Vansh Finally Accepts His Child. Till Love Do Us Part 7 April 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 205


The Episode started with Riddhima saying I will stay away from everyone in my room. Vansh said I thought to talk face to face and meet your new partner, who snatched my deal and gave you the diamonds, I thought to clear all the accounts today, I am eager to know who is he. Kabir shuts the lights and runs away.

Vansh asked where the hell is he, Angre handle here, I will see and followed Kabir. Riddhima locked the door and said danger is high, Vansh isn’t here, anything can happen any time and she got a call. She got scared and dropped the glass. She said I will block this number, I will see how the call comes now. Vansh shot and run after Kabir.

Kabir fell over the tree and got hurt. He turned to see Vansh and said thank God, I got rid of Vansh, he didn’t see me. Vansh then caught him. Someone knocked the door. Riddhima asked who is it, maybe it’s Vansh and she saw a parcel. She got a phone inside, the phone rang and she answered the call. The lady threatened her and asked her to come on her own.

Riddhima scolded her and cried. Vansh said I was waiting for this chance, lets finish the game. Kabir hits him and run. He then got into a car and left. Vansh said he got saved, I will get my lost place, I will get you.

Riddhima said no one can harm me in the house. She asked the baby not to worry, Papa isn’t here, but mumma is strong. She said I wish you were here Vansh, I need your support, I have fallen alone, I am facing everything alone, but I won’t fall weak, whatever I need to do, I will not let anything happen to my child. She said when it’s about safety, then I am equal to Vansh and she prayed.

Vansh saw a lady asking the inspector to leave her son and the lady pleaded. Vansh thinks I am doing the same, how can I punish Riddhima and the baby, I am also separating them. The Inspector allowed the lady to take her son. Vansh then recalled Riddhima. He thinks my fear didn’t let me see Riddhima’s pain, I love Riddhima a lot, how can I hate the baby, that’s my baby, I am his dad, I did a big mistake by not accepting the baby, I have to apologize to Riddhima. He called Riddhima and said I want to say something.

She said I can’t hear anything. She said listen to me. He said I will come home and talk and ended the call. He said I am coming to accept our child, this moment will be your life’s best moment. She tried to call again. She still got the same calls again. She said Vansh, I have to tell you everything, I will go out to call him and then come back.

She went out to find network. She didn’t see anyone. Someone came with a rod and hits on her head and she fainted. Vansh bought some balloons on the way. He called Riddhima and said her phone isn’t reachable, I will give her the surprise, she will be happy to know that I am ready to accept the baby, I am coming Riddhima, I am getting the feeling of becoming a father, I will love the baby a lot, we will have a little family. Riddhima was kidnapped.

She was taken inside a refrigerator. Kabir came home and asked what’s this. The men lied about the refrigerator repair. Kabir asked who called you. The man said don’t know, we didn’t get the name. Kabir said wait. He tried to check and the man held a gun. Kabir got a call and said we are safe, Vansh didn’t see my face. The men then took the refrigerator. Vansh thinks I have hurt Riddhima a lot, I ran away from her, what kind of father am I, I never accepted my baby, I will rectify all my mistakes, I will give her all the happiness.

A man came in front of the car and Vansh applied the brakes and he got hurt. Riddhima tried to scream. Vansh thinks why did I feel that Riddhima called me, she would be waiting, I have to reach home soon. The men placed the frigde in the van. The man said I will call Vansh and tell him that his work is done. Riddhima thinks did Vansh tell them, he can’t do this.

Vansh imagined Riddhima with him and told her that I forgot that my mum has saved me from the problems and supported me, I remembered father’s name, but mum’s strength, I didn’t support you, but you didn’t lose hope, I know you can raise the child alone but I also want to raise him if you forgive him. She asked him to forget it and come home. He said I am coming Riddhima, I will give much love to you and our baby.

Vansh came home saying, Riddhima I am here but saw everyone sad while Dadi cried. He asked what’s the matter? Siya gave him a letter that said Riddhima is going to do abortion and he became shocked. Other side, the doctors were forcefully doing the abortion. A doctor showed her the abortion form with Vansh’s signature…Read more

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