Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update Tuesday, 14th September 2021 Episode started with Ravish recalling Vividha’s words. A glass dropped by his hand. Kangana woke up. He said I am so sorry, go and sleep. He got hurt by the glass piece. She became worried for him and dressed the wond. She asked why are you worried.

He said I am not. She said we did not spend much time together, but I can see your face and say when you are worried, tell me what’s the matter. He said situation will get worse, I was always proud of my family, now I feel relations are sensitive, we should be ready.

She said this time will pass. He said sometimes bad luck strikes time, it’s not easy, maybe we have to fight a big war together. She said I promise you will always find me standing with you, now tell me why are you worried.

He said my life and my family are like two sides of a coin, Atharv, Vividha, Sujata and Madhav are my family, after my mum went, I had their love, but now the people who love you will always stand by you.

He said I don’t doubt on their love, I doubt on coming time, promise me you will not fall weak and always take care, you will keep yourself ready always, don’t show wounds to everyone, everyone does not have ointment, but everyone has salt. She hugged him and cried.

She asked what are you saying, we will always live together. It’s morning, Vividha asked Sujata why did she not tell this before. Sujata said I have got this from ashes. Vividha said it’s part of that wooden stick, by which dad was attacked.

Sujata said I have seen Ravish going, I did not see him burning this. Ankit said it’s Ravish, person should have power to use that heavy stick, just Ravish can do this. Sujata said we can’t reach to this conclusion. Vividha said Ravish did this, time to be hesitant has passed, I am calling the police.

Atharv came and asked police, you did not tell me, we can discuss things. She said I have proof that Ravish did this. Ravish came and asked what proof are you talking about.

Vividha asked him not to act innocent, you can’t fool me, I know you did attacked my dad with this stick. Ravish said I did not do this, you know I never lie. She said now you are cleanly lying. Kangana asked her to mind her tongue.

Vividha said it will be better for you to stay away from this. Ravish said fine, let the police come, do you have any proof. Atharv asked the same. Guddi said I heard Ravish talking to his lawyer, he said if Kailash is not there then.

Ravish recalled and said so, it was you, who heard half thing, I meant if Kailash is not in this house, if he goes to the rehab then…. Vividha said not stay here or not in the world? Kangana asked what work did your dad do that he will go to heaven.

Vividha said either Ravish or Kangana did this, Ravish is taking blame on himself to save Kangana. Atharv asked her to calm down. She said I was calm till now, Ravish has burnt this wood stick and went silently, he will get punished. Atharv said stop it.

He asked Ravish about the stick. Ravish recalled Uma’s words. He said I wanted to check this matter, I just wanted to scare him and know tge truth, when I went to the room. Flashback showed Ravish going to Kailash’s room with the stick. Madhav came there.

Ravish hid the stick under the bed. Madhav said I have to show you something. He took Ravish. Ravish said I left the stick there, I then saw Kailash injured, I don’t know who did this, I knew you all will doubt on me so I have burnt it. Vividha said I know you and Kangana did this, Kangana did not wish my dad to stay here, you got madly in her love.

He said you got mad Vividha, it’s madness to get Kailash here, you have placed Madhav at stake, we told you we won’t take the case back as long as this man stays here. Vividha said Madhav won’t come to you. He said we will see how we don’t get custody.

She said you have to go over dead my body. He said fine, if that’s the only way. Atharv asked Ravish not to say anything against Vividha, else I will forget you are my brother, I won’t tolerate this.

Ravish said I did not know situation went so bad, I am also human, I can also get angry. Atharv asked what will you do. Ravish asked did I say anything, you are all blaming me, shall I get happy.

Vividha does what she wants, she wants to keep Madhav away, will I see all this, if I tell something in anger, you will scold me, did you forget my sacrifices all these years. Vividha said you counted your favor to support, you are ready to walk over my dead body.

