Nimrat Comes Home. Little Singer Kulfi 28 December 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 219


The episode started with Kulfi telling Sikandar that she did not understand what Lovely said. Sikandar said that he and Lovely are going to give their relationship another chance. Kulfi sang a song and told Sikandar to use this opportunity well and repair his broken relationship.

Sikandar felt sad thinking that Lovely wants him to remove Kulfi from his life. Kulfi told Sikandar that she knows he can do anything to save his relationship. Sikandar thinks that Lovely will have to accept Kulfi, that he will make Lovely accept Kulfi in the next 30 days. Sikandar felt that he, Lovely, Kulfi and Amayra will be a perfect family. Sikandar called up Lovely and talked to her flirtingly. Lovely asked Sikandar why he is flirting with her. Sikandar asked Lovely to go on a date with him and Lovely agreed for lunch.

Gunjan heard this and got angry. She called up Nimrit and asked her to come soon. Kulfi was in the park and she heard a woman singing and was mesmerized by her voice. Sikandar and Lovely went to a restaurant. Lovely gave the order and Sikander looked at her lovingly and praised Lovely for her elegance. He said a poem to Lovely and mistakenly said that Tevar also used to praise her.

Lovely got annoyed hearing Tevar’s name and Sikandar felt embarrassed. He tried to make up for his mistake so he kissed Lovely’s hand and romanced her. Sikandar and Lovely danced in the restaurant. He was about to kiss Lovely, Lovely then realized she was dreaming and scolded Sikandar for eating onions. She said she cannot kiss a man eating onions and Sikandar was amused.

The woman was singing and Kulfi enjoyed her song. Sikandar told Lovely that he will not eat onions from now on. Lovely told Sikandar that he will have to leave something else too and Sikandar thinks of Kulfi. Kulfi talked to the woman and was impressed by her. Kulfi asked the woman her name and the woman said Nimrit. Kulfi was surprised hearing her name and said she loves her name.

Nimrit said she has to leave and Kulfi asked when they will meet again. Nimrit said that they will meet soon if God wants. Lovely started choking on something and Sikandar started panicking. Sikandar helped her and she was relieved. Nimrit entered Sikandar’s house. Sikandar and Lovely returned home and Sikandar scolded Lovely for eating the dish although she is allergic to it.

He told Lovely that he was very worried for her and Lovely was touched. He then placed his arm around Lovely and they came closer. Suddenly, Sikandar and Lovely saw someone in the house. Nimrit saw Sikandar and was mesmerized seeing him and called him SSG. She then run to Sikandar and hugged him while Lovely was shocked.

Precap: Kulfi was happy seeing Nimrit at home and called her by her name. Sikandar and Lovely came there and were shocked to hear her name…Read more

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