Mayura To Avenge Piyush’s Demise. Cage Of Beauty 25 August 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 67



The episode started with Omkar crying. He said maa, I loved him a lot, he can’t die,he was my kid, I just wanted to punish him, I didn’t want to kill him, I didn’t kill him.

Mayura went inside the graveyard and a man said women can’t go inside. Mayura said not even as a dead body? and she walked in. She recalled what Omkar did to Piyush, she then set up Piyush’s funeral.

Surekha and Ashu were worried for her. Manjali said to Omkar, you have to do pooja for Piyush, Balli will do the funeral. Omkar said how can I not see my bacha one last time? Manjali said people who go never come back.

Ashu tried to go out but Surekha said you can’t go. Just pray that Mayura comes back with Piyush. Surekha called Sanjay and he said I am trying to find Piyush and Mayura.

Omkar did pooja for Piyush and cried. Mayura did his funeral and cried for him. Omkar said, always stay happy my bacha. Away from all this. Mayura said you were so nice that even God wanted you close to him, I know you will come back with a new life, I hope you don’t get a brother like Omkar and a friend like me who troubled with you.

But you won’t go alone from this world. You will take my fear with you, I lost what I had, I lost my friend as well. Take my fear with you so no pain becomes my hurdle.

I will regret losing you all my life, I will avenge your death. Take my remorse and weakness, I need strength to fight with Omkar, I would forgive my sinner but not your culprit. I promise today that he will pay for your loss.

Manjali said see what that Mayura has done, your peace is gone, your brother is gone, she’s a witch. Omkar said don’t talk about her, Manjali said I couldn’t save you from her, she’s the reason for your pain. I couldn’t save you, I should have died. My Piyush died. Omkar said don’t say that Ma.

Manjali said kick her out of your life and mind, or I will die. Omkar said maa my bacha died, Manjali said don’t go, I beg you.. Promise me you will forget her. Promise me you will put her out of your mind.

Omkar said I can’t forget her, Manjali said you have to move on in life, Omkar said that can’t happen, Manjali said then put a garland on my photo as well, I will kill myself as well.

Mayura was doing the funeral. Manjali brought petrol and said I will kill myself. Omkar threw it away and hugged her. He said don’t say that ma, Manjali said then forget her, I can’t see you like this. Mayura said my mission in life is to destroy Omkar.

Manjali said Mayura is a cage and you are locked in it, get out of it, please. I went to another pandit ji, he said there is a dark shadow on you, It’s Mayura. You have to move on in life. You will forget her right? Omkar held her hand and said maa please leave me alone for a while, I want to be alone and he left. Manjali said I will throw that Mayura away from you.

Mayura recalled what Omkar did to her, she recalled how Omkar caged her and scarred her face,she looked at her face in ganga and said your countdown has started Omkar.

Omkar looked at Piyush’s photo and cried, he then Omkar saw it on the newspaper.

Mayura came to the street and saw Omkar’s posters everywhere. She read, MP Rantansumaro and said, I will destroy your head Omkar ji. Your Mayura is missing you, so she’s coming to you, I am coming, be prepared and she tore the poster.

Omkar was in the car and recalled what Manjali said. He recalled Manjali trying to burn herself, Mayura threw the poster on his car and he stopped the car,she then looked at him but Omkar threw the poster away and left.

Mayura said hate is so strong, I remember your name and you came here, I will come in front of your as well, I will cage you to the level that you will suffocate.

Mayura along with many women in bridal attire come to Omkar’s house. Omkar said who are you all? Mayura said Manjali called us…Read more