Vansh Is Under Arrest. Till Love Do Us Part Monday, 15 November 2021: Episode 36-37


Till Love Do Us Part Monday, 15 November 2021 Episode started with Vansh asking Anupriya to take Dadi inside. He went towards Kabir. He said welcome to this city, Inspector Kabir. Riddhima came and looked on. Kabir said you have tried to make this city your jungle and rule over, I didn’t come to take your welfare, we are here to investigate a murder, an old man Mr. Sate was murdered. Vansh asked will you blame me for all the murders happening in the city, catch the real culprit, don’t waste my time. Kabir said the real culprit is in front of me and Riddhima smiled.

Kabir said you mean you don’t know Mr. Sate, did you go to the murder spot during your morning walk. He showed the cctv footage to Vansh. Vansh became shocked seeing someone dressed like him. Kabir asked now shall I think of the relation between you and Mr. Sate, you are under arrest, I arrest you didn’t ask the guest to have water, I will do the best, your clothes and shoes are the evidence. He asked Mishra to give it. He showed the handcuffs to Vansh. Vansh asked can I see cctv footage again. Kabir said okay, you have seen it many times, truth won’t change. Vansh watched the footage again. He said zoom in on the shoes, that’s not my shoes, I got VR shoes. Kabir and Riddhima became shocked. Vansh told him about clothes, anyone can buy the clothes from the mall, I can pack clothes for you also, it’s not bribe, but a small gift from my side, it will remind you of your foolishness, Kabir, your evidence don’t match with me, game over.

Kabir said, you weren’t at home, where were you. Angre came and said boss was with me at office, the people present in meeting can testify if you want. Kabir said I am not done, I want to interrogate your family, I will go once I am satisfied. He asked Riddhima is she part of the family. She recalled Kabir’s words. Riddhima said I…. Vansh said she is Mrs. Vansh Raisinghania, my wife, so don’t you care. Vansh said the law said that you can’t blame anyone without an evidence, it’s my house, not your police station, I have the rights, power and relations here, get some substantial proof, then we will talk, have a good day, take care, good bye. Kabir said I am looking for the proof, the day I get it, you will be at my police station, rights and power will be mine, you know our relation. Vansh said out I said… remember Kabir, some games aren’t so easy, so better luck next time.

Kabir said keep your wishes to yourself, you will need luck next time. Vansh went in and Kabir left. Riddhima thinks Kabir couldn’t arrest Vansh. She went to Mrs. D’souza and asked where is the phone. Mrs. D’souza said that man was murdered, didn’t you hear the police, I have thrown the phone, who do you want to talk to, tell me. Dadi asked Vansh why did police come here. Vansh said there was a small misunderstanding but there are gone, have your medicines. Dadi said I understand everything, I don’t interfere, but I know everything, last time the police had come when your dad died, then you handled everything, I am proud of you, I am worried for you. He said my family is my strength, not my weakness, just trust me, I will manage everything and she took the medicines.

She said I feel you know everything, who did that, right. Mrs. D’souza thinks Riddhima will give me info, I will pass to Vansh. Riddhima said no one, I was tensed about the phone so I asked you. She went to her room. She tried to open the drawer. She said there is Vansh’s gun inside, we can prove that Vansh killed Ragini’s dad. Vansh came to the room. She went away from the drawer. He asked did you call the Sate. He asked why do you spy on me, you do a lot of things and tell me that a wife is doing it. She said you didn’t tell me the entire truth, you didn’t leave any option for me, I admit I did this, I wanted to know Ragini’s entire truth, I did one mistake, but you have killed her dad, first Ragini then her dad, the police came for it and you managed to fool the police, how will you deny the blood mark on your hand. He said remember this, I didn’t kill Ragini, Sate is not Ragini’s dad, I didn’t kill Sate. She asked how much will you lie. He asked am I lying or you.

He said you called Sate and also th3 inspector Kabir. She thinks how did he know all this. He opened the drawer and got the phone. He said this is the phone right.

Vansh got the Ganpati idol home. Riddhima did the aarti. Vansh left and Riddhima followed him to spy on him.

Till Love Do Us Part Episode 37

Till Love Do Us Part Monday, 15 November 2021 Episode started with Vansh saying I can check the last dialled number, accept your mistake, maybe I pity you. She thinks there is no way to get saved now. He checked the call log. She asked did you see. He thinks there are just D’souza’s contacts, no unknown number. She said I didn’t call that inspector. She recalled Kabir’s words and Vansh left.

He said I have to find her truth before it gets late. She said I have to find Ragini’s truth before it gets late. Vansh came and asked Aryan how did he do this business deal. Aryan asked why should you have all the fun. Angre said you can’t argue with the boss. Dadi said Vansh is in much pain, how will we handle him. She said marriage is union of two strangers, few years pass in making relation strong, so that person moulds himself according, it’s your test also, you have to handle him, Vansh stayed in pain during these days, his wounds are fresh. Riddhima thinks what’s Vansh’s real face.

Vansh asked Aryan to shut up and not repeat the mistake again. Aryan asked can’t you tolerate it, you don’t have the chance to do whatever you want and argued. He said you aren’t so innocent, you married Riddhima just for fun, when we all… Vansh shouted shut up, not a word more, she is my wife. Aryan asked why, are rules just for family, not Riddhima, admit it that marriage isn’t for real, Riddhima isn’t like she appears, let me think the reason, she is pretty, you can use and throw her. Vansh slapped him and asked him to mention her name with respect, she is his wife and he left. Aryan said you slapped me for this girl, I will make her hurt you in the next 5 days, just wait and watch. Dadi said he will take every pain of Vansh . Riddhima asked who is coming. Dadi said one who takes away everyone’s pain. Vansh brought Ganpati home. Riddhima looked on and recalled his words. Dadi welcomed Ganpati. Aryan came in front of Vansh and held the idol. He said this time, I will place him.

Vansh said I am keeping a promise, you know it. Riddhima thinks is it related to Ragini. Ryan said your promise was just to get Ganpati, not to place him, I also have some right. Vansh allowed him place the idol. Anupriya stopped Vansh and asked him not to go there. Riddhima thinks where but Vansh left. Dadi said you know he hasn’t been his own self in these 5 days. Riddhima did the aarti and everyone prayed. She went to look for Vansh. She said he disappeared, it’s related to Ragini. She asked Chanchal where did Vansh go. Chanchal said he is keeping his promise, he loves her a lot, she also loved him a lot, their relation was such. Riddhima thinks he loved Ragini a lot. Chanchal said who knew she will leave Vansh on this day. Riddhima asked why did she do this.

Chanchal looked Anupriya and said you ask someone else, do you want to get all info from me. Anupriya asked Riddhima not to hurt Vansh. Riddhima thinks Ragini left Vansh, why was she killed. Dadi came to her. She gave the ipad to Riddhima. She said call your friends and invite them for aarti, stay happy. Riddhima talked to Heer, Rani and Meher. Meher asked why do you look worried. Riddhima said I think Vansh is hiding something. Heer said Bappa is there, you will get help. Rani said don’t think you are alone, you will reach his truth. Meher said you will succeed, keep faith and they encouraged Riddhima. Riddhima said now I also feel that everything will be fine, I am not alone now, I have Bappa’s blessings.


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