Shocking Tumhari Pakhi Update On Friday 7th May, 2021 – Full Episodes 49-50

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

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Beginning of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Friday – Pt 1

Tumhari Pakhi Update On Friday starts with Anshuman agreeing to Tanya. Tanya hugged him and Ayaan saw them. Ayaan asked her to hug him as she hugged Anshuman. Pakhi came and heard this. Ayaan got a PSP from her as a gift and thanked her. Pakhi brought tea for them. Tanya talked to Pakhi and said, I have decided to write a biography on Anshuman’s life. Pakhi said, don’t take my permission, I am only a part of his life. Pakhi said if he doesn’t have any problem, then write. Tanya said I will have to be close to him and be with him all the time. Pakhi said yes, I can understand and Anshuman looked on.

Pakhi said, you can write everything true about his life. Tanya said, I will leave, it’s a pleasure meeting you and asked Asnhuman to be with her. Pakhi stopped Anshuman and gave the sindoor to Anshuman and asked him to apply it again as she had a bath. Anshuman did it infront of Tanya. Anshuman felt off infront of Tanya. Anshuman got a call from the office and went inside the house to get his file. Tanya asked Pakhi what did Anshuman promise you.

Pakhi told her about Anshuman’s gift to apply sindoor in her Maang every morning. Tanya smiled and said, you asked him this, you would have asked for an expensive gift. Pakhi said, nothing can be more expensive than this, this moment is mine. Anshuman came back with the file and left with Tanya. Tanya and Anshuman were in the office ordering food. She asked about Pakhi. He said, she brings lunch daily here. She said, your Pakhi is very intelligent. Anshuman said, what’s this your Pakhi. She said I am joking. Anshuman waited for Lavanya and she came.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi Update On Friday Pt1

Tumhari Pakhi Update On Friday continues where she was happy seeing Tanya and they hugged. Lavanya talked about Pakhi and said, she did not get Anshuman, so she is after Ayaan now. They laughed at Pakhi and Lavanya said Pakhi, she will leave the house forever if Ayaan doesn’t regard her as his mum. Tanya said, why are you tensed, it’s matter of 15 days. Anshuman said, I am worried about Ayaan, I want him to go to the boarding school. Tanya said don’t worry, I have come, make Pakhi go away from our life. She brought a gift for Lavanya and Girish. Lavanya said the gifts and liked the coffee mug.

Lavanya saw Girish’s photo on the mug and was upset. Tanya said you and Girish are a romantic couple and I wish Anshuman and I are also like them. She hugged Anshuman and her lipstick marks are on his coat. Anshuman came home and he saw the lipstick marks and hid it. Pakhi told him about Ayaan’s adamant things. Anshuman gave some idea to Pakhi to deal with Ayaan. Pakhi got a letter from Magic and Art club. Anshuman said how did you know Ayaan wanted to go there. Pakhi said I read in his slam book. Anshuman was amazed by Pakhi’s efforts.

It’s night, Anshuman and Pakhi were together having coffee. She said, I tried so hard and spoke to the magic school and fixed it for Ayaan. She said, it’s a good day for us. Anshuman and Pakhi had a sweet moment. Anshuman said this thing is not solid, as this letter came now, Ayaan will misunderstand. Pakhi said I will show him the date, he will understand I was trying for his admission in Shimla’s school and doesn’t want to send him anywhere. She joked and made him smile.

End of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Friday Pt 1

The first part of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Friday ends where Pakhi came to Ayaan with his hot soup. Ayaan shouted Maa ji, I want a chilled cold drink. Pakhi tried to talk to him and gave him the letter. She said, we don’t want to send you to boarding school. He smiled seeing the letter. Anshuman saw them. Pakhi said, we want you to go where you want in Magic and Art Club as it’s in Shimla, Anshuman and I love you so much. Ayaan tore the letter and Pakhi and Anshuman became shocked. Pakhi asked what are you doing? it’s your admission letter.

