Ash & Manish Plan Another Attack. Cage Of Beauty 12 September 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 90


The Episode started with Shankar telling Omkar that Mayura has saved your life and asked him to learn to identify between right and wrong. Omkar said it depends on the proofs. Manjali asked Omkar to hear Shankar’s heart voice, his heart is bowled over by his Mayura’s betiya. She said don’t hear the words in the video, but hear his heart. She said you don’t care for your son. Shankar said I worry for my son, that’s why am trying to make him understand.

Omkar said I called you here to tell you my decision, tomorrow in the party, Aishwarya will be with me as my wife. Mayura heard him and was about to go. Omkar told Bali that Mayura shall decorate the Christmas tree tomorrow and that work shall be done to today, this evening, even if she has to be awake for this.

Aishwarya said I will decorate it. Omkar stopped her and said Mayura can’t come to tomorrow’s party. Mayura decorated the Christmas tree and said, the last time, her wish is not fulfilled, but this time, she hopes that her wish comes true. She said Omkar hates her so much and doesn’t know that she hates him more.

She wished that she will expose the danger coming his way and leaving from his life, once he regrets his actions. She climbed on the table and placed the star on the tree and Omkar heard her fully. Mayura was about to fall down from the table, but Omkar saved her and said there is a difference between us. Mayura asked him to think whatever he wants.

He asked her to clarify, he asked her to tell him that the girl is not her, that the voice is not hers. Mayura said it was just a video. She told him that, Aishwarya wanted to show the video as she wanted to but that doesn’t mean that she is saying the truth. Omkar said Aishwarya was right. Mayura asked him to ask his heart and said do you really think that I can kill you.

She said you were unconscious infront of me many times, but I didn’t do anything. Omkar said I don’t trust you. Mayura asked why do you want me to stay here till new year, answer me. Omkar ruined the decorations of the tree and said the decoration was bad.

He said the decoration shall be good as I will bring my wife infront of the world. He asked her to be awake all night and decorate again. He thinks, why don’t I have answer to Mayura’s question. Mayura climbed on the table again and started decorating and Omkar looked at her from far.

Aishwarya was planning with Manish and said this is our last chance, now nobody can save him from us. Manish said Omkar will be dead tomorrow. Aishwarya said it is a big day for us and last day for Omkar and she smiled. Mayura asked Bali to keep something. Omkar was looking at Mayura.

Aishwarya came and asked how am I looking? Omkar asked her to say, the guests might be here. Mayura came infront of Omkar but Manjali asked her to move. Aishwarya thinks she might foil my plan. Mayura said you are doing a good work, so that’s why she didn’t stop him from backwards, that’s why she came infront.

She took out the plastic from under his collar and said it was there. Aishwarya said today just me and my Omkar ji, now bone in the meat, it will be fun. Manjali said you have said right. Mayura asked Shankar to go, she will come shortly. Shankar said Manjali asked you not to come.

He asked do you love Omkar? Mayura said she wants Omkar to repent and want him not to do this with any girl, then my revenge will be completed and I will go. Shankar said love shall not happen after he gave you injury/scar. Mayura said, her heart is more scarred than her face, she needs to save Omkar’s life for her mission and Shankar blessed her.

Omkar and Aishwarya came to the party and Manjali welcomed them. Omkar was still thinking of Mayura. Manish came there as a waiter. Aishwarya signalled him and thinks Omkar will not identify the waiter in the party. Manish asked Omkar to take the welcome drink. Aishwarya thinks take it, as nobody will come to save you here. Mayura came there with a veil on her face.

Omkar danced with Aishwarya, while Manish was about to attack him and Mayura was shocked…Read more

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