Kulfi Goes Missing. Little Singer Kulfi 6 September 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 64


The episode started with kulfi saying i will get rid of your alcohol, it’s a bad thing, Sikander said you talk a lot,now go get ready,we are going for rehersals,kulfi said okay and left.
Sikandar woke amyra and said wake up, we are going out, Amyra said give me some time more,sikander said Amyra want’s to be good singer, right now come on lets go,kulfi is already ready and left. Amyra said God, this kulfi.

Dadi was reading geeta, lovely walked to her and asked did you talk to Sikander. Dadi said no, lovely said didn’t you understand the thing i said was so important,what if he gets that baby,dadi said what will i tell him,and what is that kids mistake, lovely said so isn’t my Amyra’s mistake, how could i think you would take my side, Dadi said like Amyra, even that kid deserves Sikanders love, lovely said if my house is destroyed because of that kid and women you will be responsible.

Nihalo called Mahinder and said I will need money, Mahinder said anything you want, Nihalo said ok get 50000, Mahinder said deal, Nihalo became very happy and left, Tinda and bholi decided to tell mahinder the truth

Sikandar was with Amyra and kulfi in park,kulfi said this place is so beautiful and is there some dog, why are these people running, Sikander explained to her that they are jogging,kulfi saw people from laughing club and said are they still laughing at one a single joke, Sikander explained to her it’s a laughter club,kulfi said weird, Amyra said if your done let’s do something.

Sikandar said let’s play a new game,i told you music is addiction and when you get addicted you hear music everywhere, kulfi said i hear music every where and Amyra said rubbish, Sikander said now we four will sing,we three and this air,focus ans feel the air. Sikander explained to them and kulfi felt it.

Sikander sang and kulfi joined him,sikander then asked Amyra to join as well, kulfi saw a man and was in tears, Sikander asked what happened, kulfi expressed she was missing mama by singing, Amyra doesn’t like Sikander giving kulfi attention.

sikander said you two sit here I will go get coconut water and don’t go anywhere,kulfi was about to sing, Amyra said stop this drama,kulfi said no i will not, I am enjoying it, Amyra said ok look, ask for some wish and go get a red flower from down there and then throw it in air and if it doesn’t fall.

your wish will be fulfilled so go get it,you may get your lost mama,bag or dad, kulfi said but sikander sir asked us not to leave, Amyra said, you go that way and me this side, here is aa circle i drew, come here, we will be back before dad comes, kulfi left and Amyra rubbed the circle.

Sikander called Mahinder and said i am getting leads but let me get proper info then i will call you, Sikander started looking for Amyra and kulfi.

Pre cap:
Amyra said dad, i told kulfi not to leave but he did, Sikander and Amyra started looking for kulfi…Read more

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