Bridal Material 31 May 2023 Update On Wednesday

Material for a wedding on Zee One on Wednesday, May 31, 2023: There is a very festive atmosphere in Kapoor Mansion, and everyone in the family is excited about Meera and Sumer’s upcoming engagement ceremony. The younger girls offer to assist their parents in peeling the enormous quantity of peas for the evening meal. The cousin of Meera completes her quota and declares her work done. Meera descends and join the enthusiastic group,as she begins peeling,,Dolly who is as yet annoyed with her little girl tells her not to irritate and take rest.

Biji takes a gander at her fabulous little girl ,and Meera ,really trying to understand from her,decides to placate her mom .As she proceeds with peeling,Dolly gets bothered and requests that Meera quit disturbing her as her head is hurting. Meera imagines concern and offers to knead her head with oil.

Dolly asks her daughter if she wants her mother to dress like “chipku” at her engagement party, so that her future mother-in-law can look her best. Meers gives her mother a loving hug and tells her that she doesn’t need expensive or flashy clothes to look beautiful. She looks beautiful as is and will be the center of attention at the party. Dolly forgets her anger and gives her adorable daughter a hug back.

As she descends the stairs, Amaya is awestruck by the typical Indian marriage setting she has never seen before. She asks if she can peel the peas with them, and when they say “yes,” she joins in. As she watches Meera bond with her mother and kiss her affectionately, she remembers and misses her.

When Biji scolds her daughter, Laali remarks that she must be the only mother in the world who scolds her daughter in front of her daughters in law and enters the scene with her usual sarcastic remarks. She sits on the floor with the others and does not assist her mother or her sisters in law. She says that she doesn’t want just tea in a marriage house—snacks and sweet treats are also fine. Silky, Laali’s daughter, enters carrying boxes of sweets as Laali demands them. Laali shows concern when she sees her delicate daughter carrying such a heavy load and rushes to assist her.

According to tradition, Meera should taste the sweets first, followed by the others, so Biji stops the girls when they want to try them.
A moment little capability is coordinated ,Meera sits in seat with her head covered with her dupatta ,Cart first offers her a sweet and favors her that her wedded existence with Sumer will be essentially as sweet as the sweetmeats. Laali then appears and blesses her niece, then the young girls. Biji tells the girls that the girl who wants to marry first should eat their cousin’s favorite sweet. Every one of the three young ladies come forward,but Laali says that her girl Luxurious ,being the oldest of all the three so ought to get hitched first. Silky hesitantly consumes her sister’s sweet taste.

Standing in the corridor, Vivaan observes his sister’s joy and excitement during the ceremony. Amaya looks up, and when she sees that her brother is watching them, she runs up to him and drags him down, asking him to join in. Vivan refuses to say he doesn’t eat sweets when they are offered to him, feeling awkward, but Amaya brings one and gets him to try it.

She later makes fun of him by claiming that he will soon get married as well because he has eaten the same food as the bride. As everybody laughs,including Meera,he begins hacking and sniffling .Laali teaches her little girl to proceed to set up a home grown invention for him which is much successful than any London drugs. Vivaan raises his objections, but Laali is eager to assist him, so he gives in. Silky, who does not know how to prepare the remedy, asks Meera for assistance as he enters his room.

Meera asks her sister in the kitchen why she is so eager to assist this egotistical man. Silky replies that she has never criticized Sumer, so she should not criticize “her” Vivaan. Sealy pours the mixture into a cup after Meera has made her understanding clear. She informs Mrrea that she requires additional assistance before heading upstairs. Silky asks Meera to accompany her and invite Vivaan to the Antakshari when she is asked what it is.

Meera is taken aback by her request, and she asks Silky what he will do in a competition for Hindi songs. She also reminds Silky that he was born and raised in London. Meera agrees with Silky that she wants him to be there, despite the fact that he doesn’t know any songs.

However, Silky suggests that they should do something different to get him to accept their invitation. The plan calls for Silky to extend the invitation in a polite manner, but Meera, as usual, should be rude and say that she knows he won’t come because he doesn’t know Hindi songs and is afraid of losing, among other reasons, and Vuvaan, who is egotistical, will agree to participate.