Ayaan said, I don’t want this admission as I don’t want to stay in Shimla. Anshuman was shocked. Ayaan said, I got admitted in boarding school today. Pakhi said but Ayaan, you hated boarding school. Ayaan said no one told me we have friends at boarding school with a personal room. He showed her the brochure. He said, I don’t want to stay with you.

Tanya and Anshuman were closer in the car. Pakhi was walking to the car unaware.

Beginning of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Friday – Pt 2

The second part of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Friday starts with Ayaan misbehaving with Pakhi. Anshuman scolded him. Ayaan said it’s good I am leaving from here. Pakhi was upset thinking about Ayaan’s words. Bua came to Girish and asked him to have food. She said Lavanya will be coming late. He said till Lavanya comes back, I can’t have food. Lavanya came and taunted him. Girish stopped her. She said leave my hand, you have lost this right now. He said listen to me, I know I made a big mistake, that’s why I am apologizing, I know I can’t change things now. She says yes, but I will do everything now.

He said, what if I did not tell you the truth? She said, you have done a big favor by telling me. She showed him the ideal couple mug which Tanya gifted them. He said, I am apologizing, what are you and Anshuman doing with Pakhi, even you are cheating her. Lavanya said, Anshuman is doing this to hold up his family name, so he brought Pakhi here, he did not see Pakhi with wrong sense till now, but what did you do, you should be ashamed, don’t take Anshuman’s name again, else I will see you.

She saw a note and read the Shayari which Girish wrote for her. She tore it. She got different notes in her room. Lavanya cried. He wiped her tears and she looked at him. He said forgive me, don’t leave me, else your Girish will be lost. She said, she can’t forgive him and you will get divorce papers tomorrow. Girish was shocked and cried.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi Update On Friday Pt2

The second part of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Friday continues where it was morning, Pakhi woke up and thought, where is Anshuman? Anshuman was in the garden thinking how did Ayaan agreed to go to boarding school. Pakhi saw him and said, it’s hard for Anshuman too, he doesn’t say anything, hides his pain always, I will talk to him and see. Anshuman saw the car alarm’s ringing and wondered why. He went to see with a rod. He opened the door and it’s Tanya inside. He fell on her and said you. She smiled and flirts with him.

He asked, how did you open the car. She replied, I did this for you. She says was it not romantic. He said Pakhi is at home. She said you are behaving as if she is your real wife. Pakhi walked towards the car looking out for Anshuman. Anshuman said there are too many things, I am worried. Tanya said let me see and held his head and said, you are thinking how did Ayaan agreed to go to the hostel. He asked how do you know? She smiled. He said, you did this. Tanya asked Anshuman to take her on a long drive and she will tell him how she convinced Ayaan.

Anshuman saw Pakhi coming in the mirror and was tensed. Tanya insisted. Anshuman said drive. Tanya drove and they left. Tanya was driving very fast. Anshuman asked her to drive slow and applied the brake. She laughed. He asked how did you convince Ayaan.

End of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Thursday Pt 2

The second part of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Friday ends where Tanya said, I met him in the club and convinced him to go to the hostel telling him the benefits of hostels. She convinced him so easily. She said, Ayaan was looking so innocent and cute. Anshuman smiled. He thinks about Pakhi’s words. He said, you are so smart, you handled everything so well. She said, I will make everything easy for you, Ayaan and Pakhi will go and I will be engaged to you and he thinks about Pakhi.

Tanya and Anshuman played truth or dare. She asked Anshuman did you fall in love with Pakhi? Anshuman said ofcourse not, she is nice, takes care of everyone, positive, caring, she is a good person, she did not ask anything from me expect filling Sindoor. Tanya said, she took your moment from you and said Pakhi’s lines. She said, Pakhi loves you. Anshuman said who told you this, Pakhi. Tany said I understand, it’s strange she did not try to come close to you. He said, she is from a small town. Tanya pulled Anshuman’s leg and asked him to take Pakhi and go on a holiday. Anshuman looked on.

Tanya and Anshuman had a talk. Tanya asked him to take Pakhi on a holiday. Anshuman talked to Pakhi. Ayaan was leaving the house to the hostel.

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