My Daughter Durga Friday, 29 October 2021 On Adom Tv: Episode 7-8


My Daughter Durga Friday, 29 October 2021 Episode started with Yashpal asking Durga to wake up. Durga said formulae in sleep. He smiled and asked what were you saying, wake up, is that maths. Durga said I am a good girl. I will study very harder.

She asked what. She said it in hindi. He said good, if you work hard, this hardwork will save you from all problems, education has strength. Durga said I will study hard, Sankranti is coming, I will not see the kites. Annapurna asked Yashpal could he stay without Durga.

He said no, you all are my strength, make Durga ready, else she will be late and gave her money. Annapurna asked how did he get the money. He said you keep this, everything will be fine once the marriage date comes. She said I am scared to keep so much money. He said even I feel afraid, I will give this to the pandit.

Durga was on her way and was reciting maths formulae. She saw kites in sky and said don’t trouble me, don’t call me, I have become a nice girl now. Some boys run to catch kite and asked Durga to get it. Durga said I don’t want your 10rs, go run after your kite, I am not bad girl, I will run after studies now and she went to school.

She told her friends that she learnt all the algebra equations. She forgot the equations and said wait, I remember and she started crying. Her friends said don’t cry, you can memorize it again.

Yashpal talked to a peon and said I got teacher’s favorite dish today. Peon asked do you want to get more marks for Durga. Yashpal said no, such marks are useless, Durga will earn her marks, she has to focus. He took out his kerchief and the money fell down from his pocket. Yashpal said poor man just has goodness, if I am good, my children will become good.

The peon called him cow and left. Yashpal laughed and left. A girl picked up the money and saw Yashpal. She said that’s Durga’s dad, I will not give him the money, Durga moved me from my place, I will show her real place now. She went to class and asked Durga to sit, no need to leave.

Durga saw the maths as demon laughing. The girl hid the money in her book. Durga’s friends consoled her. Yashpal asked the teacher to focus on Durga, and thanked him. The teacher ate the dish and said fine, I will see.

Yashpal went out and realized there is no cash in his pocket. He became worried and looked everywhere. He told the teacher that he has lost his money. The teacher asked him to check outside. Yashpal checked and asked the sweeper about the money. He panicked and looked for the money in the junk leaves.

He sat crying. The peon asked Yashpal why is he crying. Yashpal said 2100rs for pandit dakshina, it fell down, what will I do now, I checked everywhere, maybe it fell outside the school while I was driving the bicycle. He went all the way back to look on the road.

The lady teacher saw Durga was not focussing and asked her to read. Durga’s friends tried to help Durga. The teacher scolded Durga and said you spoiled the studious boy as well, get out and the girl smiled.

Yashpal told Annapurna that people will laugh at me if I tell them, I could not manage the money, Amrita should not know this, her heart will break. He cried in worry. The studious boy said if we are supporting Durga, it doesn’t mean we leave studies, if she doesn’t understand, shall I leave studies, shall I fail for her, she is my friend, I am going to study, you guys bear her.

The man played radio. The other boys sing the song and stopped the studious boy from leaving. The studious boy joined them and said I will help Durga, she will become a studious girl.

Yashpal wenr to a construction site and asked for some work. The man said I can’t give you any work. Yashpal said I can do any work. The man asked him to go to some other man, he will pay you 200rs daily wage. Yashpal thanked him and went to meet the other man.

He asked for some work and said I will not give you any reason to complain. The man hired Yashpal. Yashpal did the labor work, Durga also sat studying and she fell asleep. Amrita moved the book.

It’s was morning, Durga’s friend asked Durga to study in Dadi’s room, you won’t get to sleep by Dadi’s snoring. Durga applied this idea and studied at night in Dadi’s room.

Yashpal worked at the construction site. Durga studied and did not see the kites. Amrita asked Yashpal to take a bath, and placed water for him and he left. The man gave money to Yashpal. Yashpal thanked him.

The man said you are doing agood work. Yashpal came home, his hands got burnt by the work at site. Annapurna saw his hands and asked what happened to your hand?

Durga told her friend Manohar that she will not celebrate Sankranti, and even they should celebrate. Amrita became dizzy and fainted. Annapurna run to her. Yashpal said how did she get this attack after so many years.


