Tumhari Pakhi Thursday, 16 September 2021 Episode started with Riya thinking of impressing Girish. Pakhi came to Ayaan’s room and saw Riya. She tried to make Riya know how to arrange her hair. Riya was unable to do her hairstyle.

Pakhi checked her Ipad for new hairstyles and said girls can make many hairstyles. She said she is going and asked Riya does she need her help. Riya looked at her. Pakhi said not you, Ayaan, Riya won’t need my help. Pakhi Said your hair is so beautiful and talked to her.

Riya Said it’s my natural hair. Pakhi Said if you don’t mind, can I brush it. She praised Riya’s features and her skin. Riya Said it’s natural. Pakhi Said you might have gone on your mum. Pakhi told her about her mum and dad, who died when she was small. I saw my mum’s pic and I look like her. Tell me your childhood stories.

Riya scolded her and asked her to get out. Ayaan asked Riya not to talk like that to his mum. Riya Said why, what will you do. They started fighting. Ayaan shouted at her. Pakhi asked Ayaan to talk with respect and not argue with elders.

Pakhi Said sorry Riya, I did not wish to hurt you, just help. Lavanya Said she is leaving for a meeting and asked Anuja did Riya do anything. Anuja Said yes, Veer and Pakhi will kick her out. Girish came and Lavanya ended the call.

She Said she is preparing for the exhibition. He Said he will always support her. She Said you told me we can have different opinions.

He Said it means you were talking to mum. She Said no, I was not and she left. Pakhi and Girish had a talk. He asked is everything fine. She Said no. She Said I need time to manage Riya, I wanted to know her heart, why does she hate Veer.

She Said maybe my way, she did not like. He Said even he tried to ask, but she was upset. Pakhi Said Riya worked with Lavanya, and was busy, now she goes to college and stays free. She Said she is energetic and I want to keep her mind in good work, she will get positive if she stays busy.

He Said yes, I saw her designs, impressive. She Said fine, we will encourage her. He Said good idea, Lavanya was organizedexhibition for his clients, I will ask her to allow Riya too.

He Said Riya will appreciate and I am sure her way to see life will change, happiness makes a person forget the hatred. She Said right, how to convince Riya. He asked shall I talk to her. She Said no, I will talk to her, I know I have to tell her the opposite, thanks, I feel this will work out. Riya got ready and praised herself.

She asked Ayaan for ipad. Ayaan Said he can’t give it to her. Riya took the ipad ad checked the hairstyles. Ayaan Said oh, copying hairstyles and he took the ipad. She scolded him. She tooked back the ipad and he snatched it and they fougt for it,

The ipad fell and broke. Ayaan got angry seeing it broken. He Said what did you do, how will I do my project. He Said you are very bad. Veer came and asked what happened. Ayaan Said Riya broke my Ipad and cried. He Said dad gave me this ipad, scold her. Anuja came and looked on. Veer asked Riya whats this.

Riya Said yes, I broke it. Veer scolded her. Riya argued and Said she was not afraid of anyone. Ayaan Said she misbehaved with Maa too, punish her. Riya Said I will see who harms me and she left.

Ayaan told Veer to see how she talked. Why did you not tell her anything, this is not fair. Veer Said sometimes we have to be calm in life, I know Riya misbehaved, but she is new here and will need time to adjust.

He Said he will buy a new version for him, and till then he will give his laptop. Ayaan Said I m done. Veer Said I will get the new one. Veer looked at Anuja and left. Anuja smiled. He came to Ayaan and acted sweet to him. She filled his ears against Riya and Veer.

She Said I got the welcome card in the dustbin and showed it. Anuja thinks she will win the case, Pakhi will beg me and free Aryaman, Pakhi will lose from all ways.

Pakhi came to Riya and tried to make her work on her designs and make her busy, She Said Veer will help you and buy the ipad for Ayaan. She Said you don’t earn anything, as you go to college, you don’t have any job. Riya Said she will get the ipad and don’t want Veer’s help. Pakhi used reverse psychology and smiled.


Ayaan and Riya fought. Anuja thinks about how to make Ayaan and Riya hate each other.


