Omkar Confesses All His Crimes. Cage Of Beauty 9 August 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 47



Omkar said to save you, I got the inspector fired. Media took Mayura’s photo, I siezed their cameras, I got that buldozer on your house and then got it stopped and everyone became shocked. Omkar said I can do so much, imagine what will I do to keep Mayura with me. Police, courts, law everything is in my pocket.

You must be Mayura’s dad but I am everyones’s dad. Mayura screamed from the window papa.. Ashu said Minty.. Mayura said don’t harrass my family. Ashu said your dad right. There is a Durga in every woman, her wrath will destroy you, Mayura don’t be scared of him, Papa is with you, you are Durga, my Mayura will destroy you. Omkar said done? He then asked the guards to drag them out. Mayura recalled everything and screamed.

Ashu came home. Megha said Mayura’s life is ruined, she will have to stay in that hell forever. Ashu said no, I will never let anything happen to her, I have a client in the bank who is in the police, I will take his help.

Mayura said I hate my beauty, It’s a curse and broke things with anger. Piyush also broke things with anger and said open the door. Ashu was leaving and Megha asked, where are you going? He said to take the police’s help. Megha said, Omkar will ruin our lives as well. Surekha said are you out of your mind? , we have to be practical. We can’t ruin our lives because of Mayura. Sanjay said she’s your sister. Ashu said you are a lawyer right? Help me write an FIR. Megha said you are all thinking about Mayura, I have to think about myself. I can’t let Omkar ruin my career.

Mayura said I won’t let my beauty become my cage, I won’t give up. Sanjay said Mayura isn’t weak, we can’t leave her alone there. Omkar has a lot of connections,we have to find a smart way out.

Piyush recalled everything and connected the dots. Omkar then came to his room and gave juice to Piyush and said your mind was really hot, drink this. You will feel better. You know how much I love you bachay, you are my life but you misbehaved and questioned me in front of everyone. Piyush said I considered you God, followers ask their God questions.

Why did you do all this? He said you two made a mistake. Any husband would have done this. You aren’t married, you don’t know how it feels. It’s better to calm down your questionsm, I ignored all your mistakes, I brought you up and you went against me. My intention wasn’t wrong. It was never wrong.

That Kundan, his friends, Mayura’s cousins who crossed their limits and Piyush became shocked. He said their intentions were wrong. I saved Mayura from them, I removed Kundan from my way, I saved Mayura from his friends, I gave a shock to Mayura’s cousins so their minds got back on track, I deleted the video, I did all that for Mayura and Piyush became shocked.

Omkar said I know Mayura won’t understand all this but I am right, sometimes you have to be a little harsh, I did everything to make Mayura a part of my life, I did so much, even you helped me. You told me where to meet her, what to tell her. Why? Because you love me, you want good things for me. Similarly, I love Mayura and want all good things for her, I did so much for you since childhood.

Do one thing for me. I hit you from this hand right? Hit me. Piyush said no, please, please don’t embarrass me, I am sorry. Piyush hugged him and cried. He said I am really sorry, I am sorry that I doubted your intentions, forgive me. Omkar said don’t make me cry as well, my bacha is with me not against me, that’s all I want. Piyush hugged him and said yes I am with you.

Omkar came to Mayura’s room and she was sitting in a corner. Omkar made the bed and brought a candle to Mayura and caressed her face. He then pulled her hand, carried her, took her to the bed and gave her a blanket. He said you have swollen your eyes, please sleep, you will ruin your eyes,lose your eyes, let me make you sleep. He sang lullaby and Mayura pretended to sleep.

Omkar kissed her head and said my Mayura, forever, good night and he slept next to her. Mayura said in her heart, I am not weak. I will find a way out to get out of here. Mayura moved his hand and tried to leave the room while Omkar was asleep.

Mayura tried to walk out but her saree got stuck and she became scared. She pulled it and tried to open the lock. She then sneaked out and run downstairs. Omkar was downstairs and Mayura became shocked. Omkar stood in front of her.

Omkar dragged Mayura and locked her in a cage. He said I didn’t want to do this but you forced me to do it. Piyush saw all this silently and said beautiful birds look good in cages…Read more