They see Vivaan working on his laptop as they enter his room. Velvety keeps the plate on the table and he passes his thanks and backpedals on to his work. Silkk politely asks him to join Antakshiri and the evening party as the sisters look at each other. Subsequent to conveying he can not go to as he is occupied. He gets up and leaves, leaving the girls whispering, especially Meera, who says she knows he won’t be there because he doesn’t speak Hindi well and doesn’t want to be around other people.

So let him sit alone in the room and sing to the walls while they have a great time. Vivaan, who overhears everything, quickly returns, consumes the medication in one swallow, and informs Meera that he will attend the function and take part in the competition as well. He is reminded by Meera that Indians with strong Hindi are competing with him. He ought to reconsider because he might lose. Silky is content with the success of her strategy as they compete with one another.

When Bittu enters his brother’s room, he discovers him asleep on his bed with the lights off. He wakes him up and inquires as to why he is lying in the dark while the entire family prepares for the event. Meera’s dad tragically answers that he is terrified of confronting light. Bittu shows his brother the ring he took out of his pocket. To his surprise, it turns out to be the same ring he tried to borrow at the store but was unable to because the owner wanted cash down.

He asks Bittu how he managed the money, to which he responds that he, too, did not have any money, but he approached the shopkeeper as a customer rather than as a borrower like Bittu did. Meera’s dad gets cheerful and values his sibling for his help,Dolly,standing in the entryway watches this love between the siblings with tears and expresses gratitude toward Bittu when he emerges.

When Meera trips while ascending the stairs, Vivaan holds her and locks her eyes. Both recuperate from that private second ,as Meera begins to move away Vivaan , holding her hand ,pushes her against the wall and difficulties her that she will lose. ,,Meera fights back he will lose,Vivaan gets some information about betting,when Meera declines to bet,he insults her that she is terrified to wager since she isn’t certain of winning. Meera, irritated by his instigation, inquires about the wagers, to which Vivaan replies that she will learn later. Meera warns him that the competition will be tough, so he should brush up on any Hindi songs he knows.

These episodes was acted along with cast of Mehek, Zee one could skip so I’m skipping them as well…

Laali addresses Luxurious over telephone acclaims about food and ensembles in wedding, Mehek’s cooking ability, and so on and proposes her to pick up cooking like Mehek as spouse’s course to heart goes by means of stomach. She talks to Mehek’s relative when she sees her passing by. Woman exhaust and says her glossed over words are excessively great. Laali inquires about her destination. Lady says to the house of Mehek’s in-laws. Laali insists on accompanying lady because she believes she wants to observe how Mehek’s in-laws treat her.

Vivan considers ways to become Meera’s friend and learn the bangle’s secret. He rushes down when he hears Amaya yelling in the living room. Dolly begs Amaya to allow them to plan Meera’s wedding here. Amaya advises them to reserve a wedding venue or hotel. Biji and Dolly plead. Amaya asserts that it is their issue. Meera watches and believes on the off chance that Amaya became like her brotehr.

She is stopped by Vivan, who apologizes to Dolly and Biji for Meera’s engagement and other home rituals and states that they are too tensed. They silently leave smiling after Amaya gives them a happy signal. Meera acknowledges it was their arrangement. Before Meeera marries and leaves, Vivan believes he will learn bangle’s secret from her. He ascends. Amaya inquires whether he will attend the wedding. Vivan what’s going on with she. Amaya grins.

Anaya says it will be such an uproar and tomfoolery. She inquires whether you are seeking antakshari. He affirms. She says that seeing you stay here for the wedding surprised her.

Antakshari gets going. Silky asserts that the winning team will be treated similarly. Vivan expresses no there ought to be another component. The losing team will be required to complete a task assigned by the winning team.
Silky challenges Vivan and sings about her son. He performs a song. He sings my time is with you ought to give it back.

Veera also sings about a son. Together, the teams sing and dance. Everybody danes. Vivan is not a singer. Veera goes. Vivan pursues her.
Sweeti asks Veera about that object. She declares, “I will do your work tomorrow.” You can definitely relax. She says bless your heart. She goes. What was she talking about, Vivan asks? Why should I tell you, she says? Are you an eavesdropper? Are you afraid to lose and want to play? He asserts that you are concealing something from us all. Why would I, she asks, and who are you? stay out of other people’s affairs. He tells her that I won’t lose if you lose. He declares, “I will tell all this to your mother.”

jiska mujhe tha intazar is Vivan’s song. Everybody moves. Vivan looks at her. Dadi is also there.

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