Tumhari Pakhi Update On Friday, 11th June 2021 On Atinka Tv: Episode 93-94

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

The Tumhari Pakhi Update On Friday, 11th June 2021 episode started with Anshuman and Pakhi talking to Ayaan and wishing him happy holi. Anshuman said Pakhi gave me this idea to color you first. Ayaan said I came here to see whether you both have applied color to each other. He said come on, do that now.

Anshuman looked at Pakhi. He applied her color. He said happy holi. Pakhi smiled and applied color to him wishing happy holi. Ayaan said apply more color. Pakhi said later. Pakhi told him about holi in Chittor. Pakhi applied full color on his face. Anshuman applied color only to her nose and she smiled. Girish wished Lavanya happy holi and she got angry at him.

Girish and Lavanya had an argument. Girish said you don’t love Vikram, but me, you are acting to make me jealous. Lavanya said you are mistaken. She said he is coming today and about my lie, it will be over soon, don’t worry. Girish said no Lavanya, now I will end this drama. Tanya got late and is not ready.

She said wait and watch and see how I get ready. Ayaan coloured the water and every tap was colored water. Tanya was shocked to see red water and can’t freshen up and take a bath. She shouted Maa ji. Ayaan smiled and run.

Tanya scolded Maa ji and asked whats going on. Maa ji said Ayaan did this, he is naughty. Tanya said I will see Ayaan. Tanya did the arrangements well. She applied color to Pakhi. Pakhi told her that Anshuman colored her in the morning. Tanya and Pakhi wished each other happy holi. Tanya said I told you about a surprise, you will not like it. Pakhi said I will wait. Tanya taunted her.

The Holi started. All the guests came and the party was grand at Anshuman’s house. Anshuman met his guests. Girish came with Lavanya and wished Anshuman happy holi. Anshuman laughed. Ayaan played holi. Pakhi and Tanya came there and met everyone. Girish told Pakhi that she is like his sister. Lavanya said Tanya did good arrangements, I am impressed. She said Anshuman should compliment Tanya.

Mr. Rana came and hugged Anshuman. He said you have kept my daughter here and we could not keep any party at out home. Tanya hugged her dad. Mr. Rana said I hope this holi is the last one for Pakhi. Girish talked to Pakhi and said there should be something interesting. Anshuman met his contractor in the party.

He asked where is your wife and thinks it’s Tanya. He said I have brought a gift, sindoor, apply it, it will be good. Anshuman said actually and the man said come on apply to her. Anshuman looked at Pakhi. The man asked him to apply it to Tanya. Everyone looked on.

Anshuman stopped when he saw Tanya. The man asked what happened. He said actually, The man said come on, it’s a blessing. Anshuman was about to put it but Tanya stopped him. She said I don’t deserve this right now. She said I am not his wife. She brought Pakhi there. Mr. Rana was shocked.

Tanya said she is his wife. The man greeted him and said sorry. Anshuman filled the sindoor in Pakhi’s maang smiling. Girish made the dhol play. Pakhi and Anshuman smiled looking at each other.

The servants played the holi and have a talk. Anshuman and Pakhi have thandais. Anshuman and Pakhi danced. Everyone looked at them. Ayaan said I like my dad like this. Girish smiled. Lavanya thinks Girish mixed the Bhaang in their drinks and was angry. She told Mr. Rana about it. Vikram came and colored Lavanya. She smiled. Girish looked at them.

Tanya felt angry seeing Anshuman and Pakhi getting closer. Lavanya danced with Vikram. Mr. Rana asked Lavanya to stop Anshuman. Anshuman lifted Pakhi in his arms and hugged her. Lavanya made him leave her. Lavanya scolded Anshuman for embarrassing everyone. Anshuman laughed. She said Mr. Rana is much annoyed.

She said behave yourself and said think of your image. She made him sit in the shower and asked him to have a bath and he will feel better. She thinks of Tanya and went to her. Lavanya knocked Tanya’s door and said talk to me once, I will make everything fine, open the door. Tanya was resting.

Lavanya said Anshuman has to talk to Tanya. Lavanya went back to Anshuman. Vikram stopped Lavanya and she thinks its Girish. Vikram smiled seeing her. Pakhi came to Anshuman with colors again. They laughed. She brought sweets. They had a laugh.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi Update On Friday, 11th June 2021

The Episode started with Anshuman and Pakhi still drunk and in the bathroom. She said the water is getting wasted. They had a laugh. He said where were you, I missed you so much. She said you left me there. She asked what is in my hands. He laughed. She said its jalebis and Rabdi. She made him eat it.