The Episode started with Riya asking she assisted Lavanya and she knows shoe design. Pakhi Said so you mean you will work for one month and get Ipad at the end of month, I am sorry I can’t wait, and even Lavanya won’t keep you here, as you are here with us.

Riya Said Lavanya used my designs, I will make my catalogue and get orders, and get the ipad. Pakhi Said think well. Riya Said you don’t know how people can pay for my designs.

Pakhi Said fine, lets test it, Lavanya is doing her shoe exhibition, I can arrange for you to arrange there as well, this is a good chance, else you agree you are useless and can’t do anything without Veer.

She Said Lavanya is old in this field, you are new. you have to compete Lavanya. Riya Said she is ready and Pakhi smiled.

Riya Said she will take part in the exhibiton, and will prove everyone wrong. Pakhi Said thanks Girish, this work is done. Veer talked to some men at the office. He asked them to repair the tablet but the body should be original.

Pakhi came and Said new is coming. Veer Said no, Anshuman gifted Ayaan, so we will get it repaired. She Said Riya said she will buy a new one. He Said how.

She Said Riya agreed to take part and showcase the shoe designs. He Said great, but how. She Said I asked to go east and she went west. He Said I think we should celebrate, tell me what to do. She Said not now. He Said something like Golgappa. She Said it’s my favorite, but not today.

He Said about Ajmeri Golgappa. She Said she eats 50s. He laughed and challenged her. He Said I can eat 60s. He Said let’s go and see who eats more. She Said then hurry up. He Said she talked about reverse psychology and I tried same on her. She came on the chart stall and Said we had many here.

Veer Said spicy…. Fine. He started getting tensed. She Said let’s start and gave us till we stop you, let’s see who wins. They started eating the Gopgappas. Veer placed some in her plate and acted like eating it. He felt it was very spicy. She also kept in his plate and laughed. He smiled seeing it.

He thinks she forgot to live for herself, it’s good she will live for her now. Anuja smiled seeing them. She Said I wanted this that you get busy in your life, that I take Ayaan from you and you don’t know it and she left. Veer took a break. Pakhi asked did you lose. Veer Said no. The man Said both ate equal.

Pakhi eats the winning Golgappa and Veer smiled. Riya teased Ayaan and asked why is he sleeping so soon. Ayaan came to her and Said about early to bed and early to rise make a man healthy and wise. He asked her to sleep too.

Riya Said I am working, the light will be on. He Said can’t you see I am sleeping, light will be off. They started fighting. They argued a lot. He pulled her hair and she asked him to leave. She pulled his cheeks and scolded him. Pakhi and Veer came to sort their fight.

They both complained about each other. Pakhi Said fine, Ayaan has to sleep and you have to work. She Said both things can be done. Veer brought a lamp and placed it on the table. He asked Riya to do her assignments there and Ayaan should sleep.

Riya Said I can’t work here. Pakhi Said no way out then, go there and complete the designs, I will off the main lights. Riya and Ayaan agreed to this solution. Pakhi and Veer left.

Anuja came and taunted Pakhi about the fights. Pakhi Said kids are innocent, their fight will go till morning, don’t worry, we can give new room to Riya but I want them to be together, this fight is healthy for them. Anuja thinks to break apart Riya and Ayaan’s bond.

She Said I will make them hate each other. She Said Pakhi can’t sleep peacefully from tomorrow, wait for the morning, as kids will not be together, they will hate each other. She smiled.

Pakhi slept. Veer slept on the couch and talked to himself. He Said his stomach is aching a lot. Pakhi got up and laughed seeing the Golgappa effect. She teased him. He Said nothing. She Said Golgappa is such thing, it doesn’t get digested easily. They had a talk.

She gave him the Kada for his relief. He still praised himself. She Said the medicine is bitter and joked on him. She asked him to drink it, and sleep. Anuja came to Ayaan’s room at night. Riya slept at the table after working. Anuja kept something in Ayaan’s bag and left.


Ayaan’s school principal called Pakhi and veer and showed cigarette packets from his bag. Ayaan Said he doesn’t know who kept it. Anuja Said I know, Riya did this.


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