Amyra Is Found & The Kíllers Arrested. Little Singer Kulfi 9 May 2023, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 407


The episode began with Sikander and Kulfi looking for Amyra and they stumbled upon Ajit. Sikander started dancing with Ajit which made him confused. Kulfi and Sikander kept looking for Amyra when kulfi pointed Sikander at something, Amyra behind the stage. Tony took his position to shoot CM. Ajit said, I don’t see the man dressed as a lion, go check on Amyra.

Sikander got to Amyra and tried to wake her up, Ajit’s man tried to go to the backstage but kulfi and her friends started dancing around them. Ajit then asked Tony to go ahead and shoot CM. Amyra opened her eyes. Tony was scared but thought about Amyra and there Sikander came out with Amyra, Kulfi took off her mask and rushed to hug her.

Sikander saw CM and Tony,he was about to stop him when Lovely came and pushed Tony and the gun fell down. She saw Amyra and burst into tears. Sikander left Amyra’s hand and she hugged lovely. Sikander then called Amyra back, and asked her to stay with Kulfi and told CM the whole story.

CM called his main security but Sikander said, that’s not him and described Ajit to him. CM then asked to get Ajit and said, Sikander you went through a lot for me, so you will perform Mata’s aarti today. Sikander figured out everything while performing aarti and came to the conclusion that Bhabhi was behind all the plans.

Jimmy was called on stage to announce the winner and Bhabhi’s phone rang. Sikander recognised the ringtone, walked to her and said, CM I am sorry but the mastermind behind your murder is Bhabhi, Bhabhi said, are you mad and she narrated the whole scenario.

Pratap got hold of Ajit. CM said, this is Ashok my PS and Sikander said, come on speak up, who is your boss, Ajit pointed at Bhabhi and CM ordered her to be arrested.

CM and Sikander then apologized to each other. Sikander walked to Lovely and said, you did a very big job by stopping your dad from killing CM and Lovely said, I want to say something. Sikander said, you have to go through with your punishment. Lovely said, I have called the police and I will go with them but please wait for me.

Precap : Jimmy said,the winners are bajewalas. He saw Sikander and the girls and said, you can never win in my competition. I will send you to a worse place than that chawl…Read more

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