Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday, 26th July 2021


Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday, 23rd July 2021. The Episode started with Vividha making Madhav sleep. She thinks of Madhav’s words. She went out of the room. Suman said I know you are around me. Kajri looked at her.

Vividha went to storeroom. She checked the cupboard. Suman said till you get Mukti, you won’t know right, none knows what happened that day, your death truth should not come in front of people. Vividha checked some files and papers. She saw Kajri’s pic and articles of her accidental death in the newspaper.

Suman said everyone thinks it was an accident, but we both know it was not an accident, you want to take revenge right, I accept happened with you, but even I have gone through it. Vividha said this paper is 30 years old, it means. She recalled Madhav’s words. Suman turned and became shocked seeing Kajri.

She said no, you cursed me and my son’s life also ruined, I never got love in my life, same story is repeated in my son’s life, you want revenge right, I kept Atharv here, you take him, if he goes, Sujata will be punished, it was Sujata’s mistake, she was with Ramakant and I was upset, tantric said you want to end Sujata’s family, I will support you.

Vividha got thinking. She left. Suman said you died on Amavasya life, you take Atharv and Madhav both, you leave from here, Vividha has come here, is this your problem, don’t worry, I will manage, you free me and my son. Kajri left. Suman asked are you listening, answer me, will you let me and my son live in peace.

She walked after Kajri. She asked will you leave me and my son. She saw Kajri and run after her. Kajri disappeared. Suman said I know you are around. Vividha walked behind. Suman heard the footsteps.Vividha turned and saw Suman’s back. She did not realize it’s Suman. Before Suman turned, the tantric lady hits on Vividha’s head.

Suman became shocked. Vividha fainted. Tantric lady tied Vividha and dragged her. She said don’t stand like this Suman, start preparing, you were waiting for Maha Amavasya. Vividha became semi conscious. She failed to see Suman’s face and Suman left.

Vividha tried to get up and thinks what’s happening, what was that woman saying, who was that other woman, I felt like I know her. Ravish called Vividha and could not connect. Dadi Bua asked what happened. Ravish said her phone is ringing, but Vividha is not answering. Dadi Bua said maybe she is asleep.

He said, she told me she will come back tonight, something is wrong. Uma said don’t worry, maybe she could not leave as Madhav is with her, we will wait for her and trust her.

It’s morning, Suman gave juice to Atharv. She asked him to have it. He smiled. Tantric lady and Guddi looked on. Atharv said I will come from jogging and have it. Madhav woke up and looked for Vividha. Suman insisted and asked Atharv to have it.

He took the glass. He heard Madhav calling and asked why is Madhvi shouting, where is Ramkali. Suman said Guddi will see. He said I will go and see. He gave the glass back and left . Guddi said what shall we do now. Suman became angry.

Atharv called out Madhvi. Madhav said Aila, where is my wig, Sadiyal will know I am a boy. Guddi said we have to feed this juice to Raghav any way. Suman said they should not get Vividha. Atharv came to Madhav. Madhav wore the wig and said I was looking for my mumma. Atharv said don’t worry, we will find her, come. He called out Ramkali.

Suman signalled Guddi and hid. Atharv asked Guddi about Suman. Guddi said Suman went for some work. He asked did you see Ramkali. She said no. He went with Madhav. Suman says its imp to feed this juice to Atharv, take this. The tantric said its Maha Amavasya tonight, I think your life’s biggest hurdles will come in front. Suman worried. Atharv and Madhav looked for Vividha.

Guddi asked Atharv to have juice. Atharv said we will find Ramkali first. He called out Ramkali. Vividha heard him. Madhav saw Suman and said I will tell everything to my mummy. Suman smiled.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday, 23rd July 2021


The Episode started with Atharv and Madhav looking for Vividha. Madhav asked him to find his mum. Guddi got juice and asked him what is he doing, he is not going on jogging and not having this juice.

