Ridhima Brings Siya Back To Life. Till Love Do Us Part 9 March 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 164


The Episode started with Riddhima saying Ahana is blackmailing you, right, just tell me, why are you saying this, I am Mrs Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania, tell them, I am your wife. Ishani said please stop acting, look at yourself. Riddhima said I know you don’t like me, don’t refuse to know me, tell them I am Vansh’s wife. Ishani said I don’t know you. Chanchal said I think this girl lost her memory and she came here, is her husband’s name also Vansh, what a coincidence. Riddhima said I am Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania, Angre you tell them. Angre said you did a good homework, how did you come here.

She said this is my family, this is my house, Vansh tell them. Vansh said we don’t intend to insult you, if any stranger tries to claim that she is my wife, then everyone will be angry. He asked won’t I know my wife, won’t my family know the Bahu. The reporter asked who are you. Vansh said she looks mentally ill to me and Angre gave her water. Riddhima threw the glass and she said I don’t want your false sympathy, I know it’s your conspiracy, Ahana is behind this and Kabir looked on. Riddhima said one persaidnal can never refuse to identify me, she considers me her daughter, she will not lie.

She called out Dadi. She asked Dadi to just come and see what’s happening with her and Dadi came. Riddhima went and hugged her. She asked Dadi to see what’s happening, Vansh is saying Ahana is his wife, tell them who I am. Dadi asked who are you, I met you for the first time and Kabir held his face. Dadi asked do you want our help. She asked Vansh to call a doctor for Riddhima and Riddhima cried. Reporter asked Vansh what’s happening.

Angre said it’s a misunderstanding, it’s our family matter. Ahana asked Riddhima to just leave. Riddhima said you all are doing a drama, you want to snatch my rights and identity, I will prove the truth. Vansh said I will give you a chance to prove and Riddhima went to her room. She looked for marriage proof and saw Ahana’s pic. She checked the marriage album. She saw Ahana’s pics there and she shouted Vansh….

Riddhima checked her phone but she didn’t see any pics. She said he emptied the entire gallery and she came downstairs. Reporters ask can you prove that you are Bahu of this family. Riddhima said you have done the work cleanly, but I have another proof. She showed the ring gifted by Vansh. She said you remember this ring, you gave it to me yesterday. She said Vansh and my pic is inside the ring. Ishani asked really, your proof is wrong, it just has your pic. Ahana showed her ring with Vansh and her pic. She said you made a cheap copy of my ring, you can’t get my husband, marriage isn’t a joke, I am Ahana Vansh Rai Singhania. Riddhima recalled Vansh’s words.

Vansh said I am extremely sorry, I don’t know why this girl is doing this, she is wrong, she isn’t related to us. Angre said I hope you all got the answers, I request you all, we end this press conference here and the reporters left. Riddhima recalled her words. She said such a big cheat, why Vansh, you are my identity, this family is my identity, I told you all this yesterday, I said my identity is the most important thing to me, which you gave to me, you can’t snatch it from me.

Ahana said you look very poor, you have spoiled our happiness, I still have sympathy for you, I can give you money, you can’t get a husband and family with charity. Vansh said I think you got cheated in love, maybe you are in shock, I know cheat is the biggest injury in love, I feel sorry for you, the name and identity you are finding, maybe it was never yours.

Kabir looked on. Ishani asked her to leave the family alone, it’s an important day for Vansh and Ahana. Riddhima said you think you have snatched everything from me, it’s easy to stop this relation, no, I got married in this house and did everything for this family, I stood with them when you were not here, relations aren’t made by anyone’s saying, our relation will end when one of us dies, you said it to me, I will say it to you now, you can kill me, but I won’t go from here, decision is yours. Ishani said this girl won’t listen, let me handle her.

She held Riddhima’s hand. Riddhima said you think you can throw away our love and relation, I am yours, I won’t go from here.but Ishani dragged her. Ishani snatched the mangalsutra and threw it away. She threw Riddhima out of the door and the mangalsutra fell near the temple. Riddhima picksed it and wore it back. She prayed. She asked why are you silent seeing all this happening with me, I need your power and support once again, show me the way. Vansh said you won’t get the right to stay here, you can’t stay here, you have to go. Riddhima looked at him and left.

Siya called out Riddhima….. Everyone became shocked. Riddhima said it’s Siya’s voice. Ishani said how can this happen, she was in a coma. Vansh and Riddhima run to Siya. Vansh then stopped Riddhima. Riddhima said Siya is getting better and Siya held her hand. Siya recalled Anupriya. Riddhima said nothing will happen, I am here in front of you, open your eyes and Vansh looked at her.

Riddhima said don’t be scared, everyone is with you. Vansh shouted Ishani…. call the doctor. Ishani called the doctor and said Siya is getting conscious, come home fast and the Doctor came to check Siya. Riddhima asked will Siya be fine. Doctor said it’s a miracle, I didn’t see such improvement in any patient, Siya will recover soon, who is Riddhima. Riddhima said it’s my name. Doctor said Siya is responding to Riddhima’s voice, make sure she is around Siya and Vansh looked Riddhima.

Vansh said Siya is getting fine, I will fulfill her need, I will tolerate Riddhima. Ahana asked why are you letting Riddhima stay here, I helped you in taking revenge, I couldn’t live my identity to your wife. Vansh said I gave you the place in this house, you are acting to be my wife, you aren’t my wife, don’t try to become that…Read more

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