Kabir Meets Ridhima. Till Love Do Us Part Monday, 25 October 2021: Episode 9-10


Till Love Do Us Part Monday, 25 October 2021 Episode 9 started with Vansh asking what are you doing here. Riddhima turned to him. She recalled seeing Vansh coming. She picked a book and acted as if she was reading. She said you and Kabir heard them. She said I thought you left, I wanted to see a book, Siya said you have a good book collection, so I had come, I hope it’s allowed to come here. Vansh opened the drawer and took his laptop.

He locked the drawer. He said I have forgiven you since you told the truth, remember, I hate lies and cheat, you can’t even imagine, don’t give me a reason to doubt you. He asked her to stop and she threw the transmitter out. Kabir lost the connection. Riddhima asked what.

Vansh said don’t come here without permission next time. She said sure. He said this mansion is my world, nothing can happen here without my permission, remember that and she left.

Kabir tried to connect. He said maybe the speaker broke, how shall I talk to her. He said one mistake can put her life at a big risk. Dadi said the puja is important, everyone has to come here before mahurat. She asked Riddhima to make Rangoli and she nodded.

Maa asked Dadi why is she making the staff do this work. Dadi said she has helped me with the puja work, who can do all this here, tell me. Maa said Riddhima, focus on Siya’s treatment. Dadi asked the staff to throw the old nails outside, else it will hurt someone’s foot. The lady took the nails.

Riddhima said I will start making Rangoli and she took the colours. Vansh came home. He looked at Riddhima making the Rangoli. Riddhima thinks it’s done, I will go and get the transmitter now. Dadi liked the Rangoli and said it’s very beautiful, you will help me with the work, prepare the aarti plate and diya. Riddhima looked at Vansh. She thinks Vansh may doubt on me if I go now. She said fine, I will do it now.

Riddhima left to find the transmitter. Vansh came there and looked at her and she became shocked. She said hello. He said I got what you were looking for. She asked what is it? He asked why are you breathing heavily, what’s the matter, you are sweating.

She said actually and he held her hand. He said your pulse is fast, I can read your eyes as well, your eyes were saying that you were looking for something, what, your tongue will say it, tell me, what were you searching for. Riddhima said I was doing your work.

He asked what work for me. She said the puja is for your long life, I want flowers for the puja, I just came to see if the flowers are enough, or if I need to order flowers and he left her hand.

She said if you don’t believe, sorry, I forgot you don’t trust anyone, you can go and ask Dadi, she will tell you and she left. Ishani spoiled the Rangoli. She said sorry and left. Riddhima said puja is happening in some time, please remove your sandals and Ishani left. Aryan starred at Riddhima and thinks to take revenge.

He pushed the stool and left. Riddhima fell down and Vansh held her in his arms. He asked are your nails really nails, stop hurting me. She said I am sorry. Her chain got stuck in his shirt and he looked at the ring. The ring fell down and he picked it and tried to open it. She became worried that he can see Kabir’s pic.

She said it’s some old memories, I can’t share my personal matters with everyone, will you tell me what were you doing in backyard yesterday, the day you get ready to share your life, then expect someone else to share their life and she left. He thinks of her words. He asked Andre to check the garden area well. He thinks, I know Riddhima is hiding something, I will find out.

Meher encouraged Riddhima. Riddhima prayed in the puja. Vansh got the transmitter. He shouted Riddhima. He asked were you looking for this. She said it’s just a make up box. He showed that it’s a transmitter and switched it on and she became worried. He heard Kabir’s voice coming and threw the box away and she cried.


The Episode started with Riddhima getting scared. Vansh opened the cloth knots and counted. He showed there were no nails. He opened the last knot and the nails fall down. Riddhima looked on. Aryan became shocked. She thinks, how did the nails come in this cloth, who can put these.

Kabir placed the nails in the cloth after hearing Riddhima. Aryan said it’s her plan. Vansh stopped Aryan. Vansh said you should have put one knot, why three then. Kabir entered the power room and he cuts off the power line. Vansh asked Angre what happened to the lights suddenly and Riddhima left.

Aunt said Riddhima has said the truth. Ishani said he is a smart girl, and Aryan is oversmart. Riddhima left and called Kabir. She heard his ringtone and thinks is he in VR mansion. Kabir came to Riddhima and held her. She became scared.

He said it’s me, Kabir and she hugged him. He looked at Vansh’s uncle and said I am the technician, the company has sent me. Uncle took him. Vansh asked why hasn’t the light come. He waited for Angre. Ishani said I need to talk to you, related to Riddhima, I want you to throw her out of the house. Vansh asked the reason.

She said you can see the strange incidents happening here, I want you to tell her to leave. He asked her not to tell him anything. She asked why can’t you make her go. He said Siya is also my sister, she needs a physiotherapist and she argued. He asked her to think and talk.

She said not done, you always insult me. He said no, it’s your own deed that insults you and she left. Angre checked the power board. He looked at the wires cut. He said someone had come here. Riddhima said I don’t understand. Kabir said I am with you, calm down. She asked how did you know about the nails.

He said I know, I heard your story through a device, I told you I will protect you and She hugged him. She said Vansh would have killed me. He said I have promised you. She said Vansh is a dangerous man, but he loves his family a lot, especially Siya, his Dadi is really nice, Aryan is irritating.

Vansh’s uncle Chitwan is a novel writer, he instructed staff not to question anything, I am scared of Vansh, I feel he can read me. Kabir said I have come to you, I can’t put you in danger, no need to get scared of Vansh, this mission is over.

Chitwan said electric board people are smart, they sent two technicians. Vansh looked around. Angre came and said someone has cut the fuse. Vansh said seal the house, get the fuse fixed. Riddhima asked what about your mission. Kabir said we will see that later.

She said listen to me. He also said listen to me, I can’t see you living in fear. She asked him to go, you can’t get stuck here because of me. Angre fixed the wires. She said I will manage. Kabir said it’s not safe. She said please go. Vansh came there and the Lights come. Kabir hid behind Riddhima. She was worried and looked at Kabir gone.

Ishani shouted at Angre. Vansh left to see her. She asked who gave this servant the right to stop me from going out, do you care for this servant. Vansh said he is my employee, not your servant, there is an intruder in this house, Angre is following my instructions.

Angre said I was going to lock the gate, Ishani was going out, I stopped her and Ishani threw her purse in anger. Vansh got the tool in her purse. He asked Ishani how did the cutter come in her bag, where was she during the power cut down, was she helping anyone.

Ishani asked are you doubting me now, wow, brilliant, you think the family is your enemy, you should doubt her first. She pointed at Riddhima and everyone looked on.

Vansh got Riddhima to see the result of her cheat. Angre stabbed Kabir. She shouted Kabir.


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