Tumhari Paakhi Update On Tuesday 27th April 2021 On Atinka Tv: Episode 33-34

Tumhari Pakhi Update On Tuesday

The Tumhari Paakhi Update On Tuesday 27th April 2021 On Atinka Tv Episode started with Anshuman asking Pakhi, what does Ayaan like? She replied,i get it now, he doesn’t like healthy food. He added yes, he likes fast cars, video games, crazy cars etc. Pakhi said, now I am sure that you don’t want me to go. Thank you and Anshuman stopped.

She said, don’t worry, Ayaan and I won’t go anywhere. He said, beware of his naughty acts. Ayaan was planing against Pakhi with Maa ji and Maa ji smiled. Ayaan said, I can’t say sorry being Anshuman Rathore’s son, we have to do something that will make her leave the house.

Maa ji asked, did you see Kuch Kuch hota hai? He replied, yes and smiled. Pakhi told Anshuman if you support me, I will win this war too and She left. Anshuman said, this is my biggest worry. Pakhi came home and thought of making Ayaan her friend. She took the cream biscuits and filled it with toothpaste. She laughed and said, lets see what he does after he eats this biscuits, the cookies are now ready and she took it to Ayaan.

Maa ji informed Ayaan that Pakhi was coming to his room. Pakhi tried to find him. Ayaan talked to the sky and said, I miss you mum, why did you leave me, no one loves me here he made her emotional. He said, I don’t want to go to a boarding school, no one likes me, that’s why I also don’t like anyone.

I miss you mum and hugged her photo. Pakhi left and Ayaan smiled. Maa ji said, our mission is successful, over and out. Pakhi came to her room and was upset. Anshuman came home from the office and saw her upset. He smiled and said, it looks like what I couldn’t do, my son will do.

He came to Pakhi and asked, Pakhi are you fine, I am sure Ayaan did something? Pakhi said, no, I got hurt, if I was in Chittor, I would have cried a lot resting on someone’s shoulder. Anshuman sat by her side and gave his shoulder to her. He said, take my shoulder. She smiled and rested her head on it.

He didn’t hold her but rather said, I told you about Ayaan. Pakhi said, no one understood him, he is a small kid, why does he do this naughty things, a mum takes care of the baby but Ayaan does not have his mum so he does these things to get everyone’s attention and time.

She said, kids wants love from their mum, Ayaan doesn’t have any support, he can’t share his prolems with anyone, when kids doesn’t get love, it turns out to be hatred, he is like this as he does not have his mum.

Anshuman tried to understand. Pakhi said, Ayaan is not wrong, he misses his mum, even I lost my mum when I was very little, but I had Bhaisa and Bhabhisa but Ayaan does not have anyone, I saw Ayaan talking to his mum’s photo and crying, he didn’t tell us how much he misses his mum.

She said, kids become like this when they don’t get their parent’s attention, they grow up before their age and Anshuman now held her. Pakhi closed her eyes and smiled. She said, I am sorry, I spoke a lot and she left. Anshuman said, Ayaan talked to his mum’s photo and cried? He did not do this before, I am sure it was his plan, it’s very good, Pakhi will leave this way. He ate the cookies and was shocked. Pakhi came back and saw Anshuman eating the cookies and laughed.

She said, why did you had this biscuits, it has toothpaste in it, I made this biscuits for Ayaan, I didn’t know you will eat this. She gave out her hand and said spit it. He replied no and he left and she laughed at him. It was morning, Pakhi was getting ready trying her blouse strings at her back. Anshuman saw her and when she looked at him, he turned. She said, you are looking that I can’t do this, can’t you help me, he then went to her and tied the strings and Pakhi smiled. Anshuman felt tensed after he tied the string.

She looked at him and offered the sindoor box. He filled her maang with the sindoor and she got happy. She gave him the calender and asked him to mark on it too which he did. She looked at him and then at the calender. Pakhi and Anshuman heard Ayaan’s voice and went to him. Ayaan and Maa ji was trying to fool Pakhi. Ayaan said, I need something for my school project. Maa ji said, I can’t go to market, and bring it as that place is not good, today is Wednesday. Pakhi asked, what is it? tell me, I will bring it.

Ayaan did some emotional blackmail and said, I can’t send anyone to the wednesday market. Pakhi asked, what can I do? I can’t force him to take my help. Ayaan said fine, if you are forcing. Pakhi said, tell me what to bring. Ayaan said, a nylon rope. Pakhi asked what?.

Ayaan replied, the teacher asked me to bring it and it should be two metres, Pakhi said, ok I will bring it. he said, bring it today as it’s wednesday and before 2pm as the market will be closed at 2pm. Pakhi said fine. Anshuman heard all this.Pakhi asked happy now? Ayaan said, we will see when you bring it. Anshuman said Ayaan is playing a big game with Pakhi and I should find out about it.