Atharv said I will first find his mumma, she maybe working somewhere. Vividha struggled to get free. Atharv said where did she go. Guddi said leave it, you have to go to the office. He said this child’s mum is missing, I will have juice later. He looked for Vividha.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday, 23rd July 2021. Suman said Guddi had to divert Atharv’s mind any way, if he gets Vividha, everything will be ruined. Vividha was tied in the storeroom. Atharv and Madhav checked room. Atharv asked Madhav not to cry, we will find your mum. Guddi said she will be around, have this juice.

He said I will have juice later, I will first find his mummy. Vividha tried to leave and reached the stairs. She heard Atharv calling her out. Guddi said where will she go leaving her girl. Atharv said that’s exactly my point, where is she. Guddi asked am I a detective to know. He asked why are you getting hyper, I will find her. Guddi actedas if she has gotten a stomach ache. Atharv asked are you fine.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday, 23rd July 2021. He said I will take you to the doctor. He asked Madhvi to go to the room and take Guddi. Suman came to Madhav. Vividha saw Madhav with someone. Madhav said I know you are bad Badi Maa, I will tell everything to my mum. Suman smiled. The tantric lady came there.

Vividha saw her. The lady tied up Madhav and got him to Vividha. She tries both Vividha and Madhav. Suman looked on. Vividha saw the tantric’s bracelet and thinks I know her, but how is she here.

Atharv asked Guddi to relax, we will reach the doctor soon. They reached the hospital. He asked her to come. Guddi said I think there will be no need to go to the hospital, I am feeling better. He said we came the hospital, we will meet the doctor.

She said no, I am feeling better. He asked are you sure, then we will go home, Madhvi is alone. She said I was feeling suffocated, let me stay out for some time, are you not worried for me, you are always with Madhvi. He agreed. She thinks Suman should do her work.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday, 23rd July 2021. Vividha signalled Madhav not to worry, and tried to cut the ropes. Atharv said it’s already too late, we shall go home. Guddi said we will have food first.

He said we can have food at home, Madhvi is alone. She said we will have food soon and then go home. He became worried. Vividha thinks Madhav would be thirsty. She moved off the cloth from her mouth, and held Madhav. She asked Madhav to listen, I am with you, don’t be scared. Madhav became dull and hugges her.

Suman said all arrangements is done. She messaged Guddi. Guddi read Suman’s message to come home. Atharv said I think we should go home. Guddi said fine, we will go, I know you are thinking about Ramkali and her child. Atharv and Guddi went home. He said again power failure, why did the generator not start.

Suman, Kalindi and everyone surprised Atharv. Atharv asked what’s all this. Suman said happy birthday Raghav, you got a new life on this day, so it’s your birthday for me. He hugged Suman and thanked her. He asked about Madhvi and Ramkali.

Suman said they are making snacks for guests in the kitchen, go and get ready. Vipul said they all are your old friends, come I will introduce them.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday, 23rd July 2021

Guddi asked what’s all this, what are you going to do. Suman asked her to have patience, you will know everything. Guddi asked what’s happening here, tell me.

Suman asked did you not see crime thriller film, when death happens in crowded place, it’s regarded accident, not murder, we just have to celebrate, be it birthday or death day. Guddi became worried thinking of murder. Atharv asked are you okay. Vipul asked them to go and change.

Suman came to Vividha and Madhav. Vividha got shocked. Vividha recalled Madhav’s words. She said my son was saying right. Suman smiled and said yes Vividha, Madhav was saying right since the beginning, what did you think, he is making stories, you forgot kids never lie, they always say the truth. Vividha said you have cheated Ravish, one who believed you so much, why.

Suman said yes, I cheated him, if you love anything much, you have to do something to get it. Vividha asked what do you want. Suman held Madhav angrily. Vividha said don’t touch my son.

Suman said everyone wants to know what I want, the night is long, all the cards will be out, everyone will know what I want, it’s a journey of 30 years’ problems, this night is the last step.

The party went on. Suman took some bag, with maybe Madhav inside. Vividha crawled and cried. Atharv and Guddi danced. Atharv fell over the bag.


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