Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday Pt1, 21st June 2021: Episode 182


The Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday Pt1, 21st June 2021 episode started with Suman slapping Vividha and scolding Vividha and Sujata. She asked them, are they happy now, the curse has turned to Ravish, my son, you all felt he is a hurdle in the way. They all cried. Suman said, Vividha is the reason of all problems, of his bad fate.

Sujata said terrorists kidnapped Ravish, but Ravish will come back soon, you don’t worry. Suman asked, do you want what’s happening, thieves did not take Ravish, terrorists kidnapped him, Vividha removed her mangalsutra, that’s why this is happening, which suhaangan would do this, you have let this abshagun happen, you are a problem for this family, you did not get anything except bitterness, I will never forgive you. They all cried.

Suman said, Savitri got husband from Yamraj, and you have pushed Ravish towards death, Ravish is not just my son, he is this country’s son, you are a culprit of this country. Vividha cried and left. Sujata turned to see. Atharv and Uma reached there. Atharv came there and saw Suman crying. He hugged Suman and said nothing will happen to Ravish.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday Pt1, 21st June 2021

Suman pushed him and said stay away from me. She said it’s all because of you, Vividha never loved my son. Atharv said you can scold me, beat me, but at this time, none’s pain is bigger than yours, I promise you, I will not let a son get away from a mother, I will get Ravish back, and about me, Vividha and Ravish, we have come here, Vividha will tell her decision whom will she choose, and her decision will be my decision. Sujata came and said Atharv!?

She said, Vividha locked herself in the room and not opening the door. Atharv looked at Suman. He left with Sujata. Everyone went. Atharv knocked the door and asked her not to worry, the army is trying their best, open the door. He broke the door and got inside. He called out Vividha. An army man came and said Vividha has sent this letter for you. Suman took it. Suman said Vividha’s letter?

Suman read the letter. Atharv took the letter and read. He got shocked. Sujata asked Atharv to go and find Vividha. Atharv said, Vividha has chosen Ravish, between me and Ravish. Uma, Suman and Sujata got shocked. Atharv cried.

Vividha wrote, I did not wish to hurt Suman and Ravish, seeing Ravish in pain, I am hurt too, you think I am the reason for Ravish’s every problem, so I have to take responsibility to bring Ravish back, he will come back to you, this promise is my duty, I will come back alone, either I will get Ravish or give my life to get him back. Uma said, don’t know where my Vividha went.

Vividha met an officer at Pakistan embassy and introduced herself. She said I am talking about Ravish Vashisht, he was kidnapped by terrorists, I have to meet your ambassador. He said sorry, I can’t help you. She got angry and argued with him. Sujata said we will go and find Vividha, come. Atharv said nothing will happen to Ravish, if Vividha said she will get Ravish, then she will get him, she doesn’t need me.

Vividha said what are you saying, no one can stop me. The constables held her. Vividha said it’s about someone’s life and death, leave me. The lady constables ask her to understand. Atharv cried. Vividha said I will not go till you let me go in. The constables took her outside.

The officer said wait, leave her, come madam, you got permission. Sujata asked Atharv, where are you going now? Atharv said home. Suman clapped him and said what Atharv, great, when your state was so bad, you did not have any sense, Ravish did his best to make you fine.

when he thought our family member wants to harm you, he has sent family member to jail, today when you have to help him, it’s not your responsibility to find him, go from here, go to your house, and you all also leave, me and my son do not need anyone, leave me alone. Suman cried.

Vividha met the ambassador and asked him to help her in solving this problem, help in finding Ravish, Ravish is at Pok, it’s your area, just your soldiers can free Ravish. He said you are mistaken, he is not there, he is captive and kept in India itself, what can we do in this.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday Pt1, 21st June 2021

She said we both know this well, that the terrorists told they will put Ravish’s dead body as flag, you are using him for politics. He said sorry, we are not related to this, talk to your government about this.

She said indian government is doing the needful, I was wrong to come here with hope, your country has terrorism and you sit here in AC office to do politics. The man said you are talking much, I request you to be in limits, we know you and Ravish have signed the divorce papers, you will not be his wife in some months, why this concern then.

Vividha said, you won’t do anything, remember I will not go home without taking Ravish, this is a promise of an Indian. Vividha reached Kashmir. A goon saw her.


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