Shocking! Neil To Marry Omkar. Cage Of Beauty 3 October 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 119


The Episode started with Omkar getting concerned for Mayura while Aishwarya looked at them. Omkar asked her to sit, till he brings the basti people. Mayura then thinks, what happened to me suddenly. Akhilesh told Surekha and Dadi that Neil called and said that Mayura walked towards Omkar and left with him. He said, even the restraining orders couldn’t work now and Dadi worried for Mayura.

Akhilesh said Neil is there to help her, but we have to find a way out. Omkar told Neil that he had said that Mayura will walk towards him. Neil said so you did it with a planning and told him that he has called the Police. Omkar said I just did funding and you brought Mayura here.

Neither did I call anyone or I request anyone, I just hope, when police comes there, then Mayura will tell how she came, although Mayura has forgotten me, but her heart brings her closer to me. He said their relation is very deep and even death can’t defeat their love. Aishwarya heard him and thinks Mayura has forgotten Omkar.

Mayura came home with Neil and told them that the kids at the camp gave her flowers and promised to follow my advice. She said this became possible because of Omkar ji, he was not having any ego, and was playing with the kids happily. She saw them upset and told them that she will freshen up. Neil then said sorry to Akhilesh.

Akhilesh told him that he is his hope now. Neil asked how can he help him? Akhilesh asked Neil to marry Mayura and Neil became shocked. Akhilesh said I feel that you both will be happy and are made for each other, nobody can be good than you and he apologized to him. Neil said I don’t know what to say.

Akhilesh apologized and Neil said I am sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you. He said he likes Mayura very much, but haven’t think this way. Akhilesh asked him to take his life and take a decision. Neil asked him to talk to Mayura once, and said if agrees then we will do as you say. Akhilesh said I will talk to Mayura and thanked him for agreeing.

Later Akhilesh asked Mayura how she will manage her clinic. Mayura said Neil is with her and everything will be managed. Dadi said she likes Neil so much, he is good at heart. Mayura teased her and said even Nisha likes him. Surekha asked what about you? Just then her phone beeps. Mayura saw her pic with the kids and smiled. She told them that Nisha is sending jokes and left. Akhilesh then said she will agree.

She came to the room and Omkar called her. Mayura saw herself in the mirror and told herself that it is audio call. She picked his call and Omkar said I need to talk you about something important. She said I can’t see with ears, but can listen with eyes. Omkar asked what? She said she means that she is listening with her ears.

Omkar said the curtains are good and she asked how do you know? He said my hotel room’s curtains, the kids were good. Mayura said yes and even the weather was good. Omkar said yes, if the free hospital project would have happened, then it would have been good and Mayura said yes. Omkar asked her to talk to Neil once and Mayura said ok. Akhilesh then called her. Mayura said she has to end the call. Omkar asked if he can call her for work. Mayura shyly said you can call me for work and for non work too and she ended the call. Omkar thinks his speed is slow and smiled.

Neil came to the hospital and thinks he has to marry someday and the Nurse said marriage,? Neil asked for the file and thinks to know Mayura’s answer. Akhilesh placed the photo frame of Mayura’s childhood pic and talked to her about her childhood. Mayura asked if he wants her to marry and Akhilesh said yes. Mayura said she will marry in her 30-40 years and Dadi laughed. Mayura said she will not leave her career and dreams.

Akhilesh then promised that she don’t need to leave her career. Mayura agreed and said she is sure that nobody will accept her with her scarred face. Akhilesh asked will you agree if someone accepts you. He then asked her to marry Dr. Neil and said he is a nice guy. Mayura asked what are you saying? Dr. Neil is a good friend.

Akhilesh said you praise him so much. Mayura said I respect him, but I don’t love him. Akhilesh said didn’t you see what happened last time. Mayura asked what are you saying? Akhilesh said Dr. Neil is a good guy. Mayura said Dr. Neil will not agree for this alliance and Akhilesh said he has agreed.

Neil told Mayura that he knows everything about the person whom she’s thinking, he is already married. Mayura saw Omkar and Aishwarya hugging. Aishwarya told Omkar not to stay away from her, she loves him a lot…Read more

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