Sikander Learns Kulfi Is Amyra’s Singer. Little Singer Kulfi 1 September 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 58


The Episode started with Amyra being asked to sing by her friends and she became scared,kulfi said I can’t sing sorry and left, Amyra’s friend hit kulfi with cake and teased her, they called her a liar,kulfi felt bad and left,jonny then followed her.

Amyra’s friends said Amyra that dirty boy is gone, come on sing for us and they forced her, Amyra became scared and remembered Sikanders words,she saw kulfi standing near a tree and signalled her to sing and started imitating.

Lovely walked in and saw kulfi crying and singing while Amyra was imitating,kulfi looked at lovely after finishing her song in tears,lovely then walked to her,she was leaving and lovely said kulfi thank you,kulfi said no worries but there is one thing, why did you lie,you could have asked me for it,I like to sing and would do it happily.

Lovely said next time, I will directly come to you and ask for it,thank you, you will sing right, you saved Amyra today but from today onwards, never sing this song in this house, now stop crying,she left and went to Amyra and had fun with her.

Kulfi said ma I am missing you, I am feeling very lonely today,no one stays together here,in the party here, no one was together, they all stay away here,you know jonny, we all use to stay together in every little happiness and my MA use to invite us all,I don’t feel good here,I miss home,I don’t even have mama here,should I leave.

Kulfi said jonny in the village, I have my family, my mother’s memories,he picked her vag and walked to jagira’s room and said you three were always with me in this house and very nice.

she took jagira’s blessings and said I don’t know where home is but ma always said when you try God helps us, so God will help me, jonny dog please don’t follow me today and she left.

Sikander was drunk and came out of lift,and said now rk is also hiding but I will give that kid what he deserves,Sikander saw kulfi walk away and said what happened,kulfi covered her nose,Sikander checked his breath and said go to your room come on.

kulfi walked back and she said Sikander sir,Sikander asked what,kulfi said alcohol, please don’t have it,in the village every person who had it would be disgraced and ma always said no one should have it but people change after having it, you love music and worship it.

if goddess gets angry,Sikander asked what do you know about goddess,kulfi said she is the goddess of knowledge and you are a big singer, I heard goddess in your voice, she will get angry if you have it, what if she takes music away from you.

Sikander became angry and said what do you know about music, can you sing at least,he left and sat in the balcony,kulfi was singing and Sikander heard it and was surprised,he said you got correct chords.

He walked to kulfi and said why did you sing bad that day,kulfi said my throat was bad,Sikander said, sing a sing for me the one amyra sang but kulfi said I can’t,Sikander said who asked you not to do so,Sikander said ok sing this and sang a song,Sikander said come on sing kulfi,you can’t sing, that’s it.

Pre cap :
Sikander said to lovely, I know who the real deserving kid is and will tell the world the truth,lovely said fine, I will tell also tell Amyra that her father has a step child…Read more

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