Cage Of Beauty 19 January 2023, Thursday: Episode 250

The Episode started with Vishaka telling Mr. Goswami that she wanted to kill Mayura and it was all her plan. Ishaan asked what are you saying? Vishaka told Ishaan that this girl Mayura is not special, you will get 1000 girls like her but if your mom leaves her then she will kill me. Ishaan asked why Mayura will kill you? Vishaka said you trust me Ishaan, whatever I have done is for your betterment.

She clapped and asked her goons to tie everyone and make them stand in line. The goons tied Mr. Goswami and Sachin. DM said I will call Police. Vishaka asked the goons to catch her as well. Mr. Goswani told Vishaka that he will not leave her. Vishaka said you are calling me Vishaka from Vishaka ji, who are you to teach the lesson of right or wrong.

She then told Mayura and Omkar that history will repeat again, they are standing again at the same place after 20 years and this time I will kill you both again with my hands. Omkar and Mayura became shocked. Omkar’s mother asked Omkar what this witch is saying, what had happened 20 years back.

Vishaka said they both had a rebirth, I had killed them with my hand 20 years back, even in this birth, I will kill you both with my hands. Ishaan asked what are you saying? Vishaka said I didn’t kill him without any reason, her brother died because of this Omkar. Ishaan asked why did you kill Mayura? Vishaka said Mayura used to love my enemy and had not supported me. Omkar and Mayura have to die, first she will kill Omkar.

Omkar said you have won and asked her to do whatever she wants to with them but leave their families. Vishaka smiled and said for once you are right. what a coincidence, their name was Omkar and Mayura 20 years back and even after 20 years later, their name is still the same. She said she heard that they are sword champions and that she is so gracious and will give them a chance again.

She clapped and a sword fighter came there. She said he is Rakha and told them that she thought to have a match between Mayura and Rakha. She said if you want to save your family then you have to make Rakha lose, let’s begin the match. Rakha and Mayura started fighting with swords. Mayura was seen in white clothes.

Vishaka asked Rakha to kill Mayura. Ishaan said no Mom. Mayura and Rakha continued to fight. It was shown that Omkar was the one fighting with Mayura with his face hidden. A flashback was shown,where Omkar hits Rakha when Mayura and Rakha began fighting and took him to the side and begin acting to fight with Mayura. He untied his mother’s hand while fighting. Vishaka became doubtful and shot in the air to stop fighting.

Mayura and Omkar stopped fighting with the swords. Vishaka came near Omkar and removed his veil and everyone saw it was Omkar. Vishaka was about to shoot him, he made the gun fall down with his sword. Mayura shouted Vishaka and placed the sword on Ishaan. Vishaka asked what are you doing? Omkar asked Vishaka to leave their family, even if you die or not in this birth, your son will die surely.

Vishaka said don’t do anything to my Ishaan and asked the goons to leave them. She pleaded in front of Mayura to leave Ishaan and said he didn’t do anything wrong. Mayura said there is a difference between you and us, Ishaan will be with us until you accept your crime. Vishaka said I will accept my crime and asked her to leave her son. Mr. Goswami apologized to Mayura and said I never thought of you and asked for forgiveness.

Vishaka saw Mayura getting distracted and took the chance. She snatched the sword from Mayura’s hand and asked the goons to catch everyone again. Omkar said you can’t do anything. Vishaka laughed and said you both are bad players, you have to take 100 births to defeat me, even that will be less, your game is over and asked the goons to take them to the room and burn them alive. She said, I am very generous and give you both a chance to say bye-bye to everyone.

Omkar came to his mother. His mother apologized to him for not understanding his relation with Mayura. Mr. Goswami apologized to Mayura and said if I hadn’t called Vishaka for funding my project then this wouldn’t have happened. Mayura said you called me daughter with love and it is enough. I love you, dad, I don’t want anything else. She hugged him and Mr. Goswami cried.

Omkar apologized to Naina and said you are troubled because of me and her to take care of Mummy. He said sorry Mayura, I couldn’t give you happiness in this birth. Mayura said I don’t care if I am alive or not, I just want to be with you, I just wish we would have identified each other before. Vishaka said I have written your destiny and will end your lives, like the last birth, it is enough of your romance, take them and burn them alive and the goons took them away.

Vishaka said Omkar and Mayura must be burnt into ashes by now. She then asked the goons to free Mr. Goswami. Mr. Goswami run to Vishaka and said I will not leave you. The Police Inspector came there. Vishaka told the Inspector, you came at the right time, Mr. Goswami has burnt his daughter with her lover here. She took the Police there and told them that their dead bodies must be here.

Omkar and Mayura came there. He said, you couldn’t get our dead bodies as we are alive. Mayura recalled Ishaan telling her that he wanted to give her a good life and asking her to see what she chose. He opened the rope and whispered to her that he knows that the wrong thing is happening with her, but for now he cannot do this much help to her. Mayura told the Inspector that it not her dad, Vishaka tried to kill them.

Vishaka asked why will I try to kill them, what is my advantage, it is their trick. Omkar told the Inspector that if he doesn’t believe , then they have solid proof against her and he asked Naina to bring the phone. Naina found the phone in her bag. Omkar said I started the recording and placed the phone in Naina’s bag, it has all the recording of Vishaka’s crimes. He showed the recording in which Vishaka was saying that she had killed them in her last birth and will kill them in this birth too. He said, your sin pot is full and shall break.

Mayura said we have taken rebirth not to die but to punish you for your sins. Omkar said we took two lives, but finally, your game is over. If we wanted then we would have killed you like you had killed us, but then what will be the difference between you and us. Mayura said we have taken rebirth to stay with each other but you will stay alone in jail all your life. Inspector told Vishaka that she is under arrest and she went with the Police. Mayura told Omkar that they have won. Omkar said our love has won.

Mr. Goswami, Omkar’s mother and the others smiled. Ishaan smiled and left from there. Bela said that they shall get married as the mandap is ready. Sachin said we heard a good thing from you. Omkar and Mayura got married in the same mandap where she was about to marry Ishaan. Omkar and Mayura took the rounds, he filled sindoor in her hairline and made her wear mangalsutra. Omkar’s mother, Mr. Goswami and the others smiled.

Mayura and Omkar also smiled. Omkar told Mayura that they will promise each other in a unique way. He said, when he saw her in their last birth, he wanted to cage her beauty but I promise that I will never cage you or your beauty and he opened the cage palced on the table. Mayura said I was caged in Vishaka’s lie and betrayal trap.

She opened another cage and asked him to free her if something happens like this. He said neither our life will be caged. She also said, nor our love. They opened the last cage and hugged each other, saying that they will be free from every cage always. He lifted her and swirled, striking a lovely pose with her.

The show ended with Mayura and Omkar’s marriage and Vishaka’s arrested for justice

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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