Tumhari Paakhi Update On Friday, 23rd April 2021 On Atinka Tv: Ep 29-30

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

The Tumhari Paakhi Update On Friday, 23rd April 2021 On Atinka Tv Episode started with Pakhi talking to herself seeing in the mirror applying sindoor. She wished and thanked the Lord. Anshuman called Lavanya and said, Pakhi doesn’t want a child, she only wanted me to fill her maang with sindoor daily in the morning, she is an emotional fool, so just chill. Pakhi came to know that Ayaan was coming.

She was excited and said, I would have done anything if I knew it before. Maa ji said, we have done all the arrangements for him. Pakhi asked, are we going to take him? Anshuman replied, I am busy, the driver will go and bring him. Pakhi said, your son is coming after so many days, and you are not going. Maa ji said, Ayaan will react if he sees Pakhi there. Anshuman said she is right, you don’t go, he won’t know you, he will not react well if he sees you suddenly.

She said I know. He said, we have to be careful, we can’t tell him that you are his new mum, we will tell him at the right time. Pakhi said don’t worry, I will tell him at the right time. She said, you see how I become friends as I got up with kids easily. Lavanya talked to Girish saying Ayaan is coming today. Girish said, it is good. She said, Pakhi will force herself on him. Girish said, maybe she can really love Ayaan like a mum and he can change. Lavanya said, she can’t, she just can’t accept anyone else’s child.

Bua heard this and Girish looked at Naina. Lavanya gave her opinion about relations and children. Bua came to Girish with Naina and said, I told you that it won’t happen. She said, she will never accept Naina, never. Girish got upset. Pakhi was excited to see Ayaan and went to bring Ayaan. She said, when Anshuman came to know that I went to bring Ayaan after he said no, he will be angry but I will manage, I am eager to see Ayaan, how will he be?

Ayaan said, always the driver comes to take me. Pakhi thought, what will Ayaan like in food. She said, he will be happy with the food I kept. Ayaan saw his car and the driver told Pakhi that have reached. Ayaan saw Pakhi and his friends asked, who is she? Ayaan said, maybe governess. Pakhi asked someone where is Ayaan? She said, I am his mum, I am Anshuman’s first wife and they got confused asking Ayaan’s mum was his first wife right? Pakhi said, you are right, I am his second wife. Pakhi was happy to see Ayaan.

She talked to him and said, won’t you ask who am I? He said I know. She said, how do you know. He said because I am smart. She said, you are very cute too. She asked, are you hungry? He said, yes, but my hands are dirty. She said, I will make you eat. Ayaan thought of doing something to make Pakhi run away. He sat in the car and said my video game, it is there. Pakhi said I will bring it. She got down from the car. Ayaan asked the driver to start driving. They left Pakhi and she ran after the car shouting Ayaan, stop.

Ayaan laughed and said it will be fun. Anshuman came to know that Pakhi went to take Ayaan. Maa ji informed him. Anshuman got angry and said, I should have kicked her out of the house before Ayaan came. Ayaan scolded the driver and asked for his phone. He removed the sim card and gave his phone back. He asked him to stop the car as he wanted to do susu. The driver stopped the car. Ayaan scolded him and asked him to go away. The driver said, I will be fired if I leave Madam there. Ayaan threw his belongings and also the money.

The driver saw that Ayaan was gone and got tensed. He shouted where did you go and he tried to find him. He realized his phone doesn’t have the sim card and how to inform everyone. Lavanya asked Anshuman how could Pakhi go to take Ayaan. She said, what would Pakhi tell Ayaan, that she is his new mum. Anshuman said, what do we do now. Lavanya said, it is three hours now, don’t know where she took him. Lavanya said maybe she wants to win us by winning Ayaan. Ayaan came home crying. Anshuman and everyone was shocked to see him crying and was in a bad state.

Ayaan hugged Lavanya and said Pakhi has beaten him up. He said, she is very bad. Anshuman said, so she has done all this. Ayaan said,yes she did this. Anshuman said, she can’t do this. He said stop lying.
Anshuman and Ayaan had an argument. Pakhi came home and was shocked to see Ayaan in that state. Ayaan said she has beaten me and tore my clothes. He lied a lot. Anshuman said, Ayaan tell the truth, she can’t do this, it was your mistake.

Ayaan said it is your mistake to bring a governess. He said don’t you trust your son? Anshuman said yes, I don’t. Ayaan said so you trust this governess? Anshuman said yes because she is your mum. Ayaan was shocked. Ayaan got annoyed and left. Lavanya stopped Pakhi from going to Ayaan. She asked Maa ji to go to Ayaan and Lavanya taunted Pakhi.

Anshuman said, I didn’t want Ayaan to know about this marriage this way. Lavanya scolded Pakhi, Pakhi tried to speak but Anshuman said, I will talk to Ayaan. Lavanya said no need. Ayaan brought a bouquet for Pakhi and gave her saying welcome and Girish smiled. Pakhi said thanks you. He said, I didn’t know you were my mum.

He said come with me and said stand with my dad. He told Anshuman that she looked good but was a typical indian type, I don’t think she is your choice, you like hot chicks like Tanya. Lavanya took him with her. Ayaan stopped and told Pakhi that he won’t do it again. Pakhi smiled and Ayaan left. Pakhi thought about Ayaan’s words.

