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Krisha tells Daksh that she can discuss anything with her. Jaya says it’s for pooja when she brings Daksh clothes. Daksh, Krisha asks, can you do havan today? Devraj must perform because, according to Jaya, only Prince can. Daksh recognizes that. Krisha sees Daksh miserable and requests that he assist her with arrangements. She believes that he must be without Maya. She tries to converse with him.

Daksh spots Akhil there, pretending to be a seller. He gives him a glare. According to Akhil, did you think you could get away without paying me? Daksh mumbles, “I’m bringing your money,” and then walks off. Akhil backs away when Krisha approaches them. Krisha moves on.

Devraj prepares. Jaya says that you look nice and that you shouldn’t worry about your attacker because we will find him quickly. I’m worried that Devraj could harm our family because he claims to be dangerous. God is with you, Jaya assures you.

In order to get something, Krisha goes outside the house. When Akhil emerges, he considers borrowing money from Daksh immediately. Krisha prays for Devraj’s safety. When Akhil comes into contact with her, his fake beard falls off. He is grabbed by Krisha, and she says, “You tried to harm Devraj?” You won’t be spared. Akhil asserts that I am not the mastermind behind everything; however, if you promise me freedom, I will disclose everything. Daksh hides when he arrives there. Krisha is instructed by Akhil to compose a declaration that he will not be imprisoned. Daksh starts firing near Krisha and Akhil after throwing some patrol onto the ground. Akhil screams when he is set on fire. Akhil is saved by Krisha. Krisha is dragged back by Devraj when he arrives there. The guards attempt to sleep away the heat. Krisha cries as Devraj gives her a hug. When the police arrive, Akhil’s body is removed. Krisha breaks down in tears and tells Devraj that he told her that a mastermind is to blame for everything. Don’t believe what Devraj says because he was a liar. Let’s perform pooja. Krisha gives a nod and moves on. She watches as she discovers an axe on the ground.

When Daksh enters his den, he discovers that it has also caught fire. His Maya poster was also scorched. He is enraged by everything. He declares that I will seize Devraj’s affection. He erased my memories of Maya. Krisha won’t even come to Devraj. He claims that I have always detested Devraj.

Krisha and Devraj perform pooja together. Devraj prays constantly for Krisha’s safety. He asks Krisha, “What happened?” as she recalls how he protected her. He smiles as she says “love.” Krisha goes to Daksh to check on him.

Daksh is sitting in his den and using ashes, he draws a picture of Maya on the ground. Krisha is looking for him and claims that seeing as how Maya’s posters were destroyed, he must be devastated. Daksh comments, “Her memories will never die for me,” as he examines Maya’s sketch. Despite our separation, I will always have her memories.

Krisha believes that Daksh must be devastated due to the loss of Maya’s memories in the fire that destroyed his room. When she enters his den, she observes him wandering among her charred photographs. She recalls that it was also near Akhil’s accident when she finds an axe in his room. Who, in her opinion, owns this axe? I must locate the perpetrator of these crimes. She leaves from there after a servant calls her. Daksh glares at the axe and declares that Krisha will be held accountable if this accident occurs again soon. In order to find a place in Devraj’s heart, she wants to erase Maya’s memories. He will never be happy because I will keep him afraid.

Devraj leads the family in pooja. Jaya instructs him to perform Krisha’s final pooja. I’ve contacted Raj Guru about that; he will be here in two hours, and Krisha will be able to break her fast then. Devraj claims to be fasting. She must be having trouble with it.

Krisha is examining the food while contemplating the axe. She says I’m starving. The waiter claims that no one will know unless you taste the food. Krisha is about to eat, but she says that she can’t break the fast because she is fasting for Devraj.

The house is entered by the Raj Guru. Everyone in the family goes to greet him. Everyone is blessed by Raj Guru. Jaya approaches Krisha and informs her that she must introduce her to him. Come and receive a blessing from his accurate forecasts for the future. Krisha believes he will respond. Devraj approaches her and inquires about the event. I’m fine, Krisha says nothing. Devraj claims that I can read your eyes, which indicate that you are hungry. Krisha turns her back. Devraj says you must be thinking that if you eat, I will yell at you. He says to her in a whisper that he doesn’t mind if she eats. Krisha beams. She is invited to eat when Devraj takes her to the kitchen. Don’t even think, Krisha, that I’m weak and incapable of fasting. She then moves on. Devraj follows her. Kheer is taken by a man who enters the kitchen.

Second scene: Minakshi asks Raj Guru when gold prices will fall. Jaya demands that she stop. Devraj and Krisha arrive there. Krisha acknowledges his support. Raj Guru advises guarding Devraj and keeping an eye on everyone if you don’t know your enemy. Krisha watches.

When Krisha overhears Daksh conversing with a man, he orders him to finish his work and remove the item from the room. Krisha asks, “Who is that man?” because she is lost.

Krisha and Devraj sit together to perform pooja. Daksh glares at them and assumes that I will soon perform this pooja. He calls and makes hints at his man. As soon as he gives him a hint, he orders him to finish his work. Daksh gives the man a nod. A large vase is thrown at Devraj as the man approaches him. Devraj has been hurt. The man flees there. Krisha follows him. She makes an attempt to grab him, but the man grabs an axe and flees. Krisha locates the axe and recalls hearing Daksh speak to a man previously. Others rush to Devraj, including Jaya. Jaya claims to be bleeding from the head. Kuch dials a doctor’s number. Devraj then moves on. Minakshi claims that the pooja was not finished. Raj Guru asserts that we cannot leave it unfinished. According to Jaya, Daksh will perform the pooja if Devraj is unable to do so. Daksh grunts.

Daksh smiles as he arrives at the pooja. He begins performing pooja joyfully and believes that I will soon own everything, burning Devraj’s happiness and stealing Krisha from him. Kuch and the others begin to depart the pooja. Daksh gives them a glare.

Krisha sits with Devraj and says, “I can’t take any risk; we have to find your attacker, and I won’t spare him because he tried to hurt you,” adding that she won’t spare anyone. Devraj asserts that you are my responsibility, and he promises me that you will not commit any wrongdoing that will cause you harm. Krisha makes a promise to him but hopes for the best. She believes that Devraj is my only hope, so I must locate that mastermind if I am not to allow him to be harmed once more. She leaves after asking him to rest.

Rati notices Aarav’s stress and asks, “What happened?” Aarav declares that he and a girl named Aditi are in love, but my parents will not accept her because she does not come from a royal family. They already have a wealthy girl in mind for me. Devraj is a prince, but all of this will cost me my love. Rati says that true love never loses, so we will undoubtedly win. When Raghav gets there, he hears her. Aarav is instructed by Rati to reject any girl his parents select for him. Raghav is of the opinion that Rati does not want Aarav to marry anyone else. Are they in a relationship?

Krisha considers Daksh’s actions and concludes that he cannot be to blame for Devraj’s attacks. She leaps into his den and surveys the area. There is total darkness. Krisha sees Devraj’s face erased when she steps on a photo. She questions why Daksh would do this.

Krisha enters Daksh’s room and peruses the area for anything of use. Lights suddenly go out. Krisha moves the wall to reveal a hidden room behind a light source. She discovers all of Maya’s memories and pictures there. She claims that Daksh adored Maya so much. A phone is in a drawer when she opens it. Inside, she dials a number, and a man answers, thinking it’s Daksh.

He states, “I have given you a poison bottle, you can use it to kill Devraj, and then you will own everything.” He adds, “I can’t talk to you right now.” Krisha breaks down in tears and thinks back to the man who tried to attack Devraj. She leaves there quickly…Read more

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