Mayura Escapes From Omkar’s Cage. Cage Of Beauty 11 August 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 51



The episode started Piyush getting the key made. He went to a worker and said make this key, hurry up. Omkar ordered the marble,he said I have to get Mayura’s idol made. I want the best quality of marble. Shankar said to Omkar I am sorry. He spoke loudly so Omkar doesn’t hear the key making a sound outside.

Shankar said I am sorry, I didn’t understand your love for your wife. Shankar said to Omkar I made a mistake that I misbehaved with you. Omkar hugged him and said it’s okay. He said I thought there was someone outside. Shankar said no there’s no one and Piyush got the key.

Mayura was waiting for Piyush. Omkar came downstairs and Piyush came in. He showed the key to Mayura and slipped. Mayura said if the key falls Omkar will see. She then shouted to distract Omkar. Omkar said Mayura are you okay? She said I was sprained by food and Omkar massaged her foot.

He said is it better? Mayura said yes it is and Piyush nodded. Mayura said I am fine now. Omkar said let me massage it, you will feel better. Mayura said it’s good, let it be.

Everyone prayed at Mayura’s house for her. Omkar locked the cage and said Piyush some people will come to the place, please manage. He said Mayura I am going for some work, I will see you later and he left. He said Mayura, you get out of here and hide in the boxes.

By the time he comes back, you will be out of here. Piyush tried to open the lock but it wasn’t opening. Piyush said maybe the trace wasn’t correct. Mayura said that can’t happen, please do something. Omkar said let me make Mayura sleep first and he walked back.

Omkar came to the hall and saw the cage. There’s was blanket, Piyush was sleeping on the couch while Mayura was hidden in the boxes. Omkar thinks Mayura is under the blanket. Mayura was scared and Omkar left. Some people come and the manager said, Piyush bhai, we are here to take the marble boxes,they carried the boxes and Piyush said I hope everything goes well.

Mayura was in the boxes. Manjali stopped them and said what is happening here? Taking all the boxes? One box had my stuff. Open the boxes and show me. Mayura and Piyush were scared. The workers started opening the boxes and Piyush stopped them.

He said your box is here. It has M written over it. Manjali said okay take it. Piyush said it has your name on it. Mayura looked out at Piyush. The boxes were taken out and Piyush waved at her.

The workers loaded the boxes in a truck, locked it and drove away. Mayura then smiled.

Surekha said to Ashu don’t worry. Sanjay will give us good news. Sanjay came and hugged Ashu. He said papa ji, I just got a text. Mayura is out of there and Megha became shocked. Sanjay said Mayura will come here once she reaches somewhere safe, she will contact us. Surekha said God protects her.

Mayura looked outside the truck and smiled. The truck stopped somewhere at night. Mayura recalled her marriage with Omkar,she recalled everything from the start.

Piyush said Mayura didn’t break a cage, she broke Sartaj’s ego. I hope she manages. She will be at Jabalpur’s border alone,she is so strong, I hope she will manage. Omkar came there, Manjali was asleep on the sofa and Piyush was also sleeping. Omkar said maa is snoring. Mayura’s sleep would be disturbed. He went towards the cage and opened the lock.

He checks in but there’s no one inside. Omkar then shouted Mayura.. Manjali and Piyush woke up. Manjali said what happened? Omkar said where is my Mayura? You both were sleeping and she’s not here. Maa couldn’t you see? Manjali said I saw she was sleeping. Omkar shouted she was here but she’s not here.

Where is she? Piyush said you locked the door and you had the key. Omkar said how did she get out then? He said maa you didn’t watch it carefully. Omkar saw a broken candle on which Mayura took the traces. Omkar threw it in anger. Manjali said Omi calm down. Omkar saw the box and smiled.

Omkar said bachay, he recalled asking Piyush to give material to the people. Mayura said how do I get out of the truck. They will inform Omkar if they see me. Mayura broke the tile. They stopped the truck to check. Before they came, Mayura jumped out, run and hid.

The driver checked the tiles and looked around. Mayura hid under a broken tree. They left and Mayura got up. Mayura got on the road and her face was covered in dirt. Mayura opened her arms and twisted under the moon. She was happy to be free. She saw the border signal and crossed Jabalpur’s borders.

Omkar hits the punching bag, his manager came and said we are looking everywhere. Didn’t get news yet but don’t worry.

Mayura cqme to a dhaba at the bus stand, I ran from the tempo people, I have to contact my home. Mayura said brother, can you give me tea? Mayura cleaned her face and they news play at the dhaba. She saw something in the news and screamed no.. Mayura run.

The news said some thugs entered a house and stabbed a man named Ashutosh and Mayura screamed.. Mayura said no.. Papa.. She run and came to her house. Mayura opened the door and saw a dead body, she at the the face but It wasn’t her father. She saw all her family tied to the pillars and Omkar whispered welcome back home. Mayura became shocked and scared.

Ashu, Sanjay, Megha, Surekha, and Dadi everyone was tied. The man got up and said Sartaj ji, I am done, let me go and he left. Omkar gave a rose to Mayura. Mayura said fake news? Omkar pulled her and said what else could I do? It’s such a big city where would I find you?

I thought I should call you back home, you can fly as much as you want, but had to come back to the cage of my arms every time, always. Mayura was scared while Ashu was angry. Omkar said you can try as much as you want but you can’t flee, you can’t be free.

You can call it my love or detention. Mayura shoved him and cried. Omkar grabbed her hand, Mayura said please no, leave my hand, I don’t want to go with you. Omkar said don’t do all this, It will hurt you. Mayura said leave me, I won’t go in that cage. Omkar picked her and took her. Mayura said papa.. I don’t want to go and everyoen cried.

Omkar brougt Mayura home. Mayura said leave me, I am telling you one last time, don’t take me to that cage, let me go and Manjali came there. Omkar then locked her in the cage. Piyush also came as well. Mayura said no please but Omkar locked it. Mayura said I flee every time, I won’t live in this cage. Omkar said I thought you would understand my love, I think you only understand this detention. Now do what you want, I will never let you be free.

Omkar said for your beauty, I changed my destiney. I made it part of my hands. You couldn’t understand my love. He threw a heart shaped tile in anger, it hurts Mayura’s face. Mayura was bleeding and screaming…Read more