Vansh & Ridhima Engaged. Till Love Do Us Part Friday, 29 October 2021: Episode 16-17


Till Love Do Us Part Friday, 29 October 2021 Episode 16 started with Vansh talking to Angre. Angre got a golden lion. Vansh attached the pendrive. He said consignment delivery will be done in an hour, no one will know about it, this shouldn’t go out from here, this has all the info to finish me, someone is here who is trying to get this info. Angre nodded and kept the lion pendrive back.

Maa said it’s not easy, Vansh’s past and his wounds aren’t easy to heal. She said if he gets adamant, then he won’t listen to anyone, what if Riddhima didn’t agree to this alliance. Aryan thinks she rejected me, she will know what’s hell after marrying Vansh. Siya said Riddhima didn’t open the door, I left the dress outside her dress. Ishani said such girls don’t let this chance go, they see richness. Vansh came and said Ishani.

He said Riddhima is going to be bahu of this house, it’s your duty to respect her, she is going to become part of this family, you know nothing is important than family. Ishani said yes, you taught this to us. He asked didn’t Riddhima come. Chanchal asked did anyone ask her if she is ready for the marriage. Vansh recalled Riddhima’s words. He said I will get her and he left.
He saw Riddhima coming downstairs. He looked at her. Ishani said so predictable, the greed got her here. Vansh said interesting, you had hatred in your eyes, you agreed so soon, maybe you know compromising. Riddhima said I was raised in an orphanage, person can rebel, anger and get stubborn to a level, then he has to compromise with situation and make a way, I am doing that, you didn’t leave any chance for me. He said alright.

Maa said Siya told me that you didn’t open the door, you are ready for this marriage. Riddhima said you are surprised that I agreed, not because your son is forcibly marrying me, I was also surprised with this decision, I know Vansh didn’t believe in marriage, but a girl always dreams of this day, when she gets shagun, the meaning of her life changes, every rasam of marriage joins some relation, maybe you are thinking it’s your decision, it’s God’s wish that you decided this, I left myself to my God’s wish, I know God will always help me and show me the path, I mean he will make us reach our destination, so I agreed for this relation with this faith. Dadi said I am proud of you, I am relieved, it’s a blessing that you came into Vansh’s life. She asked them to come for the engagement.

Vansh and Riddhima sit for the engagement. Riddhima thinks I have to do this for Kabir, I can’t fall weak. Vansh made her wear the ring. She recalled Kabir. She made him wear the ring. Vansh thinks I can do anything to know your truth. Dadi asked them to come to the temple. He said I don’t believe in God. Riddhima said but I do, I will come and pray. Dadi made Riddhima light the diya. Riddhima recalled hearing Vansh’s words. She thinks I will make the secrets reach Kabir soon, I said yes for marriage, I will bring your truth out in 3 days, I will never marry, I will get Vansh punished, it’s his turn to see his life getting ruined, you are proud of your mansion where you cage people, I will send you to jail. She looked at the shagun plate. She thinks you will get hanged, you played many games, but I swear on my love, I will finish you, you dream of the marriage, I will dream of ruining you and fulfill the dream. Ishani did tilak to Vansh. Riddhima thinks it’s the right time to go to that room, everyone was busy in Raksha bandhan. She said I have some work to, I will be back. Dadi nodded and Riddhima left. Siya did tilak to Vansh and tied the rakhi. Vansh went upstairs. Riddhima checked the diaries. She didn’t see the golden lion. Vansh came inside the study and looked around. She hid inside the cupboard.

Till Love Do Us Apart Episode 17

Till Love Do Us Part Friday, 29 October 2021 Episode started with Riddhima searching for the clues. Vansh gifted Siya and Ishani. He pleased them. Ishani said my new car, is it my favorite colour. Vansh said black, I went to get black, then I got purple colour as you told me. She became glad. Riddhima looked around and got a key. She opened the cupboard.

Aryan said I hope you remember I am also your brother. Siya went to do his talk. Riddhima opened the cupboard. Vansh got a call and left. He heard some sound and went to check. Riddhima hid inside the cupboard and she became worries. She recalled hearing his footsteps and hiding inside.

Vansh checked his table. He looked around. He went to the cupboard, Siya called him out and he left. Riddhima got locked inside. She became breathless and recalled Kabir.

She said I am feeling suffocated. Kabir asked her to trust him, close her eyes and keep breathing. He asked her to remember they were together on the beach, everything was so lovely, always remember our fear is just a game of our mind, don’t let this overcome you, think how can you come out of this problem.

Riddhima relaxed her mind and thinks how to open the door. She used a hair pin to open the lock and she came out. She thinks Kabir’s love is my strength. She said I think someone is coming, I can’t give Vansh a chance, I will correct this. The lion fell down. Riddhima picked it, it then dropped into the dust bin and she left.

Riddhima thinks I didn’t get any clue, I have to try again. She said where are you Kabir, how shall I tell you, my marriage is fixed with the person I hate and want to send behind bars, do something. She fell down. Vansh came and saved her from getting hurt.

They had an eyelock. She hid her pendant. She asked what happened. He said I offered you help, you didn’t even help, what are you thinking, that you fell down, about the marriage. She said of course, everything is like a dream. He said dreams should be beautiful, right and he gave her flowers.

He said roses, it’s said that it’s connected to love, I know we had a bad start, I wanted to do something romantic for my would be life, you are such kind of love, starry night, moon, rose…..

Riddhima said I amm glad to know that you are interested in roses and love, I hope you know roses aren’t alone, there are thorns which know to hurt, you know just giving pain or bearing the pain, prepare yourself, something hurts in love as well, it hurts a lot, anyways, give it.

He got hurt by a rose thorn. She said you got hurt by the little thorn. He said you think I don’t know the meaning of love. She said of course, love isn’t just romantic gestures, it wants many sacrifices, candle light dinner isn’t love, being together even in pain is love. She recalled Kabir.

Riddhima said love isn’t happiness of the some moments, it’s a lifetime commitment, love is peace and passion too, it’s darkness and light too, it’s pain and cure too, it’s soul and blessing too, it’s life and death too. Vansh looked at her. He got a call. Angre said Shera/the lion pendrive isn’t in the secret room.

Vansh asked what, how can it disappear. He went and asked where did Shera go. Angre said I have checked it well, who can dare to go there. Vansh said we have to get Shera, it’s really important, it has power to destroy me. Riddhima heard them and thinks who is Shera, is this any code word, Shera means lion.

She recalled getting the golden lion. She said it means all the clues were in it, I was so close, I have to find Shera, it will get me freedom and end Vansh. She looked for the keys. She recalled Vansh’s words. She checked the bin and thinks someone has thrown the garbage outside.

Riddhima asked the lady for the garbage. Vansh asked Angre to search the entire house, no one should get Shera. Vansh saw Riddhima. She goes out and looked for Shera in the garbage.


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