Mayura Escapes From Raghav. Cage Of Beauty 16 December 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 213


The Episode started with Raghav calling Pandey and asking him to let Omkar run away from the house and do his encounter, just as he reaches the old fort. Mayura heared this, she hits a vase on Raghav’s head and he fainted. She recalled feigning to be unconscious after seeing Vishaka.

She took Raghav’s phone. Omkar’s phone fell down from his pocket and he left from the house. Mayura called him and then Megha. Megha asked Mayura where she was? Mayura said she is fine and asked her to tell where Omkar is? Megha said he was here, but don’t know where he went. Mayura ended the call and took out the keys from Raghav’s pocket and opened the door.

She came out, saw Vishaka’s goons and thinks nobody can stop her from going to Omkar. Raghav then gained consciousness. Mayura hits the goons and made them fall. Raghav got up but faints again. Mayura then asked the goons to tell Vishaka that she can’t harm Omkar and her.

Omkar got to the old fort and thinks, nobody is here, he then realized he left his phone in the house. Pandey came there and aimed a gun at Omkar, he said to him, you did a mistake by coming here saying he has an order to kill him. Omkar said when I came here, I mistakenly left my home at home.

if you do my encounter then Raghav and you both will be accused for the fake encounter, as Raghav called me here. Vishaka made Raghav gained consciousness and said Mayura left you and ran away. Raghav said trust me, my men might have caught Omkar by now. Vishaka said I want to see with my eyes.

Pandey arrested Omkar and made him sit in the jeep, he then thinks, why is Raghav’s call is not connecting. Raghav came there with Vishaka and asked where is Omkar? Raghav checked and found out that he escaped. Pandey said I don’t know where he is? Vishaka said this all happened due to Mayura, neither Mayura nor Omkar will be saved and Raghav asked Pandey to catch Omkar.

Mayura and Omkar were running in the jungle. A flashback was shown where Mayura came there and took out Omkar from the jeep. Omkar hits the constable and ran. Omkar’s hand got injured. Mayura asked if he is fine. Manjari and Shankar were tensed. Shankar said we shall go out and search for them. Megha said I shall check in Omkar’s phone. Raghav came there and snatched the phone from her hand.

Omkar and Mayura got to the house. Omkar told then that they shall stay there. Mayura said, once we leave from here, we will tell Crime branch that Vishaka is alive and Omkar asked, how did you know? Mayura said I saw her with my eyes. She told them that Vishaka brought Raghav in our lives and that fake murder, autopsy of dead body are all fake.

Manjari asked Raghav to tell where her son is? Raghav said if your son is not found, then i will arrest all of you. He then deleted the proofs from Omkar’s phone. Mayura asked Omkar to sit and bandaged his bleeding hand. Omkar apologized to her for being responsible for her problem. Mayura said I learnt to fight with troubles due to you, if you are there, then I am there. Omkar said I just gave you pain always.

Mayura said it is true that you have only loved me. Omkar apologized to her for thinking to marry her for his stubbornness, when he first saw her, accusing her and trapping her in the trap, killing her dream of becoming the doctor etc. He said he will try to become suitable for her in their next birth. Mayura hugged him and said I have forgiven you. Omkar said don’t forgive me easily, I don’t deserve your forgiveness.

Mayura asked him to listen and said you have done many mistakes in your life and I punished you, but you repented for your mistakes. She told him that I have seen you repenting and if I don’t forgive you then I can’t forgive myself. You asked me that if I am ready to make a fresh start with Tara and you.

I am ready, but before that we shall apologize to Tara. Omkar said once everything is sorted, we will make a fresh start with our Tara. Vishaka said that once she finds Mayura and Omkar, she will kill them. Mayura showed OM on her hand. Omkar asked why did you do this?

Mayura said we both in each other’s destiny now, very soon Raghav and Vishaka will be exposed and sent to jail and we will be together always. Omkar told Mayura, today the nakshakstra is good, if husband and wife even take 4 rounds, they will be together for life. Mayura asked him to marry her immediately. She said she knows that there is a probability of separation due to Vishaka and Raghav and that’s why she wants to end it. Omkar also said even I want the same thing…Read more

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