Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update Monday, 13th September 2021 Episode started with Vividha saying we have to be with Kailash, he is helpless, you are his wife, you can’t forget this, I know he did very bad things to you.

we have to behave good with him till he becomes fine, shall I trust you that you will help me, please go to his room and sleep, I am worried for him, someone has to be with him all the time, atleast for my sake.

Kailash got up and said I have to go, I have to go and free my friends. He took a water pot and threw the water outside the window. Uma became tensed and walked on the room. She didn’t see Kailash. He hid behind the bed.

She looked on and recalled his bad behavior and he acted to be mad. She asked him to listen to her, go and sleep, it’s late night. He looked at her angrily and scolded her in same way like before. She became shocked. He then twisted her hand and she screamed.

She thinks of his tortures. He left her and folded his hands. He apologized and started acting mad again. Ravish thinks of Kangana’s words. He saw her sleeping. He saw the marks on her wrist. He recalled Kangana wearing some watch. Ravish helped her and tied the watch.

He saw the marks on her wrist and asked about it. She said it’s nothing. He asked her to tell him what happened. She said I used to lose my senses in the rehab centre, they used to tie me in chains, I got these marks because of Kailash. Ravish looked at her

It’s morning, Kangana said if Kailash stays here, Vividha will get custody. Lawyer said yes, but they will get benefit by Kailash’s mental state, he has changed the babies. Kangana said he should not be with kids.

Lawyer said Kailash is mentally ill now, if they prove he was not fine when he changed the babies, Vividha will get sympathy, judge will be told that Kailash has changed babies in mentally bad state.

the culprit is in the same state, Vividha has a big heart and is taking care of him. Ravish said Vividha will become Devi for everyone.

Kangana said there will be something. Ravish said if Kailash is not there…. He saw someone at the door. He went to see and did not see anyone. He shuts the door. Guddi heard them. Vividha asked Uma will she have tea.

Uma thinks of Kailash. Vividha asked is everything fine. Uma told her what Kailash did. She said maybe Atharv and everyone are….. Ravish looked on. Vividha said no, I know you are scared, but he is not the same Kailash now, he has changed.

Uma said no, the way he twisted my hand, whatever he said, I have tolerated him for many years I can’t forget this devilish side.

Vividha said I read about it, it’s normal to do this, he can do what he used to do before, don’t be scared, he is not acting, he is really ill. Uma said maybe you are saying right, I felt the old Kailash is standing infront of me.

They heard kids. Kailash was playing with them. Vividha scolded Khushi as Madhav would have gotten hurt. Kangana asked Vividha to end this drama, why did you get Kailash here.

Kailash asked her not to misbehave, else he will chain her, he will bury her alive. Kangana asked Vividha to see, everyone will be scared to come out of the room. Kailash scolded her.

He sung Main tera dushman and danced. Uma asked him to come to the room. Atharv held his head. Vividha said I will not change my decision, I will get him treated well.

Kangana said he can’t get treated here. Vividha said he will be fine. Kangana argued. Vividha took him to the room. He asked him not to come out of the room. Ravish looked on. Kailash played and Ravish left.


Vividha looked for Khushi. She saw the blood on the floor. She went to have a look and became shocked seeing Kailash. Ravish became shocked seeing blood. She shouted Atharv. Everyone became shocked seeing Kailash.


The Episode started with Vividha leaving from Kailash’s room. Someone got a wooden stick and went to Kailash. Kailash looked on. Someone hit’s Kailash. Vividha attended to Khushi. She asked her not to jump on the bed. She asked her to listen.

Vividha took her and Khushi run. Vividha went to look for her. She saw the blood marks and followed. She became shocked seeing Kailash wounded. She run to him and shouted. Everyone came there and became shocked.

Vividha asked Kailash to open his eyes. Atharv called the doctor and the Doctor checked Kailash. He asked them to go out, he had to give injections to Kailas and they all left.

Vividha asked who has done all this. Uma asked what are you saying. Atharv asked what’s this question. Vividha said one of the people standing here has done this, you all did not wish Kailash to stay here.

Uma asked what are you saying, how can this happen. Vividha said I just want to know who did this. She asked Kangana did she do this.

She asked Guddi did she do this, as she hates Kailash. She asked Sujata and Uma did they do this. Atharv became shocked. Vividha asked Ravish to speak. Dadi asked what nonsense are you saying. Vividha said I just want to know who did this.

Atharv said what’s this question, we know you felt bad, it doesn’t mean you blame anyone. She said that helpless man is my father. He said maybe he has hurt himself, how can you ask anyone.

She asked why are you defending them, are you saving yourself, he has gotten hurt, I have seen the stick, it had blood on him, come I will show you.

She took him and saw the stick gone. They became shocked. Vividha said that stick was here, I have seen it. Doctor said I gave him painkillers, now he can sleep well, it’s dangerous to get hurt on the head, take care of him.

Vividha asked is this any accidental wound. He said no, someone has hurt him, it’s a police case, I suggest you to report to police. Vividha asked Atharv did he hear what the doctor said and they all left.

The kids looked at Kailash. Madhav entered the room. Khushi run to Kailash and woke him up. Kailash hugged her. He called Madhav to come. He asked them to get food for the king. Vividha came and looked on.

Madhav gave a chocolate to Kailash and he shared it with them. Vividha said Kailash will make Khushi fine, why can’t anyone see this, what I can see. Ankit called her and she went.

She asked what happened, did you get the stick. Ankit said no. Uma said who can take the stick. Vividha said I know, when I spoke about the stick, someone has hidden that stick. Uma said who can attack Kailash.

Vividha said everyone is against him, Atharv, Kangana, Ravish and Guddi are against him, I can’t trust anyone, I can’t tell anything to them, I don’t even trust Atharv. Sujata held Atharv.

Ankit said I have seen that stick in the storeroom, it’s heavy, person should be strong to lift it.

It’s night, Ravish took that stick out in the lawn and burnt it. Sujata looked out of the window. She went to see. Ravish turned and left. Sujata came there and saw the fire.

She saw Ravish going and thinks why is Ravish going that side towards the back door. Ravish came to his room. He saw Kangana and recalled Vividha’s words.


Sujata said I got this from ashes. Vividha said it’s part of the stick. Ankit said Ravish has done this. Vividha said I have proof Ravish has done this attack on Kailash. Ravish asked what proof does she has.


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