Still On Tumhari Paakhi Update On Tuesday 27th April 2021 On Atinka Tv

The Episode started with Anshuman telling Ayaan that he will drop him off at school. Ayaan asked, why, do you want anything? Anshuman looked at him and asked him to sit in his car. He talked on the way about his new project and the wednesday market. Ayaan asked him to drive slowly. Anshuman asked Ayaan about Pakhi but Ayaan did not answer him.

Ayaan said, how did you bring Pakhi as you don’t have anything similar like her. Anshuman asked, do you have any problem with Pakhi? Ayaan replied no. Anshuman said, if you want to say anything to me, you can say. Ayaan said bye and left for the school.

Anshuman said, ayaan won’t tell me easily as he is my son, I have to find out by some other way, Pakhi should reach that market before 2pm. Lavanya talked to Girish about Bua. She said, she is not letting me know the address and the information about Naina’s parents and Girish became tensed. Lavanya said, how can Bua not know anything.

She said, I think Bua is doing this on purpose. She said, I think she is hiding something from us. Bua came there and looked at them. She said, you wanted the death certificate of Naina’s parents, here is it. Lavanya asked, how did you make it? Lavanya checked the certificate and said, whatever, our work is done.

Maa ji thought of sending Pakhi to the market as Ayaan’s teacher was there. She said, the teacher has to see Pakhi there else our mission won’t become successful. Maa ji reminded Pakhi to go to the market. Pakhi said, I came to know it’s timings, it opens till 4pm. Anshuman called Pakhi and got to know she was at home.

He tried to send Pakhi before 3pm to the market. She said fine, I will go now to the market. Anshuman thought what is Ayaan planning. Anshuman canceled his meetings and thought of going to the market.

Pakhi came to the wednesday market and looked around. Even Anshuman was also there. He hid himself so Pakhi couldn’t see hiim. Pakhi saw the ropes and thought of buying them. Pakhi saw Ayaan’s history teacher and greeted her. Some goons teased Pakhi and misbehaved with her. Pakhi said let me go. One held Pakhi’s hand and she slapped him. They held her shawl and stopped.

They tried to slap her but Anshuman saved Pakhi holding the goon’s hand. He said, respect women. Pakhi was shocked to see Anshuman and Anshuman disciplined the goons and they all ran away. Pakhi asked Anshuman are you fine? He replied I am fine, lets go.

Anshuman and Pakhi were on their way back to the house and Pakhi was happy thinking of the way Anshuman saved her. She smiled seeing him. She saw some blood on his hands and wiped it. He said, thank you. She said, you are welcome. She asked, how did you come there? He replied, this is not a good place.

She asked again so, you came to see whether I was fine or not? She got happy and said you fought like a hero and saved me, you were looking very handsome, you came from the office, I want to talk to you, do you have some time, it’s about Ayaan and he stopped the car.

Maa ji told Ayaan that she spoke to the history teacher. She met Pakhi in the market. Maa ji asked him about his plan. Ayaan said see. Pakhi said, Ayaan’s behavior has changed, I suspect it, there is something going on in his mind. Anshuman said no, it can’t be, why are you thinking so.

Pakhi said he is a kid and can’t change in one day. Anshuman said, maybe he has accepted you as you are so good, anyone will like you. Pakhi asked, what did you say? He said, you are good. She smiled and pulled his leg.

The rope fell and she bent to take to it and her saree slips. He held it and they had an eyelock. She said,I felt good knowing your opinion. He asked, shall we go now? and she laughed.

Ayaan was playing at home. Pakhi came home with Anshuman and talked to Ayaan. Ayaan told them about Hatim (The new show coming on Life Ok) Pakhi praised Hatim. Ayaan asked about the rope. She gave it to him and said, first tell me what will you do with this. She asked again, are you thinking about any prank?

Ayaan lied to her and said, it’s for my project. Pakhi laughed and said, I trust you, but if you break this trust then it would mean that you made me a fool, it would mean I respected you which you lost, you know when trust breaks, it’s hard to get it back, so remember that I trust you. Ayaan said, shall I go now and he left.

Anshuman thought about Pakhi’s words and was tensed. Ayaan came to his room and closed the door. He said yes. Maa ji came to him and said, your teacher is here. Ayaan said, now it will be fun. Pakhi greeted the teacher and said, Ayaan is in his room. Ayaan acted as if he was hurt and fell. The teacher was shocked to see Ayaan’s legs tied by the rope.

The teacher was fooled by Ayaan. Ayaan spoke against Pakhi. Anshuman heard Ayaan’s plan.

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