Raghav Proves Pallavi Innocent. Light Of Love 28 February 2023, Tuesday: E49-50


The episode started with Raghav asking Kanika full info about Pallavi’s case, Kanika said I know nothing, Farhad said he is very dangerous and if you don’t tell he will kill you and me too please tell, look at the speed, Kanika said I will tell, please stop.

Siddhesh said Pallavi, we will look for tickets or we will wait tonight and leave tomorrow. Pallavi read a quote written near Shivaji Maharaj statue that reads, coward finds reasons during hard times where as strong person fights back, Pallavi said Dada I am not going I will stay and fight for the truth, if I leave how will I prove myself and called Krishna.

Asha asked where is Pallavi, Sulochana said she is busy she won’t join, let’s begin pooja, Pallavi walked in and said I am here and they all were very happy, Pallavi said I have something important to say Kaka, Kaku, Mansi, Aai, Baba please come with me and they all followed her.

Sulochana asked what nonsense is this Pallavi, if something happens to Mansi’s wedding I won’t spare you, Pallavi said calm down I said I will comeback with proof here is proof, Krishna’s cousin is a gynecologist and the blood test report said I never had any abortion, Vijay saw the report and smiled, Milind saw it too, Sulochana was then shocked, Pallavi said I had promised Mansi I won’t miss her wedding and Mansi said I am very sorry.

Sulochana said to Pallavi are we mad to believe this, Krishna is your employee and friend you could have paid her and made fake report, Sharda said stop troubling my daughter, Sulochana said she has spent nights with Raghav and Kanika has also said she had an abortion, Nikhil walked in and said Raghav is here.

Everyone gathered, Raghav said I have answer to the puzzle in your house, Pallavi said please leave, Raghav said I have the truth about the abortion, Asha and Rahul were shocked, Raghav said I have proof whose it is, Pallavi said finish your drama and leave we have a function here, Rahul asked what is he talking about, Pallavi said ignore him he just keeps crossing my ways, Asha said Pallavi wait.

Sulochana said it’s all Pallavi’s fault, she has done this with Raghav, Sharda said enough Sulochana, Sulochana said she is an orphan and look what she has done, Siddhesh said enough kaku, don’t cross lines, we all know Pallavi can never do such a thing, Sulochana said doc has told us that, Asha please don’t judge my daughter because of Pallavi, even you had seen Pallavi with Raghav, she is culture less and Raghav is her boyfriend, can do anything.

Raghav said enough, I have nothing to do, I am here for my Amma, I am here with proof, Pallavi said we don’t need your help leave, Raghav said Farhad this Pallavi is so weird, we always helped her and today we came to save her character but look again, Pallavi said you are the owner of the shop and a client and nothing else.

Raghav said wow now I get it, it’s family planning to black mail me to get money, Pallavi said you and your cheap thinking can only do this, get out, Raghav said I will but remember not to include me in your drama or I will drag each one of you to court and this report will be back in the doctors cabin, I don’t care and left with Farhad.

Asha said to Sulochana what all this, Rahul asked Mansi why didn’t she share things, Pallavi said Rahul, if people think I aborted then let it be, Rahul said Pallavi, she thinks even I am part of the world that doesn’t understand her, Mansi said I myself don’t know how I will tell you, Sulochana apologize to Asha but Asha said not until we clear this out.

Sulochana said I will kill Raghav and Pallavi, Milind said you pulled them in, you spoilt your daughter’s life.
Mansi said to Pallavi, why didn’t you let Raghav tell the truth, Pallavi said we need to focus on your marriage, Mansi said he won’t return and what wrong did I do by telling because I was confused too, Pallavi said Rahul is mature and he will take a decision sensibly. Pallavi thinks, Raghav you will have to pay for this.

Precap: Pallavi said Raghav, you won’t forget my name for 7 life’s.
Raghav said I won’t leave Pallavi.
Vijay threw Pallavi out of the house.


The episode started with Vijay angry at Raghav and said he is just a mess ruining happiness, Sharda said but today he was here to tell the truth about the abortion, Vijay said but Pallavi stopped him, Sharda said because Rahul’s family was there and who was she saving. Sharda got a call and she took Vijay along with him.
Asha got on a call and she asked Rahul to quickly come with her.
Krishna got a call and she decided to take Pallavi with her.

Someone dressed in black entered Kanika’s cabin and started buring the abortion report and hid hearing the door sound. Everyone arrived there, Raghav said I know you are hiding there come out, Pallavi said enough Raghav, Sharda said quite Pallavi, we want to know the truth, Raghav said quickly come out, the person then came out, Raghav said remove the mask, Pallavi said Raghav no please.

Sharda said shut up Pallavi, Amruta removed the mask, Raghav walked to her and said oh you burned thne report, it’s a fake one, the real one is with me, Sulochana and Milind walked in, Raghav said good you came, Vijay asked what all this, Raghav said I made Farhad call everyone to come here, you wouldn’t believe my truth and so I plotted all this and I knew Amruta would definitely come here.

Amruta said to Sulochana it’s not my fault, Sulochana said it’s all fake, we can make 1000 of such fake reports, Raghav said yes and you know the address too, because you were behind all this, you would do anything with Pallavi, why drag me, Farhad walked in with Kanika.

Raghav asked Kanika to tell the truth, Kanika said Pallavi was here for stomach infection, I lied, the truth is, Amruta had abortion and I lied because Sulochana asked me too, she paid my education loan and in return asked me to do so, I am sorry Pallavi, Sulochana said she is lying, Raghav said okay let’s check CCTV footage then and Pallavi I hate our names together so I made this clear. Pallavi walked to Raghav and said you didn’t clear things but messed it more and I won’t spare you anymore, Raghav and Farhad then left.

Sharda said to Sulochana, we know you hate Pallavi but all this, how could you, Asha said yes how could you blame someone innocent, Sulochana said it’s all a misunderstanding, Mansi is a very good girl, Asha said we don’t want this marriage, Pallavi said Aunty, Mansi and Rahul love each other a lot, don’t separate them, Milind said please don’t punish my daughter for something she has nothing to do with.

Mansi walked in and said I should be punished for having a mother like her, Sulochana said I did it for you and Amruta, I will beg Asha, you will marry Rahul. Mansi said you are the biggest problem, I feel ashamed to call you mother, Mansi walked to Rahul and said I am sorry, my mother knows nothing but to just give pain, till Asha aunty accept us, I won’t marry you, Pallavi said we will talk to Asha aunty, Mansi said it’s late, people have messed it and sorry baba, Milind said all will be managed, we will do as you want, calm down and Asha left with Rahul.

Sulochana went to her room, Amruta followed her and said I am sorry, I did this to save Mansi’s marriage, I didn’t know Raghav had planned all this and Asha would cancel the wedding, Sulochana slapped her, Amruta said why are you slapping me, I had told you the truth long time, I had a slip when I was intoxicated, the abortion and Pallavi was your plan, Sulochana closed the door, hits her and said who asked you to tell the truth.

I am a joke because of you, Milind, Sharda, Pallavi rushed to Amruta’s help, Pallavi stopped Sulochana, Sulochana said here she is again, she wants to take my daughter’s away from me, all drama, because of you my daughter is ashamed of me, Pallavi said I understand your pain but your daughter’s need you now, Sulochana said do a thing, kill me and Milind slapped Sulochana.

Pre cap: Raghav got a call from Harish regarding Amma.
Farhad said to Raghav that Pallavi won’t do this.
Vijay throws Pallavi out of house…Read more

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