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The Episode started with Pakhi telling Anshuman that Ayaan is really different. She said you shouldn’t have scolded him and talked to him nicely. He said, when you spend some days with him, you will know it. She asked, how much do you love yourself, as Ayaan is exactly like you and she laughed.

Ayaan was playing a game and Maa ji came to him speaking to him sweetly. She asked, are you annoyed with me, I know it was my mistake, I shouldn’t have told you about your new mum. Ayaan said, don’t be over dramatic, she is not my mum, but dad’s new wife. He said, why did you come here. Maa ji said the food will be ready in some time, come and she left.

Ayaan and Anshuman had a cute talk over lunch. Anshuman called Maa ji and asked, who kept this dessert on the table. Pakhi said, I kept it as I wanted him to have sweets as he came here after many days. Pakhi asked Ayaan to eat anything he wanted. Ayaan said, can I have it now.

Pakhi said ofcourse and served him and Anshuman. Anshuman tried to talk and Pakhi signed him to eat it. Ayaan said, someone came to shut Anshuman. Lavanya called Anshuman and asked him, what is his new plan. Anshuman said I don’t know. Lavanya said you are losing to Pakhi, why so, you have to think harder.

Lavanya saw a file and she was shocked to see it was an adoption related file of Naina made by Girish. Bua waa massaging Girish’s head and Lavanya came to him. She threw the adoption file and asked what all this? Girish became tensed. Lavanya said, you did not even tell me about this big decision and Bua left. Girish tried to talk but Lavanya said, you should have discussed it with me, I am your wife.

Girish said, I was scared of your reaction. She asked, will you be happy with this decision? He said, you know it very well. Lavanya said, my happiness is in your decision, it’s fine. Girish said, I am not forcing you. Lavanya said I am happy. Girish thanked her for giving him this happiness and hugged her.

Bua saw them and smiled. It was morning and Anshuman was getting ready for the office. Pakhi stopped him and brought the sindoor box and reminded him of his promise. He asked, what, this in morning? She said sindoor is applied only in the morning. He said, my clothes will be spoiled. She covered his blazer by her saree. Pakhi closed her eyes and Anshuman looked at her.

Pakhi was happy. She stopped him and said, close your eyes, there is something. He closed his eyes and she got an eyelash and said, give me your hand. He asked what? He gave his hand and she said, make any wish. He said, I don’t believe in this, I don’t have time. She said fine, then I will make a wish. She made a wish and blew it and Anshuman looked at her. She said done. He asked, what did you wish?.

She replied, you don’t believe right, I won’t say before it gets completed and She left. Anshuman said, how will that happen what I want, when will you go away from this house Pakhi.

The servants were having a talk about what happened the day before. Ayaan was playing in the garden. He saw no one near the car and thought of driving it. He went to the car and thought of how he drove the car in his game. He saw the car has keys and got into the car. He started the car and the car moved forwards. Pakhi came outside the house hearing the horn and was shocked to see Ayaan driving the car alone. She run after the car shouting Ayaan.

Ayaan don’t know about the consequences and was happy. Pakhi got in the car and applied the break before the car could hit the gate. She asked are you fine? Ayaan replied, chill and gets out of the car. She stops him and asks him to stop it. She said, don’t try to be my governess. Anshuman heard this and shouted Ayaan. He got angry and all the servants came.

Anshuman came to Ayaan and scolded him. He asked, will you drive the car? Ayaan responded yes. Ayaan argued with Anshuman. Anshuman was about to slap him but Pakhi stopped him. Ayaan pushed Pakhi. Pakhi took Anshuman with her and they came to the room talking about Ayaan. He said, did you see how he was replying me, you can’t tolerate him. She said, calm down and explain to him, we have to act as elders, we can’t beat them to explain things, they will be annoyed with us, we have to find a way to make him a smart person.

She said, we have to do something different. Ayaan is in the hall and Maa ji was trying to make Ayaan angry by saying Pakhi might be talking to Anshuman to punish him. Anshuman and Pakhi came to Ayaan and Anshuman said Ayaan, and looked at Pakhi. He said, I know it was not your mistake, you are small, you don’t know whats right or wrong for you. He said, because of Pakhi, I made a decision for you, that you won’t live here,you will go to a boarding school. Ayaan and Pakhi was shocked.

End Of Tumhari Paakhi Update On Friday, 23rd April 2021 On Atinka Tv

Pakhi asked, what are you saying? Anshuman said, Pakhi you were right, the best thing is to send him to a boarding school. Ayaan said, I won’t go and said, you decided your life, let me decide mine too. Anshuman said, it’s already decided. Ayaan cried and run to his room. Pakhi went after him and knocked his door asking him to open the door.

Ayaan said, don’t disturb me. He opened the door and was packing his bag. Pakhi asked, what are you doing?. Ayaan said, you wanted this, are you happy now? Pakhi said, listen to me. Lavanya came calling out Pakhi. Pakhi went to her and she scolded Pakhi for separating Ayaan and Anshuman. Pakhi was shocked.

Pakhi told Anshuman to give her 15 days and she will change Ayaan. She said else you can send Ayaan, and even I will go from here forever and Anshuman is happy to hear this.

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