Tumhari Paakhi 8th April 2021 Pt2 On Atinka Tv – Episode 8

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

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Tumhari Paakhi 8th April 2021 Pt2 On Atinka Tv episode started with Pakhi telling Anshuman about the bathroom shower. She went to change and came in a nightdress. He looked at her and took the pillow. She asked, where are you going? Anshuman thought about what Lavanya said about Pakhi earlier and asked Pakhi to sleep on the bed and that he will sleep on the sofa. He said, you can also sleep in the other room and she asked why, we can both sleep on the bed, it is big enough for two.

He tried to explain but She said, don’t explain, I understand that it will take time for us to build our relation, we are husband and wife but it’s not only about physical relationship, our hearts should also meet, we should give our relation time to grow and make it stronger. Anshuman was happy. She gave him milk to drink and he asked, what is this for. He was puzzled looking at her.

She took the milk back from him as he was about to drink and she drank it. She said, actually I had to tell you something, it is said, that the first night of the marriage, the husband and wife gift each other something. She said, I have this from 18 years which I want to gift you. she gifted him their marriage photo. He smiled and accepted it. She said, our relationship is now complete . She said, good night and slept. She said, you also sleep, and they both slept on the same bed.

Anshuman was looking at the photo at night while Pakhi was sleeping. He got up and smoked. He said, maybe I have to think of some plan to get rid of her and send her away from myself. The next morning, Pakhi woke up and was coughing. She shouted seeing the fire. Anshuman was in the bathroom. He knocked the door and called Anshuman. She told him to open the door as it caught fire.

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Anshuman closed his ears. The servants came and tried to blow fire the off. Amshuman came and asked Pakhi to move far and he blew the fire extinguisher on the fire. Pakhi then saw the cigarettes on the sofa. Anshuman asked her, how did this happen? and he scolded her.

She looked at him. He asked, how can you do this?, let me tell you, everything is delicate in this house so please be careful and she said ok, whenever I smoke I will be far from the window. Anshuman saw the cigarette and came to realize that it was his mistake. He left and Pakhi smiled. Pakhi went to Ayaan’s room and saw his photo and left. The servants talked about the fire incident. Pakhi came to them and greeted, good morning, how are you all. Maa ji answered, we are all fine. Pakhi said, I want to make the food today. Maa ji responded, we have cooks. Pakhi said I love cooking.

Anshuman asked Maa ji not to make breakfast for him. She said, yes and smiled. Pakhi said, let make something sweet and asked for carrots. Pakhi made the breakfast and asked Maa ji if it was good. Maa ji said, don’t worry, Anshuman will like it. The servants were happy with Pakhi. He said, no one made food for Anshuman till now with so much love and blessed her. Pakhi was happy and smiled. Maa ji was worried thinking Pakhi is winning over. Maa ji said, Anshuman will be angry with her.

Lavanya talked to Girish and spoke against Pakhi. She said, it is good if Pakhi stayed tensed in this house. Girish said, some shayari and kissed Lavanya’s hand. Lavanya said, you started again. He said, I am supporting you. Girish was happy to see the breakfast which Pakhi made. Maa ji said, Pakhi made this food by her wish. Pakhi came and greeted them. Lavanya asked, what is this? Pakhi was tensed seeing Lavanya scolding her. Lavanya taunter Pakhi and said, Anshuman is not here for breakfast. A nshuman is getting ready and heared them.

Anshuman asked the servants to change the curtains. He said, I don’t like changes. Pakhi said am sorry, but its a ritual to make sweets. Girish supported Pakhi. Lavanya argued with him as well. Pakhi was upset and came to her room. She said, no one left our home without having breakfast. She talked to him and he listened to her quietly. She said, I did not know about breakfast meeting. She said, everything is different here, I annoyed Lavanya, its my mistake, she was right. I should know about this house first. She asked him if Lavanya was against the fact that I came here.

She said, I noticed that Lavanya was annoyed with me, does she dislike me? Anshuman said, I am getting late. He stopped and thought of talking to Pakhi. She went to him with the tie and theg bumped into each other. They got closer and he said, look Pakhi, I don’t want to hide anything from you, Lavanya does not like you, she didn’t want me to bring you here. She asked, so that why you were worried all night? and he answered yes, after my wife died.

Lavanya and Maa ji took care of this house and they think you are not good enough for this house, my sister’s opinion matters a lot to me, till then it is very difficult for me to accept you. Pakhi said, her opinion is important to me also, tell me what I should do that will help me make space in Lavanya’s heart, so she can trust me like you do. He responded, there is one way and Pakhi looked on.

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Lavanya was talking to Maa ji and Anshuman came to them with Pakhi. He told Lavanya that he wanted Pakhi to take care of the house and Pakhi was shocked. Lavanya became annoyed and asked, what, are you in your senses?, He responded, I think she can do it, I want to give her a chance. He said, Pakhi will be able to take care of the house well. He gave Rs. 60000 to Pakhi for one week budget. He said, come on, you can do it Pakhi. Pakhi accepted the money and looked at Lavanya.

Anshuman and Lavanya talked against Pakhi. Pakhi talked to Girish and said, I will do anything to win Anshuman and Lavanya’s love and trust.

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