got water for her but she died. He checked her and said no, she is dead, if anyone sees her here, then they will think I did this and he took her. He said she was dead, I took her dead body, I thought I will get blamed. She asked did you not kill her. He said no, I will kill you if you ask again. She said that’s a relief, Riddhima is becoming a detective, we have to teach her a lesson, wait and watch, how that candy gets against her, she wants to be Sherlock Holmes, I will teach her a lesson.

Vansh said you were asking Anupriya like you suspect her. Riddhima said you also went there to check, we got a firetorch from her room. Vansh asked what do you know, tell me. She said we got milk and peanut butter on the terrace, Kiara won’t go there to have it, she will go to meet someone she knows, there were no marks of struggle, milk and peanut butter were in the kitchen, Anupriya and Chanchal handle the kitchen, Anupriya has the storeroom keys, where we keep the firetorch. He said you think she killed Kiara. She said the evidence is against her. He said I know the reality, the milk and peanut butter were forced fed, someone knew that Kiara is allergic to this, this firetorch was used to burn her tattoo, when she was shouting for help, her voice was recorded, terrace and the place where she died are different, I got her call and then her dead body fell down, but she died between 9-10 pm. She said we didn’t see any marks that she was forced fed. He showed the cloth and said I got this on the terrace. She said I didn’t find it on the terrace. He said you didn’t see that. She said you said she died between 9-10pm, what happened between the time she was thrown down.

Vansh said you are innocent, she was forced fed and then she was left to die, so that killer left from there, she would have run to take medicines, to save her life. She asked do you think she went to Aryan’s room. He said maybe. She said you said the call was recording, maybe she called, all you said is a theory. He said she was already dead when she was thrown down, I am saying the truth, it’s written in the autopsy report, read it, doctor told me. She said thanks for explaining everything to me well. Vansh said oh. She thanked him and called him stubborn. He said one who loses to wife intentionally is called romantic, you did all this to get the autopsy report, it means you don’t doubt Anupriya. She said of course, one would be a fool to keep murder proof in her own room. He said interesting. She said very interesting. Ishani asked Dadi to wait, let the guest of honor come. Riddhima came and saw everyone in her room. Dadi asked Ishani what’s the matter. Ishani said Riddhima have been checking our rooms since morning, I just wanted to know the reason. Anupriya said exactly, what’s the matter. Dadi asked what is it.

Riddhima said I was looking for proof, a murder happened in the house, I thought I will check for proof. Aryan asked may I know who appointed you, we will check your room. Riddhima said I am not scared, I am not hiding anything. Dadi asked why. Riddhima said I didn’t want to say anything before time, I got this candy from Aryan’s room. Ishani said maybe you planted this evidence against Aryan. Aryan said yes, maybe you did the murder, who are you to check my room. Ishani asked who gave you this right, who are you. Riddhima said Dadi, listen to me. Dadi said enough, Riddhima, give that to me, this will go to who it belongs. Vansh said Angre, one who killed Kiara knew her connection with the tattoo and the black box. Angre said you remember I called you. Vansh said you are right, who else can it be, Aryan, Kiara was his girlfriend, I think she told him everything. Angre said but you doubt Aryan, he knew that she is connected to the black box, why did he kill her. Vansh said so that tattoo doesn’t reach us, think of it, what’s Kiara’s important if anyone takes pic of the tattoo, it was the key to the black box, Aryan took the pic and killed her. Riddhima coughed by the smoke. She asked how is this smoke coming. She saw a message on the mirror. She read and wiped off the message. Vansh came and asked what happened.

Vansh said I have called you here, we will check your phones, somebody killed your girlfriend. Aryan said I want you and Riddhima’s phone to get checked. Dadi checked Vansh’s phone and said there is nothing. Aryan asked Riddhima to give her the phone and Dadi checked Riddhima’s phone… Read more

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