Tumhari Pakhi Wednesday, 6th October 2021 Nandini said to jiji, you didn’t listen to me that day that Pakhi and Veer doesn’t sleep together, Pakhi on karvachauth has gone out like a widow, you will find answers by seeing beneath the bedsheet, she removed the bedsheet and said I have placed chips beneath the sheet.

Pakhi slept on the otherside and saw the chips were not broken as Veer didn’t sleep on the bed but saw they were fine, she said to jiji that Veer doesn’t sleep on the bed, they live separately, now you understand the truth of their relation, jiji asked Nandini to take her to Lavanya’s house.

Pakhi have to wear the red saree today and she has gone like a widow, Veer came there and said it’s not Pakhi’s fault, actually in situation that we married in, jiji said I only know that you both were married and you both have no right to break marriage rules.

Veer said we married for a deal, jiji said you married Pakhi because of Anshuman’s child, you did so much for her and what did she do, Veer said you don’t understand, Pakhi can’t give space to any other man which she has given to anshuman and I respect that.

jjiji said first you were behind keerti and what she did, she married other guy and then she left the world and gave her girl to you so that you raise her up, and now Pakhi have brought her son with you, you have done nothing for yourself, these both ladies have ruined your life, Veer said no one has ruined others life, I took keerti’s child as I loved keerit.

Riya is my responsibility and about Pakhi and Ayaan, I have promised that I will not let them be alone in life, in all this I didn’t know when did I started loving Pakhi, jiji said but Pakhi doesn’t love you, Veer said listen to me, he said we don’t love to get something in return, we love selflessly.

jiji said when it was about a deal I would have listened to you but now what should I say, you love her, Veer said you have served your life for us and now I am doing same thing for others, Veer said I have no regrets in life, Riya has come in my life because of Pakhi, Pakhi has made my life stable.

I love Pakhi but she loves Anshuman, but atleast she takes care of me, the situation was worst so she had to marry me otherwise she would have not married me, he said to jiji, you wont talk to Pakhi, you wont say anything to Pakhi, jiji became emotional for veer and he left. Nandini said I am sad for Veer, jiji said Veer can think of destroying his life but we wont let this happen.

Pakhi have to forget Anshuman and give her love to veer, I will talk to Pakhi and will make Pakhi agree to love Veer. she asked Nandini to take her to Lavanya’s house.

In lavanya’s house,Anshuman’s havan was going on, Pakhi was sitting there, she looked at Anshuman’s picture, the servant informed lavanya that jiji had come, lavanya closed the door and left.

Lavanya came to jiji and asked, you people are here, is there any work, jiji said call Pakhi, lavanya said she can’t come, puja is going on, jiji said what puja? today is no birthday or death ceremony of your brother so what puja? lavanya said I will do what I want, you have any problem, jiji said yes I have.

Pakhi is the wife of my Veer and you have made her a widow, we will take her from here and will make her wear a red saree, lavanya threw the saree away and said this marriage is void, it’s a deal only, the sindoor and manglasutra are fake, from soul.

Pakhi is for Anshuman and will remain his widow, jiji said you are talking about our daughter in law, lavanya said Pakhi is not your Pakhi but Anshuman’s Pakhi, she said Pakhi is gone with anshuman, today Pakhi is only the mother of Ayaan.

Pakhi came here for puja in her consent only, you don’t trust me that Pakhi has not fasted then I will show you, she took her to the room where puja was going on, she showed her Pakhi, lavanya came and gave water to Pakhi and Pakhi drank the water, jiji was shocked and Nandini said she broke her fast jiji, Pakhi prayed and thinks that wherever you are Anshuman.

I know you must be happy, you have to wait, we will meet.Riya and Ayan came to lavanya’s house, Riya saw the earrings in lavanya’s ears, Riya said Veer brought those for Pakhi, Lavanya said Pakhi was told me that veer was saying a client brought it so he gave it to Pakhi and Pakhi gave it to me.

Riya said Veer is poor in love things, Riya said to Lavanya, veer brought the earring for Pakhi with love, Lavanya said are you sure? she said yes, Riya said veer asked me will Pakhi like it? and I said she will love it, but he couldn’t tell Pakhi that he brought the gift for her, I mean if he loves her then why so much hide and seek, Lavanya thinks that this means our doubt was right, Veer has started loving Pakhi.

jiji came home and was in anger, she closed door of her room.Veer was in his office, he got call from the house and got to know that jiji has locked herself in her room.Nandini, charu and kumu were knocking on the door, Veer came there and knocked on the door, Nandini told Veer that Lavanya insulted jiji.

Veer called Lavanya and said I need to talk to you and he left thr house.Pakhi came to the house, she came to jiji’s room, Nandini said you are happy Pakhi now? she came here with love for you and what you did, you broke her heart. Pakhi became shocked.

PRECAP:Pakhi said to jiji that I love Anshuman only, jiji said what about the love of Veer, she asked Veer to tell her about his love otherwise she will die, Beer said yes I love Pakhi. Later Pakhi said to Veer that you had these intentions for me, you are not the right person.


