Kulfi & Sikander Sings On Stage. Little Singer Kulfi 12 October 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 116


The episode started with Lovely asking Kulfi to sing properly. Kulfi asked Lovely to come backstage when she starts singing. Lovely said that she will not come to her as Amayra needs her. Kulfi felt bad and cried. Tevar came to Amayra’s room and told her that he has come to wish her the best of luck.

Tevar left and Amayra noticed that the lines on her hands had been erased. Sikandar was called on stage for the next performance and Amayra became very tensed. She tried to open the door of her room but the door was locked. Sikandar came on stage, Amayra was tensed and thought that Kulfi must have locked her.

Sikandar told the audience that a young girl has given inspiration to him to make this song and he praised Kulfi. Lovely saw that the make up room was locked and she looked around for Amayra

Tevar saw Kulfi crying and asked her not to cry and encouraged her. Tevar asked Kulfi to start singing and he pressed a button. Kulfi then entered the stage mistakenly and she was shocked realizing she was on stage. Sikandar was shocked but started singing. Kulfi joined him and they sang beautifully. Amayra cried looking at the screen. Tevar then looked at Kulfi with pride. Lovely was very furious while Amayra was heartbroken.

Amayra saw the image of Sikandar and Kulfi hugging each other. Amayra thinks that all this has been done by her father so that he could perform on stage with Kulfi. The host asked Sikandar, who is this little girl. Sikandar said that this is the girl who inspired him. Tevar entered on stage and said that he will give a grand introduction for this girl as no one should forget her.

Tevar said that she is Kulfi and she is his daughter. Sikandar and Kulfi were both shocked. Amayra thinks that Kulfi will go away from Sikandar forever. Tevar opened his arms and told Kulfi that he is her father and asked her to come to him. Kulfi hugged Sikandar and cried. Kulfi asked Sikandar whether Tevar was telling the truth.

Tevar told Sikandar and his family that he will take away Kulfi. Sikandar said that he is not Kulfi’s father. Tevar asked Sikandar whether he is Kulfi’s father. Sikandar’s mother then shouted that he is indeed Kulfi’s father…Read more

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