Vansh Shoots Kabir To De@th. Till Love Do Us Part Monday, 22 November 2021: Episode 44-45



Till Love Do Us Part Friday, 19 November 2021 Episode started with someone coming and putting the coconut in the plate. Siya took the coconut plate. Riddhima saw her saree stuck and went to help. Anupriya held the coconut and prevented it from falling. She scolded Riddhima and took Siya with her. Riddhima said why is she so angry. Vansh took the Ganpati for visarjan. Dadi asked Riddhima to come for puja. Vansh said this year, the customs are different. Dadi asked him to stay back for Bappa. Riddhima did Bappa’s aarti. Vansh saw the coconuts. Vansh, Anupriya, Ishani, Aryan’s words were shown. Riddhima picked the coconut having the explosives and broke it. The coconut didn’t blast and she thanked Bappa for protecting her.

She recalled spotting the coconut with black marks. She thinks how did the kumkum get black, there is no haldi applied to it. She said is something wrong. She went out and threw the coconut. She saw the blast and was shocked. Riddhima thinks Bappa thanks, give me strength. Dadi asked Vansh to do the visarjan. Riddhima thinks everyone is dual faced here, they want to make me out of the house, who wants to kill me.

Riddhima recalled the warnings she received from everyone. She recalled Vansh and thinks is he the one and she prayed. She said you have protected me, give me strength that I do my work, where there is Adharm, lies, and cheat, I have to win. Riddhima washed her face. She saw a packet. She went to check it. She saw some powder and said I have to find out what is it. Vansh came and said you won’t change, what do you want, what’s your plan. She said no plan. He said how dare you Riddhima.

He said you can’t go without answering me, next time I won’t listen to Dadi. She said fine if you don’t trust anyone, I didn’t come to harm anyone, I am not like this family. He said interesting, you think this family wants to harm you. She said if not them, then you want to harm me, I got this powder from your bathroom. He held her neck and asked why do you think I need some powder to kill you, my hands can do this.

She said don’t know how, but history repeats itself, what’s done before can be done with me also. He said how many times I have told you, I didn’t kill Ragini, she went from here herself. The shower started flowing on. She asked how did Ragini go and where. He asked why are you interested in the past, wife should stand by her husband, not spy at his back. He said workers got the powder to repair the sink leakage, get out, she slipped and he held her and she left. He asked her to stop, he said change and go and he left. She thinks I will find out Ragini’s secret, who wants to kill me, I have to tell Kabir.

Kabir came to meet Riddhima. Vansh looked at her and he pointed a gun at Kabir. She became shocked, Vansh shot Kabir.


Till Love Do Us Part Friday, 19 November 2021 Episode started with Riddhima thinking Vansh has gone out, I have sent a message to Kabir. She recalled Kabir asking her to use the torch when she falls in danger, his aide will see her signal and come to save her. He said I know Vansh is very clever, just on and off the torch three times. She went to the window and switched the torch on and off thrice. She saw Vansh back and sleeping. She thinks Kabir didn’t send any message, did he get my message or not. She saw Kabir signalling her, she went and saw him. He asked her not to worry. She said except Dadi and Siya, everyone is dual faced, I am scared. He said you feel your life is in danger, don’t worry, nothing will happen to you. Vansh pointed a gun at him and shot down Kabir. Riddhima shouted Vansh. She woke up from the nightmare. She saw Vansh awake and smiling looking her. He said thanks for giving me a place in your dream, love starts with a beautiful dream, am I in your heart.

He said Dadi said that morning dream is mostly true, just remember what you had seen. Ishani liked the roses from Sunny. Vansh was angry seeing Sunny propose to her. Ishani said he is Sunny, my boyfriend, he loves me a lot, you met him on the cruise. Sunny asked will you marry me. Vansh moved her away. He asked have you lost your mind, you can’t decide for marriage so soon. Sunny looked at Riddhima and twisted his watch. Vansh said you don’t know him, you can’t do this marriage. He asked Sunny to go and not come back again. Ishani said he is my boyfriend, I love him, why can’t I marry him, I know him well, excuse me, do you have the sole right to decide, you married by your wish, you didn’t know this middle class trash, just 3 days, we respected your decision, we are tolerating her, fine, we will go out and get married. Anupriya asked her to stop. She said we met Sunny on the cruise, we know him, he loves Ishani, what else do we want.

Dadi said Vansh, everyone has a right to choose a life partner. Vansh said fine, do anything you want and he left. Ishani said my engagement can’t be so light, we will have a grand engagement party, I want designer lahenga. Anupriya asked how will we manage. Dadi said it will be done, come. Riddhima said congrats and left. Sunny looked on. Riddhima thinks I didn’t get any response from Kabir, what shall I do, shall I wait, I will see once. Vansh looked at her. He said I know where you are looking at, why do I feel you are looking for someone.

She said I was looking at the moon, it’s a full moon today. He said how romantic and went to help her and they have a moment together. Vansh saw some shadow and asked who is there. She thinks is it Kabir. Vansh left the room and saw Sunny. He asked what are you doing outside my room. Sunny said sorry, I was going to Ishani’s room. Vansh said person tells nonsense when he is trying to hide something, don’t act oversmart with me, my eyes are on you, one mistake and your dream to marry Ishani will break, you don’t know what else will break. Sunny said sorry and Vansh left.

Sunny held his watch. He said hats off to you, how do you handle Vansh, how did you marry him, anyways, don’t know how long you will stay with him, good luck. He shook hands with her and left. She got some note from him and she read it. You sent the signal at night, I have come to help you. The enemy looks at her. She thinks, Kabir sent Sunny.

Aryan said Ishani needs time to be ready. Sunny saw Vansh. Dadi asked Vansh to not make work calls today and he agreed. He looked at Riddhima. Dadi said she looks lovely and he said yes. She said I am talking about Ishani. He said me too and she laughed. Ishani scolded Riddhima and left. Riddhima asked who sent you. He said the one whom you asked for help. She thinks if Kabir sent Sunny, then he can help me find Ragini’s secret.

Riddhima saw Ragini’s grave and digs it. Vansh caught her and said brilliant, one who cheats me are buried inside the ground and he threw her into the grave.


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