Light Of Love 29 May 2023, Monday Pt2: Episode 150


The episode began with Raghav being informed that he has been nominated for the Best jeweler Entrepreneur awards and he is to show up at 6PM. His family was invited too. Raghav was then asked, what is the inspiration behind your success? Raghav replied, Thank you all for the respect but I can’t attend. Jaya stopped him and said, he is busy at the moment that’s why he said that but don’t worry, he will come to the function, his wife is his inspiration and she will join him to come.

The organizers left and Raghav said to Jaya, why did you do that? I am already disturbed, why bring Pallavi into this. Jaya said, it’s not necessary, what you saw was not the truth. Raghav asked, how do you know? Jaya replied, I know Pallavi will never hurt you, she will come to the function and give you the award, that is a promise and Raghav left.

Jaya visited Pallavi and said, forget about last night, I am here for something important, Raghav is going to be awarded Best Entrepreneur and I want you to be there. Pallavi said, I am so proud of Raghav. Jaya added, me too but Raghav is upset and doesn’t want to attend the function so I am taking him there forcefully and I want you to come as well. Pallavi said, he isn’t talking to me, he left me alone here. Jaya said,no he didn’t leave you alone, I was the one who took him with me.

Pallavi said yes, Aai told me. Jaya said, you know his anger but when he sees you, he will be very happy. You two are in a strong relationship, such small fights shouldn’t matter, promise me you will come. Pallavi said,I promise I will come,I will make sure I get there before time. Sharda said, if she doesn’t I will pull her ears and make her come.

Kirti said to Sunny, it was so nice last night, Raghav’s face was worth watching. He has been in a bad mood since morning. Our plan is working but my mother is helping them patch up, she even wants Pallavi to attend an award function with him. Sunny said, then let’s tell Mandar about it.

Pallavi and Sharda were selecting a saree for the occasion and Mandar offered to iron the saree. Pallavi asked, can you do it? Mandar replied, I know it’s a big day for you and Raghav, this will be my contribution. Pallavi asked, how did you know about it? Mandar replied, it’s a good news, so how does it matter where I found out from?

Raghav and Jaya were ready for the function and Jaya said, I invited Pallavi and she promised me she will come, now smile let’s go.
Pallavi was getting ready for the occasion when Milind and Amruta came to her and they asked, why are you both not ready yet? We already are.

Pallavi asked, are you two also coming? Milind replied, how can we miss it, it’s such a big day. Pallavi asked, how did you know about it?” Amruta replied, Farhad told, I mean Farhad told Kaku and she told me. Pallavi said, I am getting ready, you two can go ahead, Raghav will be happy to see you.

Mandar was holding Pallavi’s saree and thinking about the day she rested her head on his lap and held his hand. He started ironing the saree and burnt his finger. He then took the iron, placed his hand over it and shouted in pain. Pallavi and everyone rushed to him. Pallavi said, let’s take him to the room.

The award ceremony began, Raghav was welcomed as Hyderabad’s biggest businessman, Raghav Rao. Raghav saw the name tag as Mr & Mrs. Rao and he began missing Pallavi. Sunny and Kirti also came there. Raghav was asked, will his wife join him? Jaya replied,yes she will be here soon. The organizer said, as was requested, his wife will present him the award. Jaya said okay and consoled Raghav. Raghav kept looking at the entrance.

Mandar was shouting in pain, everyone was trying to calm him yet he kept shouting in pain and Sharda said, nothing is helping, let’s call the doctor. Pallavi said stay calm, Baba is calling the Doctor. Vijay told everyone that Ramya was busy and she doesn’t have a car so they will need to go get her and offered to go.

Pallavi said, you wait, I will go get her.
Milind and Amruta arrived at the award ceremony and Milind went to find a place for them to sit. Farhan greeted her and offered her a place. Milind came to them and Farhad invited him to join too. Milind said, we will sit there and he went to sit in the opposite direction.

Kirti saw Raghav restless and said, this will be the best drama. Raghav asked Jaya, when did you call Pallavi?
Jaya replied, she will come, she might be stuck in traffic.
Raghav was asked to come on stage and share his story. Sunny and Kirti were enjoying Raghav’s helplessness.

Pallavi was on her scooty to go get Dr. Ramya. Raghav went on stage and addressed everyone and started sharing his story on Jayati jewells.
Pallavi came and picked Ramya. Jaya was also waiting for Pallavi and began calling her. She then asked Farhad to find out where Pallavi was. Amruta saw Farhad tensed and she followed him.
Pallavi had left her phone at home.

Raghav said, on this journey of Jayati jewels, I met many people who inspired me but I met one specific person who inspired me and taught me a lot. He began thinking about the previous night and Pallavi’s words. The organizers announced Pallavi as his inspiration and invited her to come up on stage and do the honors. Fadhad told Jaya that they can’t find Pallavi and Jaya signaled Raghav that Pallavi hasn’t come.

Pallavi brought Ramya home and she began examining Mandar. She said, if these medicines don’t work, we will have to admit him. Sharda looked at the time and told Pallavi, you are late, it’s 7:20. Pallavi said, oh God , I forgot about the award ceremony.

Pre-cap: Pallavi said to Mandar, I am not a doctor or a therapist, I can’t solve all your problems, I can’t do it anymore, I will talk to Dr. Ramya about it.
Raghav went to the Deshmukh house drunk and said, come out Pallavi, I am coming to pick you.
Sharda saw Mandar with sugar and said, is your memory really lost or you just coincidentally found this extra packet of sugar.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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