Lavanya tried to excuse herself from Vikram. Vikram was drunk. Pakhi and Anshuman got up together counting 1 2 3 and they laughed. They came to the room. Anshuman said I felt everything is moving. Pakhi said even I feel the same. They closed their eyes and sat down.

The power went out. Lavanya said I will check the fuse. Vikram said My fuse is gone for you. Vikram told Lavanya he loves her. Lavanya was shocked. Pakhi was tensed as she was seeing less brightness. Anshuman said power went. He said Sukhi, on the generator. Pakhi said tell loudly and say it more slowly.

She said why did anyone not come. She said I can’t walk, don’t send me anywhere, I feel good here. He said yes, even I am stuck to you. She hugged him. He said you won’t go anywhere.

Lavanya tried to see where is Anshuman and found the door locked. Anshuman and Pakhi tried to walk and they both fall as they were drunk. Lavanya said it’s electronic lock and there is no power, so it can’t open now. Ayaan asked what happened. Lavanya told him that Anshuman is locked inside. She knocked the door and Pakhi answered. Lavanya said they are together. Ayaan said their date wow. Lavanya scolded him. Ayaan went to make the generator on.

Pakhi said I am with Anshuman and taking care of him, don’t worry, bye. Anshuman said the same. Lavanya left and saw Tanya. Tanya left in anger hearing all this. Lavanya said listen to me. She said it looks everyone is mad. Pakhi said you look cute when you smiled. Anshuman smiled. He said you look beautiful when you are angery. She said lets walk on straight line now. He said when we walk together, everything is fine. They held hands and walked.

They hugged saying we won. He said now we will kiss each other and forwards their cheeks. They were about to kiss and she said I am feeling hungry, I want something to eat, I am going to the kitchen. The scene was so funny. Lavanya asked Sukhi why is the generator not on. Sukhi said the wiring is not fine.

We have to call the electrician. She said then go and call. Ayaan said it’s good, mom and dad can get extra time. Anshuman told Pakhi that the door won’t open. She cried. He hugged her. She said I can’t be in this room with you, you are so rude and you don’t even smile, you don’t love me. He said am I rude, look at you, you are stubborn and gives lectures.

She said you don’t love me. Anshuman and Pakhi played words and she wrote Anshuman and Ayaan. He said it’s incomplete and wrote Pakhi. He said now it’s complete. She said how cute. She hugged him. She said Anshuman, I love you. He said I love you too. Lavanya was still waiting out.

She said they are drunk and Pakhi had made him drink Bhaang. If Anshuman went any mistake, we can’t get Pakhi out of the house. The power came. Lavanya came to Anshuman’s room and saw them sleeping away. She was relieved.

Anshuman woke up and looked at his clothes. He saw Pakhi sleeping. Anshuman changed and came in the hall. Mr. Rana was angry. He scolded Anshuman. He said Tanya stopped me today, you have insulted me and my daughter.

I would have taught you a good lesson. Anshuman asked what happened. Mr. Rana said stop acting. He said Tanya won’t stay here. Lavanya asked Anshuman to be quiet and asked him to see the pics. Anshuman saw the pics and was shocked.

Anshuman said I was drunk. Mr. Rana said you love Pakhi and Tanya loves you. He said Tanya is managing your house and doing your work, also bearing taunted by Pakhi, she is a princess and you make a maid. He said Tanya is not a toy, she is my pride, if anyone challenged her, I will ruin her life.

End Of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Friday, 11th June 2021

Mr. Rana counted his favors on Anshuman. He said your everything is at stake. He said I am supporting you because of Tanya, now not anymore, you be with Pakhi. He called Tanya.

Lavanya said please understand, it’s not Anshuman’s mistake, Girish brought the Bhaang. She said Tanya and Anshuman love each other. She said we have old association, don’t break it for stupid reason. She said Anshuman and Tanya should talk and decide, we will accept their decision.

Mr. Rana said I don’t trust Anshuman, but I will give her one final chance only for Tanya’s sake as I am a helpless father. I regret that Tanya chose him. He said I don’t need to manipulate my daughter. He left in anger.

Anshuman said Tanya he will do anything for her. Tanya said take every right from Pakhi. Anshuman told her yes, you are right, I will be a stranger for Pakhi from now on. Tanya smiled.


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