Who Killed Kangana & Bhoomi
  1. Who killed Kangana?
  2. Did Kailash Kill Kangana because she was going to speak the truth?
  3. Bhoomi’s murderer is being found. Ravish goes to the hospital to check the records of when Madhav was born. What will Ravish find?
  4. Kangana has opened her eyes, she was never unconscious, and revealed to Vividha who killed her. It was shocking to know that she killed herself to fool everyone. Why did she do this, and how did she do this?

After Bhoomi’s death, the family tried to find out who killed her. It was revealed that K, who has always been calling Kangana, has killed her.  Kangana’s phone in which Sujata was also taken. That means this same K person was also present at the party which was organized.

The police inspector asks Ravish if he has doubt on anyone or if he has any of his enemies in mind, he tries recalling to see if he could get the slightest idea who might have been behind all these strange happenings. 

Since there was also an attempt on Kangana’s life, they concluded that it was Kangana who killed her, but wait, there is something else that the family is trying to digest. Could it be that Kangana killed herself? Hell No, but hell Yes. The person who killed Vipul and put him in the water tank can do anything. But that was not the evidence they are relying on.

Vividha tried to connect the incident to what happened that particular night. The door was closed. Kangana was lying unconscious on the bed. And there was no way that someone could have entered. 

Though it was left with Vividha alone with Kangana. If no one could have entered when the lights went off, then Vividha began thinking that this killer was also with them in the room.

But Ravish and Atharv disagreed that would never have been possible. Then that means Kangana killed herself. But come to think of it? Who would have killed herself because of a thing like concealing a secret, anything is possible though.

But let me ask your opinion. Do you think anyone would kill her own self in such a way as cutting her own throat? Is that not risky?

What Atharv is also failing to understand is how Bhoomi’s blood gets to his clothes.

And when that incident happened Vividha remembers seeing a shadow of someone in a Bridal dress. This is just confusing. 

While they were trying to find proof of this. Ravish also goes to the hospital in Ajmer to check the records of when Madhav was born. He was denied but somewhat managed to get into the record to find CCTV footage. He was shocked to find out that Kangana was also a patient in the ward when Madhav was born.

While Ravish left, and Atharv had also taken Madhav to school, Vividha saw the drink that was given to Kangana at the time the incident in the party happened.

And it was revealed that Kangana never drank her drink but she saw Vividha putting drugs in her drink and so threw the drink away. That means she never was unconscious, and so she is the one behind the death of Bhoomi while acting unconsciously.

She also was the one who cut her own throat to make it seem as if someone attacked so that any suspicious finger-pointing will be taken from her and pointed in a different direction.

This was revealed in this quote updated by Kangana herself. Madhav also revealed to them how Kangana came to him and told him stories at the time the incident happened. Which means she never was unconscious. 

Vividha goes to make Madhav’s school bag ready for school and thinks of Madhav’s words.  She also recalls the clues and Atharv’s words. This as Vividha concluded means it means when Kangana was attacked, none was in the room, she has attacked herself, she is also acting to be unconscious. 

Kangana opens her eyes and recalls how she has seen Vividha adding the powder to the juice drink. She did not drink the juice and threw it in a flowerpot. She smiles.

Kangana recalls how injured herself and threw the blade and cloth to a man standing outside on the lawn. She sits on the chair and gets dizzy. Kangana removes the needles. 

Vividha comes to her room and does not see Kangana. Kangana walks to her from behind. She shows the hairpin and catches Vividha. She says if this pin injects into your body, you can never breathe, it has snake poison.

Vividha recalls the inspector’s words. Kangana says Kalindi also died from this poison. She says Kalindi died and you were finding her in the world. Vividha says you can’t get saved. 

She shouts Atharv. Kangana says you are so cute, what will Atharv do? Did he get to know about Vipul or Bhoomi, I have killed them. She scares Vividha and asks her to come along silently.


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