Nandini said to Pakhi, you broke jiji’s heart, jiji was insulted, you were busy in havan, Lavanya didn’t even allow her to meet you, she insulted jiji, Pakhi ask jiji to open the door, she said I didn’t know you came to lavanya’s house, I wouldn’t have let Lavanya do this to you.

Lavanya said to Veer, Pakhi was busy in havan and your jiji came here so I stopped her from meeting Pakhi, Veer said this mean you insulted her, Lavanya said no, you insulted her, you fooled her, you didn’t tell her that Pakhi and you have nothing in between, did you ask jiji to plead infront of Pakhi for your love.

Veer you have started loving Pakhi, she showed him the earring he brought for Pakhi, she said you can’t win Pakhi by all these things, she gave these expensive earrings to me like nothing, it doesn’t matter to her, the only thing that matter to her is Anshuman’s love.

Veer said I understand that Pakhi didn’t know about jiji coming here but only you can think the price of gift, Pakhi know importance of relations, yes I love Pakhi and Pakhi is not related to Anshuman and Veer, she has her life and she can take her life’s decision, every person has the right to choose anything for themselves, you can’t stop Pakhi from choosing anyone and he left. lavanya said to Anshuman’s picture that Pakhi is only yours.

jiji opened the door, jiji asked why so much drama, she asked kumu to bring food and she sent charu too, Nandini thinks that my plan failed, jiji is calm, Pakhi said to jiji that I am sorry, I didn’t know you came there, jiji said I am fine, go and get ready, this is your first karwachauth, dress and jewelry is in your room, Pakhi said actually.

jiji said I can’t listen to anything, you have to do all the ritauls, it’s first karwachauth so you should do it, Pakhi said if you are happy in it then I will do it. Nandini thinks that this calmness is of before strom, something big is going to happen.Pakhi got ready as a married women in red-green saree, Veer came there and was shocked to see her dressed.

Pakhi said what happened with jiji was wrong, Veer said you won’t be forced from now on, Pakhi said nothing to worry, when we followed so many rituals for her then we can do one more ritual for her.Pakhi and Veer came down, jiji said to Pakhi that you are looking beautiful. she said you both have to do the pooja.

they all came to mandir in the house, charu made Veer and Pakhi wear dupattas, charu did gath bandhan, jiji said we do this in karwachauth, jiji did their aarti, she made Veer and Pakhi hold their hands, she said now you do sankalp, Veer ask for what?

she said for good child so that our family extends, Pakhi was shocked and took back her hand, Pakhi said I won’t do anything, jiji said why not? you are his wife, you have to give him a heir, veer said I told you all the truth, jiji said but I didn’t accept it, she said to Pakhi that Veer told me that you don’t have wife relation with him? why not, if Veer can be father of your son then why can’t he be your husband?

And Pakhi went awat from there breaking the gath bandhan.Veer stopped Pakhi, jiji came there, she said what are you doing Pakhi with my brother, he has accepted you, he has given name to your child, why are you not accepting him, Pakhi said I have talked to Veer, if you want answer then listen I can’t accept Veer as my husband, this marriage is a deal.

we married for Riya and Ayaan, jiji said no you married for Ayaan, you had the reason for marrying him, you used Veer, Pakhi said I just want to say that I love Anshuman only, jiji said you are selfish, you love someone who is not in this world but what about love of my brother? Veer loves you a lot.

Pakhi was shocked, she said you are mistaken, we have no hope with this relation, like I love Anshuman, veer loves keerti, jiji said Veer told me that he loves you, Pakhi was beyond shock, she looked at Veer, she said this cant happen, jiji asked Veer to tell Pakhi that he loves her, you have to tell her today, goodness doesn’t mean that for others you kill your happiness.

Veer said we will talk later, jiji said if you respect me then tell her that you love her, she placed his hand on her head and said you will see my dead face if you don’t tell her today, she asked Veer to say truth otherwise see my dead face and veer was shocked, Veer said yes, I love Pakhi, Pakhi couldn’t believe her ears.

Veer said to Pakhi that don’t think about it much, Lavanya came there, she said you were lying to Pakhi, jiji said is right, Veer has started loving you, he has stooped in love, he is lying to show his love, she showed her earrings which Veer brought for her, Lavanya said no client gave it to Veer, he brought these as gift for you, Riya also know it, call her.

Veer said to Pakhi that don’t think wrong about it and Pakhi left. lavanya said to jiji that you didn’t believe me, now you saw that Pakhi only loves Anshuman, she can’t love veer ever. she gave the earrings to jiji and left.

Pakhu was crying, veer came there and said everything is wrongly portrayed, Pakhi said I was wrong, I gave you chance to fool me, you were around me with these intentions, you are not that person which I thought, what you were? when you came to this house, you took Ayaan’s love from me, then you married me and broke my promise to Anshuman and now you want to finish my identity.

Anshuman is everything to me, I married you for Ayaan only, I know you have done so much for me and my son but now it’s enough and she angrily looked at veer.

PRECAP. Pakhi’s saree was about to get burnt with the diya, Veer saw it and said Pakhi, he tried to make her go away from the diya.

Pakhi pushed him and said how dare you touch me, you thought that you got a young wife so you changed your mind and got lured, veer said thanks for telling me that, what is my worth, now I know what I have to do.


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