Amazing Tumhari Pakhi Monday, 9th August 2021 On Atinka Tv: Episode 213-214


Tumhari Pakhi Monday, 9th August 2021 Episode started with Aryaman agreeing to the DNA test. Lavanya kept a driver and Girish said he is not from any agency, I can’t risk our lives in a stranger’s hands. Lavanya asks the man to leave and she will call him later. She asked him to give her his contact number. Lavanya said she is going to the doctor.

Anuja asked Aryaman not to feel bad. Aryaman said no problem, I did not feel bad even when I did not have this identity. He went to the lab to give his blood sample. He looked at the blood sample collector with his name and saw Lavanya’s blood sample there too. He gave the blood.

He acted like he was hurt and said he will lie down for a moment. The nurse made him lie on the bed. He quickly exchanged the blood samples till the nurse turned. She asked what was he doing there. He said my stomach was aching, so doing exercise.

He made the nurse busy again. A doctor came with mask and met Aryaman. The nurse left. Aryaman said my work is over and started leaving. The man catched Aryaman and fought with him. Aryaman went ahead to beat him and he said I am Sandeep, your brother, did you forget.

He said I came to see if everything is fine, finish the work soon, they are big people, if they catch you, it will be a problem. Aryaman said he has changed the samples. Lavanya and Pakhi waited outside.

Pakhi said we will go and see Aryaman. Sandeep said great. Sandeep said the truth could have come out, that you just look like Anshuman and is not related to this family. Pakhi and Lavanya walked in and they became shocked seeing the ladies.

Pakhi asked is it done. Aryaman said I was also asking this. Lavanya said come now, it’s over. Sandeep smiled. Aryaman came back home and saw cameras everywhere, the security and servants. Pakhi met Ayaan and he reminded her of her promise to repair that helicopter.

She said sorry, tomorrow it will be done. Aryaman repaired the helicopter. It flew and everyone smiled. Pakhi said I will call Anshuman and tell him the tests is done well. Anuja asked did Aryaman feel bad. Pakhi said no, he knows this was necessary. Anuja said he didn’t say anything. Pakhi said don’t think much, I will take fresh apple for him.

Aryaman came to his room and took out a knife laughing. He called someone and said everywhere there are cameras, don’t tell me how to work, I will do it tonight at 11pm. Pakhi came and he became tensed seeing her. She brought fruits and gave it to him. He said keep it there.

He thinks of the knife kept there and stopped her. Pakhi didn’t see it and left. Anshuman talked to Pakhi. She asked him to come home early. He said I have much work and he asked for a kiss. She gave him a kiss on the phone and he dropped the phone. He said fine, I will come home early. She said one more and kissed him. He reduced the time and she kept kissing. She laughed.

Girish came home and Lavanya was annoyed with him. Lavanya asked Girish to leave. Aryaman heard this and became angry at Lavanya. He scolded Lavanya and asked how can she talk like this to her husband. Aryaman said a women should be kept in control. Pakhi said this is not the way to talk. Aryaman said she should know her limit. Lavanya was hurt by his words.

Aryaman met Sandeep and planned to kidnap Ayaan.


The Episode started with Aryaman scolding Lavanya. He said women should be in control and yelled high. He left. Anuja and Pakhi pacified her. Lavanya said how did you not tell anything to him. Anuja said he is this because of me, he did not get family, not mother, not good upbringing, but you understand him. Lavanya said you can’t cover his mistakes always. Anuja said you both are the same to me.

Lavanya became annoyed and said you proved it now. Girish tried to explain to Lavanya. She said my brother scolded you too, I did not feel good, I am sorry. He hugged her. He said we should not feel bad, mum was right. She said I felt bad. He said we will keep a driver if you are annoyed. She smiled and hugged him thanking.

He asked how will you call him. She said I have his number.The servants talked about Aryaman being bad mannered and said Lavanya did not get scolded by Anshuman and Girish. Sukhi said I heard Aryaman stole a watch and is a thief. Anuja heard them talking that there is nothing same between Anshuman and Aryaman.

Aryaman talked to Sandeep and told his anger on Lavanya. Sandeep said why do you care, leave it. Aryaman said fine, our plan of tonight is final. Sandeep said I will be ready tonight. Aryaman took Ayaan’s pic and stabbed a knife at it.

Anuja walked in his room and saw him smoking. She thinks he has become wrong all because of me, he did not get my love. Aryaman said he won’t need anything from now on. He waited for 11pm. He tossed a coin and laughed. It’s night, 11pm, Aryaman came to Ayaan’s room and called his name.

He tried to wake him up. He saw Ayaan was not there and pillows were kept at his place. He became angry. Pakhi catched him and said we know you will come here, we know your plan. Ayaan and Pakhi covered him with blanket and said we know you were coming at 11pm.

Anshuman came form outside and she was shocked seeing him. She said you here. Ayaan said dad, She saw who is was. Ayaan said Chachu. Pakhi cuped her mouth being shocked. She stood by Anshuman. Aryaman said actually. Pakhi said sorry, we did not know its you, we thought it’s Anshuman.

Ayaan said sorry, dad came to meet me when he comes from the office, so we planned to punish him. Pakhi asked Anshuman he was coming at 11pm. Anshuman said you here. Aryaman said I came to see Ayaan and his helipcopter. Anshuman thanked him and Aryaman left.

Anshuman and Pakhi laughed and hugged. Aryaman came back to his room and smoked. Sandeep placed a torch on him and he went to meet him in the lawn. Sandeep asked why did you come alone, where is the kid. Aryaman said his parents were there, I could not bring him.

Pakhi praised Aryaman to become Ayaan’s friend, they look cute together. Sandeep asked Aryaman to bring the kid and do his work soon. Aryaman said I will bring him, we will kidnap him. He became angry.

Pakhi said but Aryaman wants time to adjust, I know its new relations and he will take time. Anshuman asked why, what happened. She said nothing, He said Lavanya called me and told about Aryaman. Pakhi said its not Anuja’s mistake, she loves them equally, what is stuck in between them.

It’s morning, Maha ji losed her 2 tola gold chain and the servants gossiped. Sukhi said we are old here and I think Aryaman did this. Maha ji said yes, I heard he was a thief before coming here. Sukhi said don’t take my name and they left. Maha ji said Sukhi is right, Aryaman might have stolen my chain, but how to tell against him, I will tell this to Pakhi. She said once that wrong is wrong. She went to talk to Pakhi.

Pakhi was cooking in kitchen. Pakhi said I am taking lunch for Anshuman to his office. Maha ji tells her about losing her gold chain and she suspects Aryaman stole it. Anuja came and heard this. She scolded Maha ji.

Pakhi was shocked. Anuja said he is the owner of this house. Maha ji said Sukhi tell me sorry. Anuja said I will see Sukhi. Anuja said the servants are like this, they gossip about everyone, they talk about Aryaman, he did not stay here, he grew up in the orphanage, don’t tell anything against him. She left angrily. Pakhi looked on.

Aryaman took Ayaan out for cycling and called Sandeep asking him to come on time to kidnap Ayaan.