Ishqbaaz Monday, 22 November 2021 On Atinka Tv: Episode 30-31


Ishqbaaz Monday, 22 November 2021 Episode started with Soumya telling Rudra that it’s my first day, I was nervous and it’s good you met me, we will share paratha. Rudra said I think it’s a misunderstanding, we haven’t met before and she was shocked. Om talked about meeting Ishana, and Anika coffee on Shivaye’s clothes. Flashback showed Rudra becoming shocked seeing Soumya and Soumya smiled. She asked him to eat it, it’s a gobi paratha. She asked why are you revealing much, people who see find it cheap and those who do catch cold. She asked him to button his shirt and Rudra he did. Soumya said I knew Shivaye will be fine, you were crying like a kid, you maybe surprised seeing me, I joined the college mid term, we can share tiffin, it’s my first day, I was nervous and it’s good you met me, we will share paratha. Rudra’s friend asked him to focus on Ruhi. Rudra said I think it’s a misunderstanding, we haven’t met before and Soumya became shocked. Rudra left. Soumya thinks what happened to me, why is he not identifying me.

At home, Rudra blackmailed Shivaye to get 2 crores to save Shimla mirch. Shivaye was cooking and said it’s funny. Rudra cracked a joke on some movie Dadi was watching, Aai Milan Ki Bela. Om came there and said that name is not so funny. Shivaye asked him how was his day. Om said interesting, I met a girl. Rudra asked for the girl’s details. Om said I found her disturbed, I met her before too, I felt she has a deep connection with pain. Rudra said Shivaye and you are the same, Shivaye is with Anika when he is getting engaged to Tia, and Om’s GF is Riddhima and he is looking for relation in someone else’s eyes. Om and Shivaye asked him to shut up. Om said I met Bela. Shivaye and Rudra joked about Om finding Bela the word good. Om asked Shivaye about the cheque he gave to Anika. Shivaye said I don’t care about her. Rudra said something is burning, and told Shivaye that the sizzlers got burnt. Shivaye was still thinking about Anika, said let her come, I will prove it, I won’t watch her, as I don’t care. Rudra and Om say you don’t care and smiled.

Anika talked to Sahil and laugh’s. She acted like Shivaye. Anika took water in the glass and thinks of Shivaye. Shivaye served food to his brothers while thinking of Anika and ate the food. Soumya is RJ’s love angel and talked to a girl Nidhi on her show. Nidhi told the same situation that a guy did not identify me, maybe because I looked different. Soumya recalled Rudra and said yes, maybe and plays a song. She said maybe Rudra did not identify me because of my look, my radio show helped me. She spoke on love. Rudra heard her and loved Soumya’s talk. He said love is really beautiful, relationship is stupid, if I wish then I will buy a ship and name it relation, logic. Dadi asked what are you murmuring. Rudra said I am listening things about love. Dadi talked to them.

Shivaye said enough Dadi, you three don’t have any other topic than love. He said people became idiot because of love, I wish people did some productive work to take the world ahead. Rudra joked that love increases population, what more productivity are you talking about. They laughed and teased Shivaye about his connection with Anika. Shivaye said I don’t care. Dadi asked what’s the need to say that you don’t care. Shivaye asked Dadi why did she give the job to Anika at home. Dadi said what do you care. He said nothing and left. Dadi said Shivaye cares and doesn’t want to accept. Om and Rudra said we will make him admit, Billu gone crazy.

It’s morning, Pinky made Anika write the list. Jhanvi said the colors are loud. Pinky asked does the colors talk. Jhanvi said I mean dark colors are out of fashion, children don’t like such dark colors. Pinky said you mean I don’t know Shivaye’s choice. Jhanvi said fine, I will go. Pinky said stay here, I am not wi fi like children. Jhanvi corrected her saying it’s hi fi. Anika asked Jhanvi to tell them about the rasam. Jhanvi said relatives apply haldi to groom and tear his clothes, I remember Tej’s clothes were torn, everyone was laughing at him, he did not bother, he was looking very handsome. Anika and Pinky smiled.

Anika told Dadi that your family is complicated, everyone talks and gives half info. Dadi said I understood, what’s the solution. Anika said I have a solution, I made a form and everyone has to tick their choices. Dadi said you are smart, give the forms to everyone, I will ask them to fill the forms and return it to you. Anika thanked her.

Anika said I placed the forms in everyone’s room, now it’s time to go into the danger zone, I think he is not at home, I will put form down and leave. She entered the room and said even his coffee machine is scaring me like him and took the coffee kettle. Shivaye came there. She turned to him and Shivaye asked her what she was doing in his room. She said I came to put the form down. He asked what form, what were you doing near the coffee machine. She said I came to ask it did it get more bitter being with you, fill this form, and here is your black coffee. He asked black, how can you say this.

She asked did you say bad, I will say it’s dark. He said it’s called espresso. She said great, you also name things like me. He said no, the world knows this coffee as espresso, it’s different. She said coffee is coffee, it’s the same. He said you will understand this when you taste it, come on have it. She drank the coffee and by saucer. He said it’s made by best coffee beans, it’s not consumed like this, first smell it, when you feel like wanting it, then have it. She did not like the smell and tasted it. She spit the coffee on his shirt. She made a yucky face and was shocked seeing his shirt.

Rudra, Om and Dadi came there and looked on. Rudra said poor Anika was a nice girl, she is gone now. Anika passed the water glass to Shviaye. He warned her not to even think of it.


