Lost In Love 21 May 2023 Update On Sunday

Lost in Love on starlife Sunday 21st May 2023 update, Pakhi inquires as to whether he and Sai are riding a suffocating boat, whom he will save. Virat expresses both out of mankind. Pakhi asks, “What if I can only save one?” She is promised that she will never drown by Virat. Pakhi asks him not to make guarantees which he can’t satisfy as he never satisfies his commitments.

Virat acknowledges that he is also responsible for thinking about his wife and apologizes for not understanding her while she clearly understood his family. He says they never used to battle like this and he maintains that them should regard each other like they used to for a really long time; She should keep in mind that while Sai is not important to her, she is important to Savi and Savi is important to him whenever she has doubts. Pakhi beams.

She is given water and Virat asks her to get ready for the picnic tomorrow. Vinayak walks up to him and starts crying. She tells him that Savi won’t be at the picnic. He is consoled by Virat, who promises to speak with the doctor aunty.

Sai apologises to Savi for not taking her on a picnic and induces her to sleep. She answers Virat’s call and inquires about whether he wants to talk about office matters. He replies no. She states that she is unwilling to discuss anything personal. He mentions its significance and inquires as to why Savi has not attended the picnic. Sai says she takes her little girl’s choices. Virat gets some information about his little girl.

Sai claims to have some freelance work. Because Vinu is upset, Virat says he will bring Savi with him. He should let her take care of her family, according to Sai. Pakhi hears them talking and tells Virat that she will take care of Vinu and that they will go on a picnic later. She is required to prepare for the picnic by Virat. She feels blissful.

Next morning, Virat prepares for outing and stands entranced seeing Pakhi prepared in her old dress when they met interestingly. Pakhi asserts that his wife will not object if he praises her.

According to Virat, she is still as stunning as when they first met. She conveys gratitude. He hands her a camera and says that one thing is missing.

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