The Episode started with Yashpal giving money to Annapurna and telling her about the supervision work. She asked how did you get hurt. He said my hand got burnt by mistake, it happens. Yashpal went to school and did his peon’s duty.

The other peon asked him why is he working like a machine, your body will get unwell. Yashpal washed his face to avoid sleep. Yashpal said I have to support my daughters and smiled.

Sheela said everyone will feel wrong if I say, Durga was using light in the room all night. Amrita saw the tv going into Sheela’s room and said Durga has to study, what’s wrong in that. Annapurna said leave all this, don’t think much, think of your new life.

Durga was with her friends in the market. She said I will be away from the kites, else I can’t focus, you all will not fly kites and not celebrate Sankranti without me, I am not celebrating.

They asked why. She said because I am saying so. They agreed and promised her. She said I will study hard.

Yashpal worked at night. His glasses got saved. The man came and said you come on Sankranti day, I will give you 500rs. Yashpal agreed and thinks he will save more money and can pay Dakshina easily.

Sheela went to Annapurna’s room and saw a steel box. She got the money inside and thinks how did it come. Annapurna came and took the money. Annapurna said its pandit’s dakshina. Sheela said you are talking as if I will take it, I know Brij gave this.

Annapurna said that got stolen, Yahspal is working hard and saving money. Amrita heard them. Amrita became shocked and got an attack. Annapurna run to her and she held Amrita.

Yashpal came and asked Annapurna how did Amrita get an attack, was she much worried. Annapurna said she heard me telling Sheela about your hardwork. Dadi became worried. Yashpal said everything is fine, once the work ends at the site, I will be at home.

Brij came and said Amrita is fine, no need to worry. Dadi said pandit, Dulaari and Rishi are coming, can they meet Amrita. Brij said yes. Yashpal said I will tell them about Amrita’s state, relation by cheat is not right, think well, if Amrita gets unwell in their state, she will bear sorrow.

Dadi asked why are you spoiling things, lock your honesty for some days. Yashpal said lying is bad. Dadi said it’s enough, I know such illness gets fine after marriage, she may not get an attack again, have courage. Brij said Amma is right, no need to say it, celebrate Sankranti. He got a message and read out.

Brij wished them Makar Sankranti. Durga went to Amrita and asked is she fine. Amrita asked her to study well, and fulfill dad’s dream. Durga asked why didn’t you study, were you afraid of maths. Amrita thinks how do i tell you, a strange man used to follow me everyday on my way to school and I fainted by fear.

She said I used to stay unwell in my childhood and did not go school, you are fine, you study hard. Durga said maths is troubling me, I told my friends I will study in Sankranti and not fly kites, I promised dad. Amrita hugged her.

Durga’s friend brought a kite. The other friend said we promised that we will not fly kite, we will not fly kite without her. Durga saw the kite out of the window and pulled down the curtain and she sat studying.

Sheela said we will have pizza today, not home food. Yashpal gave money to Shilpa and asked her to get the pizza. She thanked him. Brij fed her laddoo. Brij said we will get a chance to compete with all the villagers, we will win. Durga will fly kite.

Yashpal said no, she will study. Sheela asked Shilpa to have extra chutney with pizza and Shilpa left. Sheela said we will have real Sankranti in the evening, when we get Yashpal’s money.

Brij asked Durga to come and fly the kite. Durga did not see the kites. Brij said it’s your day, it’s about my respect, come. Durga said I will not see the kite. Brij asked what are you saying. Durga said kite is clever, and called me, I am also clever, I will study in the room and ahe left. Yashpal thinks, Durga studies hard.

Brij took Dadi’s blessings and went to fly kites. Durga shuts the door and windows so that no one disturbs her. She didn’t get light in the room and used a torch. The village celebrated Sankranti and Durga studied.

Yashpal went to the site to work. The man asked him to go and fly kites, come for work tomorrow. Yashpal worried thinking of paying Dakshina to pandit.

Durga asked the kite not to call her now. Yashpal got maths sample papers book and thinks it will be useful for Durga. Aunty gifted a kite to Durga. Durga went to the terrace and saw the kites.


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