The Episode started with Anika stopping Shivaye saying Suniya. Om and Rudra reacted. Shivaye said I don’t care. Om recalled Ishana. Rudra asked Soumya who are you, from where did you come, why do you get after me, I don’t know you. Soumya looked at him shocked. The couple were named Shivika, Ishkara and Roumya……

Flashback showed Anika spitting coffee on Shivaye’s shirt and made a yucky face. He became shocked and looked at her. She was also shocked. Dadi, Om and Rudra looked on. Anika said sorry, the black coffee was bitter, I mean Americano, I could not digest. Rudra said poor Anika was a nice girl, she is gone. Om said this is not good. Anika got a water glass. Shivaye asked her not to think of it. Om said I don’t think she did this intentionally. Shivaye said I don’t care. Rudra said this would have happen if you make girl have coffee, who drinks tea. Shivaye said I don’t care. Dadi asked him not to be angry. He said the same. Anika said Suniye, Om and Rudra reacted saying Suniye. Anika suggested to Shivaye how to get rid of the black coffee stain. Shivaye said I don’t care. Dadi pulled his leg by calling him Billu and he left. Anika said Dadi, I did not do this intentionally, that black coffee was very bitter. Dadi said it’s fine, it happens.

Om painted the statue and the bangles fell. Om thinks of Ishana. Riddhima came and asked what are you hiding. He said nothing. She asked what is it. He said I was just keeping something. She said fine, I was joking, did you prepare for the exhibition. He said yes, Ranas are also coming. She said I hate them, they are bad people, they are cutting many trees and hurting the environment, I will make a documentary on them next time, Siddharth is Shivaye’s rival. He said just professional rivals, not enemies. She asked him to change his shirt as he is going out with his Girlfriend and he left. She saw the bangles and said cheap imitation jewelry.

Rudra prepared to impress Ruhi and told his friends to sign him when she comes. Soumya came and asked will you have paratha. He asked what. She said sorry, I came running from that flower wall. He said from so close. She said I have a good news, I know why you did not identify me, we met in the hospital at night, I looked different and I gained weight now, I did not eat rice yesterday night, I know you get shy seeing girls. Ruhi came there and Rudra saw her.

Anika asked Dadi how do you bargain online. Dadi said it’s fixed price, no bargaining. Anika said it’s stain on the shopping’s name, I will take you to chor bazaar, we will get items sst, Sasta, sundar and tikao. Dadi said choice has no price. Tia and her mum came. Anika said savings is not bad, money saved means money earned. Tia’s mum agreed with Dadi. Tia went to Shivaye.

Tia’s mum said I have just one daughter, I won’t compromise in her marriage, get anything as per our class and standard, Anika should ask me. Anika said sorry, I was giving my advice. Dadi said she was not saying anything wrong, even if we have money, we should have savings, money saved means money earned. Tia’s mum sat to discuss things. Tia asked Shivaye why is he stressed. He said because I am stressed. She asked him to smile, and left. He saw Anika there. He was on a call and his focus was on Anika. Tia’s mum noticed it.

Rudra asked Soumya who are you, from where did you come, why do you after me, I don’t know you. His friend asked Rudra do you know her. Rudra said no, I don’t. Soumya argued and said you know me, remember when you were crying in the hospital, I gave you thread.. Rudra said everyone knows I don’t cry. She said I sang my brother’s favorite song for your brother. He said now you will say you made me have food by your hands, whatever your name is. She said my name is Soumya. He asked her not to stick to him, and showed attitude. Soumya cried and said I will never offer my paratha to you and she left. Rudra said as if I will have interest in such paratha eating girl.

Tia said shall we leave mom. Tia’s mum said no one came to leave you at the door. Tia said everyone is busy. Tia’s mum said atleast Shivaye should have come. Tia said he was busy on a phone call. Tia’s mum said there is no emotional bonding, you have to make a strong bond, and get close to him, if this relation breaks, it will be bad. Shivaye got a call and asked are you fine. Tej talked to Shwetlana on a video call. He asked Shwetlana to make some papers ready. She asked him is he coming in the evening. He said ya. He saw a pink shirt placed on the bed, wrapped cutely as gift and he smiled. Shwetlana complimented his smile. He disconnected the call and she threw the phone away. Jhanvi came there. He liked the shirt and asked Jhanvi do you remember. She was puzzled and saw Pinky outside the window. Pinky signalled Jhanvi all the best and Jhanvi smiled.

Tia’s mum saw Pinky and started talking loud. She asked Tia what’s the issue to stay in a hotel for one night. Pinky asked what’s the matter. Tia’s mum said we got anti termite treatment done at home and Tia can’t stay there. Pinky said don’t worry, I will take care of Tia, she will stay here forever after the marriage, what if she stays tonight.

Tej and Jhanvi talked of their past. She said my friends got mad seeing your grand romantic gesture. He said no one could stop me from meeting you, I was in love, just love is needed and memories are made on thier own. She said Om learnt that philosophy from you. She asked him to wear the shirt, he will still look great like before and they smiled. Shivaye came there and saw them.

Shivaye said I will come back later. Tej said no wait. Tej asked what happened. Shivaye said I got a call from police the station, they want to release Ashok’s wife Gayatri, saying they don’t have proof against her, I called the lawyer to keep her in jail for some more time. Tej said this can’t happen, she is dangerous, our secret can be out. Shivaye asked what secret. Tej said just assure all the family members to stay safe, I will talk to the security. Shivaye recalled the attacks on him.

Shivaye went to Anika and held her close, assuming her to be Tia. He said I know you feel I don’t have emotions in me, that’s not true, its just I can’t express it, he didn’t see her face.


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