Every Girls Dream 16 February 2023 Written Update

Aarav is informed by Krisha that Akhil is a danger and that he can do anything with Devraj. Aarav assures him that nothing will transpire. Krisha says that you are correct; let’s look here for clues. They look for documents and come across a jeep there. Krisha searches the jeep without success. Daksh hears from Akhil that they have moved Devraj to a different location. While tracing Akhil’s phone, Aarav receives a ping on his phone.

Akhil shouldn’t have turned on his phone, according to Daksh. Aarav reports that Akhil’s phone is back on. He checks where he is. Daksh believes that I must distract them. She claims that a snake bit her and hurt himself. He is being cared for by Krisha, who advises us to take him to the hospital. While I search for Devraj, she instructs Roma to remove him.

Daksh believes that I can’t let her be alone. Daksh claims that I’m fine, and I want to look for Devraj as well. I can’t take the risk, Krisha says. She asks Roma and Aarav to remove him. Daksh Krisha is on the road looking for Devraj as they begin their departure. In contrast, Devraj is imprisoned in a morgue. Where should I look for him, Krisha cries? She recalls seeing an ambulance departing from that location previously.

She is shocked to see Akhil driving it. She asserts that this ambulance must have carried Devraj. She opens the back door after noticing that it has stopped, but Devraj is not there. She overhears Akhil telling his partner that the cold will kill Devraj. Akhil drives off after throwing some papers out of the ambulance. Krisha gathers the documents and discovers that it is a hospital receipt. She dashes over to that hospital.

Krisha inquires of the guard, “Do you know where the patient was taken by ambulance?” According to the guard, many patients are present. Krisha overhears a group of nurses making fun of the fact that they saw a man move his finger in the morgue.

A doctor is checking on Daksh. Daksh believes that I must immediately leave this location to safeguard Akhil. He was not poisoned by a snake, according to the doctor, but he should rest for at least two days. Daksh makes an effort to fight and leaves there. Roma believes that I must save Devraj. She requests that the doctor put an end to his panic attack. Give him a sleeping pill, according to Jaya. Daksh receives an injection from the doctor and then falls asleep. Aarav is notified by Krisha to visit the hospital.

Krisha is requesting entry into the morgue from the guard. You can’t enter because you don’t have permission, according to the guard, who says that no one can stay inside for more than 30 minutes. Krisha screams for Devraj and tries to fight him. Devraj hears her and tosses his ring outside the door after hearing it. Krisha recalls inadvertently confessing to her that he loved her as she examines it. He was told by Krisha that she would wait for him to confess at some point. What if I can’t, Devraj asks? Krisha says that our love is like a diamond that will always shine, just like your ring.

The flashback is over. Krisha tries to enter the morgue, but security prevents her from doing so. They attempt to remove her there. Devraj is freezing inside, and he is dying. There, Aarav arrives. Krisha informs him that we must take action given that Devraj is in a morgue. Krisha rushes to the morgue after Aarav distracts the guards. She attempts to unlock the door. She breaks the glass with a fire extinguisher. Devraj is lying on the floor when she opens the lock. She rushes over to him and gives him a firm hug. She detaches his chains. The cold is making him shiver. Krisha gives him a hug and weeps.

Devraj is returned to the residence. Devraj is examined by the doctor, who concludes that Krisha intervened to save him. He is now fine. Jaya appreciates Krisha. Krisha breaks down in tears and asks, “What if anything happened to him?” Devraj thinks that the person who did this to me will have to pay for making Krisha cry as she wipes her tears. Jaya declares today to be special. Devraj claims I’m starving. I have made kheer, Rati claims. I’ll go look at what we’re cooking, Krisha says. There is where she departs. Jaya asserts that Krisha is handling responsibilities. Devraj says yes; without her, we wouldn’t be complete. Daksh tells him I’ll kill him and glares at him.

Krisha summons a few managers to the house. As Devraj’s wife, Krisha informs them, I want you all to do your duty and be loyal to him like I am. She shows them the sketch of Akhil and says that he is the one who kidnapped Devraj and wants to hurt him. We won’t spare him, the managers claim. Before letting anyone into the house, Jaya tells the security guards to check everyone. They all leave after he nods. Hearing everything, the Roma is tense. She says, “I have to find him before Krisha does,” as she examines Akhil’s sketch.

Daksh contacts Akhil. Akhil claims that I kidnapped Devraj for him, but why are you not paying him now? Daksh claims that I instructed you to kidnap Devraj, but you didn’t succeed, so I won’t pay you anything. I won’t spare you, Akhil says, if you don’t give me the money. Daksh watches.

While standing in his room, Devraj recalls his abduction. Devraj is frightened and defensive when Krisha arrives there. You can’t be attacked in this house, Krisha says.

When Akhil gets to Devraj’s house, he believes that I will either kill someone or get my money here.

Krisha is tamed by Devraj. He receives his medicine from Krisha. He smiles as he holds her hand. Both of them stare at one another. Krisha turns pink.

At Devraj’s residence, a man arrives. Akhil sees his posters all over and observes tight security outside the house. He tries to enter the building while pretending to be a flower man. He enters the house wearing a forged identification.

Devraj informs Krisha that he is aware of your concern for me. According to Krisha, I intend to attack the person who attempted to harm you. You say you will defeat the gang, Devraj? You say you doubt me, Krisha? Try to fool me like a liar. Krisha laughs at Devraj’s acting as he awkwardly tries to tease her, saying, “If you tease like this, a girl will fall in love with you instead of being angry.” He gives her a smile. He holds Krisha in his arms after she slips and tries to leave, blushing. When Daksh gets there, he sees them in this way. He apologizes and makes some noise. Then Krisha moves on. Krisha is smiling as Daksh looks at Devraj.

With his man, Akhil enters the house. Krisha sees him but has no doubts whatsoever.

Devraj is informed by Daksh that we have numerous memories. Do you know what took place on February 28? This day, Maya gifted me with paints. I was afraid; who was attempting to harm you? Devraj asserts that I will discover them and will not spare them. Daksh says that your safety is good. He inquires where Maya’s painting is. Devraj claims I took it out. Maya’s room, according to Daksh? Devraj says yes, but Krisha and I are now in our room. Have you ever revealed to me that you loved Maya?

Daksh claims that I intended to inform you of the accident. You can make new memories in life, Devraj says. Daksh claims you’ve fallen in love with Krisha. Devraj claims that Krisha won my heart and I was unable to stop her, but I was afraid to love her. What will you do now, Daksh asks? Devraj claims that he will propose to her, and he asks for your assistance because he wants to do something special for her. Daksh smiles and says, “I will help you.” There is where he departs.

Daksh enters his room and examines the painting by Maya. He says that I live with your past. Juice is brought there by Krisha. She asks if everything is okay when she sees him sitting in front of Maya’s painting.

Daksh says either yes or no. Krisha says you can talk to me as a friend about anything. Daksh believes that you can’t find out what I’m thinking. I won’t spare Devraj and you…Read more

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