Prince Gives Durga A Big Surprise. My Daughter Durga Friday, 4 February 2022: Episode 146-147



The Episode started with Durga asking Dadi if everyone is sad even today. Dadi said Yashpal got to know something about Madhav, he will come and tell us. Yashpal came and told everyone that he found out about Madhav, he is an orphan, he said right, I am proud of Amrita, I feel Madhav is the right guy for Amrita and they all smiled.

Durga placed her bag down, the book fell and the letter also fell out. Yashpal said I am a lucky father, both my daughters are good. Brij congratulated Yashpal and Durga hugged Amrita. Durga saw the letter flying to Subhadra and Subhadra picked it. Durga stopped her from reading it. Subhadra asked what’s inside, can’t I read it.

Subhadra read the letter sent by Sanjay. Durga was relieved, she checked Sanjay’s letter, took it and she left. Subhadra thinks why is Durga so restless, I have to find out. Everyone was happy. Madhav looked at Amrita and smiled.

Durga came to school and she practiced. Rajveer and all the students looked on. Sanjay smiled. Durga said I don’t want to rest now, I have to work hard and make you lose. Rajveer said you will win, when you win the race tomorrow, everyone will mention your name Durga….. come I want to show you something. Sanjay thinks to get a special gift for Durga, it’s a special day for Durga tomorrow.

Amrita and Dadi bought vegetables and bargained. The lady taunted Amrita for trapping Madhav. Dadi then scolded the lady. The lady asked what wrong did I say, I said truth, I think her bad character was responsible for her first marriage breaking, everyone knows about Amrita and Madhav’s love story, she has no shame.

Dadi shouted enough, you are saying a lot, I will not leave you, Amrita and Madhav’s marriage got fixed. The lady said they will say this to stop the name from spoiling, Amrita’s first marriage broke, it won’t matter if the second one also breaks, the girl is already enjoying. Dadi said Amrita’s marriage with Madhav will happen soon and she answered the lady.

Yashpal said you did right to save the family name, we have to do the marriage soon, I have no problem with it, if everyone is supporting, we can manage. Brij said yes, don’t worry, we will manage and do Amrita’s marriage the grand way. Yashpal thanked Brij. He asked Brij to manage the expenses, calculate it. He asked Annapurna to make list of gifts for the guests, I had to tell one small thing, Durga has her exam, we will not tell this to her else she will lose focus.

Sheela thinks Amrita’s marriage is after a week, they will get insulted. Brij asked Amrita is she happy. Amrita said yes and they all smiled. Sanjay prepared a gift for Durga. Aarti asked where were you. Sanjay said I had some work and asked for Durga.

The boy said she went home, how will we give her the gift. Sanjay said I have to give her the gift today itself, even if I have to go to her house. Aarti said you are bad, you broke your promise. Sanjay said no, I will give her gift without talking.

Durga and Shri came home. Durga asked why did you all stop talking seeing me. Yashpal said nothing, you go and change, have food. Shri did not meet Subhadra and stayed annoyed. Sanjay asked for Durga’s address. He met Durga’s friends and said I came from Bhiwani, I got a gift for her, tell me where is her house. He introduced himself and they became shocked.

Rajveer showed the race track to Durga and she smiled. She got a note. Yashpal asked Shri where Durga was and got the note.


The Episode started with Rajveer asking Durga to come and see what she hasn’t seen till now. He showed her the race track and she smiled. He said you will run here and win the state championship, your race will begin at that mark.

Durga imagined everyone mentioning her name. He said your dad will be sitting there and see you winning the race. Durga imagined Yashapal running to her and lifting her happily. She said I can’t wait for tomorrow. Rajveer said you will run like a tigress, we have to win a trophy.

Durga thinks I want to make my dad feel proud. Sanjay asked Durga’s friends about her address and he introduced himself. Durga’s friends scolded him for troubling Durga. They took Sanjay to Durga. Shri made Durga study. Subhadra looked on. Yashpal came home and was glad seeing Durga studying. Manohar then called her out.

Yashpal said she is studying, you also go and study and Manohar left. Annapurna gave Yashpal tea. Durga’s friend threw the note to her and he signalled her to come out. Shri looked at Yashpal while Shri helped Durga. She said we will go inside and study. Yashpal said go, I will take a nap and Shri sent Durga.

Sanjay was tied by Durga’s friends. Durga came to the temple and she became shocked seeing Sanjay. Yashpal asked Shri about Durga. She said Durga…. He said don’t know where she went. He got the note and made her read it. Shri said someone asked her to come to the temple. Sanjay asked Durga’s friends to give the gift to Durga, then he will go and Durga checked the gift. She smiled seeing her collague. Yashpal came there and Durga worried.

Yashpal asked what is she doing here, who’s this guy. Sanjay said I study in her school, it’s a special day for her, so I got a gift. Durga stopped him from showing the gift. Shri came and looked on. Durga said he is Prince, he came to take notes for the exam.

Yashpal asked what’s in your hands, what happened, show me. Subhadra came and asked Yashpal to go home, I will get Durga, everyone is waiting, Durga’s friends would have come to wish her all the best for the exam. Yashpal asked Durga to come home and she left. Subhadra saw the collague and Durga worried.

Subhadra said Shri is not talking to me, forgive me Durga, you are doing a lot for Yashpal, go and live your dreams, I will not tell him anything and Shri asked really and Subhadra wore on her. Shri then hugged Durga. She thinks Yashpal would have stopped Durga from running if he saw this frame, it will be fun when Yashpal sees Durga running and his hope breaks. She said I will hide his frame, come home and Durga thanked her. Subhadra thinks Yashpal will hate Durga.

Amrita gave money to Annapurna and hugged her. Madhav then looked on. Yashpal prayed for Durga. Durga went for the race and Rajveer asked her to concentrate…Read more

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