Ravish said you are mad, you really think I feel so. She said you just said you are ready, what does this mean. Sujata asked them to stop it now, our family was not such, we all stood together always, we did not let anything happen to our love and unity, Vividha you and Ravish are such good friends.

Atharv and Ravish did not get separated, Atharv and Vividha crossed border for Ravish and got him back, what happened now, you are ready to take each other’s life. Ravish said I am with my family, I can’t think of harming you two ever, just see the step in my shoes and feel if this blame was on you, how will you feel.

Vividha said all evidence are against you, I just want to know who did this, please tell me. Kangana said you don’t trust Ravish. Vividha said you think I don’t trust Ravish and intentionally saying this. Ravish said right now, I feel such.

Precap: Kangana said everyone will be going out from the house. Ravish said we can just do this work when you, me and Kailash are at home. Kangana told Vividha that Ravish and she will go to Madhav’s school. Vividha said no, Atharv and I will go and they left. Ravish signalled Kangana.


The Episode started with Atharv coming to Vividha and explaining to her about Ravish. Ravish said Vividha did wrong today. Atharv said what’s the proof that Ravish attacked Kailash. Vividha said he has burnt the stick, he is the one who did the attack.

Ravish said I always stood by her, she forgot everything, she doesn’t trust me, she is calling me a liar, she doesn’t want to see truth, my sixth sense is saying Kailash is not right, I am afraid for my family, I will not let that man harm my family, I can do anything to stop him. Kangana looked on.

Kailash looked for something. Uma came and asked what is he looking. He talked mad. She recalled his tortures. She recalled everyone fighting. She recalled Sujata’s words.

She said you are acting right, why are you doing this, I understand everything, none knows you better than me, you are a big fraud, you like playing with other’s lives, why are you doing this, tell me. He starred at her.

He started laughing and talked mad. She asked him to stop acting, my family won’t break because of you, why are you laughing, after hurting me so much, I will show you, wait. He heats a tong. He asked her to give prasad. Vividha came and stopped Uma. She asked what are you doing.

Uma said I don’t trust this man, I was testing him. Vividha said someone has hit him, he is not in his senses, would he behave like a kid, do you want to clear anything and she took him away. He said it’s so hot. He dipped his head inside the water tub and she stopped him.

He played with bubbles. She asked him not to do this. He talked mad again. Ravish called someone and said yes, we have to do this today, you have my address, you don’t know how much help we will get. Kangana said Sujata, Dadi, Dadi Bua and Uma are going to satsang, Ankit and Guddi are going to the market.

Ravish asked what about Vividha and Atharv, we can do this if there is none at home. She said we will manage, are you sure we should do this. Atharv got Khushi and said I am trying to wash her hair, she is not listening.

Vividha asked Kailash to teach Khushi to make bubbles. Kailash played with Khushi. He cleaned Khushi’s hair and asked Vividha to apply hairoil to her. Kangana talked on call about Madhav. Vividha asked what happened.

Kangana said principal called to talk about Madhav, you are busy, I thought Ravish and I will go and meet him. Vividha said no, I am free for my son, Atharv and I will go. Atharv came. Vividha asked him to come, they have to meet the principal and talk about Madhav.

He said but everyone is not at home. She said they will be coming soon and they left. Ravish got some men inside the house. Kangana looked on. Ravish showed Kailash to the men. The man injected Kailash and kept a camera there. Ravish asked will the dose work.

The man said yes, it’s truth serum, now this man will just say the truth. Ravish thanked them and the men left. Ravish locked the door. He sat with Kailash. He said I know you are doing this drama, it’s time for this drama to end, now you are just ti say the truth, I will listen to it carefully. Atharv and Vividha met the principal.

Atharv said sorry, we came in a hurry, Madhav is our son. Principal said I know, he is very naughty, why did you come to meet. Vividha said you called us. Principal said who called you, I did not call you.

They became shocked. Precap: Ravish tried to know the truth from Kailash. He asked him to speak up. Kailash said you all are fools. Kangana heard them.


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