Kabir To Kill Grandma & Ridhima. Till Love Do Us Part 7 December 2021, Tuesday pt1: Episode 61



Devraj (Kabir in disguise) loosened the jhoomer’s chain and said all the best Ridhima. Vansh was on the phone. He saw it on the last moment and run screaming Ridhima. He jumped and grabbed the chain and saved Ridhima. Ridhima looked scared. Vansh asked her angrily where she was lost? What if he wasn’t paying attention? She said, so what? What would have happened? She wanted to get jhoomer down anyways, so she could light the candles in it. She lights the candles and they both looked at each other. She burnt her hand by mistake. He grabbed her hand and blew air over it. Anupriya told Kabir, Vansh is coming closer to Ridhima just as he wanted. But Ridhima also seemed to be getting closer. He told her not to worry about it.

He has added enough hatred to Ridhima against Vansh. She’s just their pawn to win against Vansh. Ridhima suddenly pulled her hand back and continued lighting the candles. She was about to get burnt again. Vansh asked her she doesn’t care about her life or what? She asked why he always saves her. Last week he wanted to kill her and now he wants to save her. Why is he doing all that? He said he is not able to understand himself, what she will understand him? She has just gotten used to give complicated answers to simple questions. Maybe he just shouldn’t have saved her. He fixed the jhoomer and left. She wondered how the jhoomer fell down. Devraj was working there. She wondered where he did something.

She went to him. He became surprised seeing her. She said she came to ask if he needs anything. He said he got whatever he wants. She saw an empty milk glass and dates there. She recalled Kabir used to have that combination. She asked him strange combination, no? He said he doesn’t like it either, but the doctor advised him due to health reasons. She went to pick up the tray. While stopping her, he touched her and she looked at him. He pulled his hand back and said he informed a servant already. He then said Vansh is very lucky to have her. The servant came and she left.

After that, Kabir removed his beard and undisguised himself. He said good job to himself as even Ridhima can’t recognize him. Vansh can try to take out all information he wants, but he won’t find anything. He’s just like Vansh, he doesn’t leave any loophole. Dadi walked in and became shocked seeing Kabir. She quickly run out. He said he can’t let her spoil his plan. Dadi said she must tell Vansh. Kabir took out a knife and followed her. He called Anupriya and said Dadi saw him. She asked him to jump into the pool and quickly brought his fake beard and stuff. He bumped into Dadi and she became confused. She said she thought he was in the guestroom. He said he was swimming, she must have misunderstood. Anupriya came and said he was in the pool. He asked her to rest. After Dadi left, Anupriya told Kabir to be careful.

Ridhima called Mayura (from Pinjara serial) and congratulated her for her wedding. She also warned her not to love anyone blindly. With heart, keep her mind open as well. Never ignore gut feeling. Wedding is a beautiful phase in life, but you have to be careful. A wrong decision can spoil life.

Vansh was furious at Aryan. He told him does he know his deal can send him to jail? He has been ignoring his mistakes all this time, but not anymore. Rudra said he’s his younger brother. In businesses, bad deals can happen. He has taken responsibility to run business, take care of his younger brother. If Ridhima was in Aryan’s place today, would he have said the same thing? Vansh became thoughtful. He thinks how he keeps forgetting that Ridhima is part of his life where there is threat on every step. He must keep Ridhima away from him……Read more