Omkar Finds Proofs Against Vishaka. Cage Of Beauty 23 November 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 182


The Episode started with Megha thinking it will be fun to stay in the haveli, as Mayura brings Omkar to the haveli. Vishaka said welcome Omkar. Mayura asked him to be careful, Omkar thinks he wished she trusted her, he could have told her, he wouldn’t have betrayed her. Omkar said welcome. Mayura said you shall hold the stick for support. Shankar said he is not agreeing and Mayura insisted and Omkar agreed.

Vishaka thinks she will make their love turn into hatred. Mayura said she will take Omkar to his room. Vishaka said someone else will take him to his house. She told Megha that she will send the stuff. She then asked Mayura if she is happy. Mayura thanked her for the big heart. Vishaka said at least you can focus on the meeting now. Omkar thinks, he is back in his haveli and will find out about Tara.

Shankar came there and said Vishaka will try to prove that you are not blind. Omkar said when I win Mayura’s trust, I will not take time to expose Vishaka. Shankar said both Mayura and you are together in one house after a long time and said he is happy to see them under one roof. Omkar said we are not together and don’t know if we will be together or not, but I will not let any third person become a wall between us. He said Mayura has done so much for me, now it is my turn.

Later everyone was having food sitting outside in the lawn. Vishaka asked Omkar to take the daal and asked him to have it carefully as it is hot and she signaled the Servant. The Servant was about to throw hot daal on Omkar, but he got up from the chair. Mayura asked Omkar if he is fine. Vishaka pretended to scold the Servant and asked Omkar how did he know that the daal was about to fall on him.

Mayura also asked him. Omkar said which daal, he said that he got up to take his medicine, he had forgotten to take it before food. He asked Shankar to come and help him get his medicine. Mayura asked him to sit on her chair and said she will bring it. Omkar held her hand and thanked her

He said you are helping me and thanked her. Vishaka asked Mayura to finish her lunch first and said we have a meeting to attend. Mayura said I will bring the medicine first and left. Omkar asked Vishaka if he will get the daal and Vishaka said of course. Omkar told Shankar and Megha that the guards are always outside Vishaka’s room and told them that this is the right chance for us to check in the room, Tara might not be there, but what is the secret inside,we need to find out.

He said Mayura and Vishaka are busy in the meeting. Megha kept an eye on them, while Shankar came near Vishaka’s room holding aarti plate and tried to get inside Vishaka’s room, but the lady guards stopped him. Shankar pretended to fall down on the newspapers and it caught fire.

He signaled Omkar to get inside Vishaka’s room and he got inside the room. Mayura tells Vishaka about the fire, and they end the meeting. They come there. Vishaka found the door open and went inside with Mayura. They saw Omkar sitting down on the floor, he then asked if anyone is there, he called Shankar and Mayura.

Mayura held his hand and Omkar told her that he felt a burning smell and came there. He asked her to take him to his room. Omkar told Shankar that he found a pic on the floor, but haven’t seen the guy’s face clearly. Megha told them that Sanjay will get info about Vishaka. Omkar said he will talk to him.

Mayura removed the makeup from the scar and told Vishaka, what is the use of becoming Maya. Vishaka sent Mayura to meet Omkar’s doctor. She called her Servant and asked her to do her work. She recorded in the mobile camera. Omkar sat on the bench and hoped Sanjay gets some info about Vishaka. Omkar found the chandelier moving and got doubtful.

He saw in the mirror that the chandelier was about to fall on him and got up fast hearing Mayura’s voice and Mayura hugged him. Omkar said I am fine and smiled. Vishaka came there and asked Omkar if he is fine…She asked if the chandelier hurt him. Omkar asked if this was Chandelier’s voice. Mayura said if I had not return then I don’t know what would have happen. Omkar said I would have died and Mayura placed his hand on his mouth.

Precap: Omkar challenged Vishaka that he will throw her out of the house and she pushed him into the pool but Mayura came and saved him and asked Vishaka why she pushed Omkar?…Read more

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