Durga Must Run- Minister Tells Yashpal. My Daughter Durga Thursday, 10 January 2022: Episode 154-155



The Episode started with Yashpal saying I got gifts for relatives, we have to buy jewelry for Amrita. Durga came and looked on but Yashpal avoided her. Durga said I like to study, I will focus on studies. I am a good girl.

Annapurna asked her to go and eat and she asked has dad eaten already. Annapurna said no. Durga said then I will also not eat, even if I am very hungry and she took food for him. He said I will do my work and left. Annapurna thinks to do something to lessen their distance.

Sheela worried seeing Brij and asked what happened. He showed her Madhav’s pic and became shocked. He asked her about the pic. Sheela said I will get juice, we will sit and talk and he pushed her. Annapurna asked Durga to stop fighting. Durga said I want to fulfill dad’s dreams and see him happy.

Annapurna said when you were born, your dad decided to give good education to his daughters, he did not differentiate between a girl and guy, he just learnt that one who studies becomes an officer, else they will struggle like him, I understand him, he is right, you tell me one thing.

if Amrita can make her future by painting, can’t you also make your future by running, his dad dream broke, but you don’t have to compromise, parents worry for children’s good, that’s it, I can see your happiness, I want you to participate in the race.

Brij asked Sheela to tell him the truth, else she will see his angry avatar. Sheela said it’s not my mistake and he slapped her. She then apologized to him. The photo fell and flew away. She said I got the pic to show Amrita. He slapped her again and said I don’t believe your lies and dragged her. Amrita picked the photo and looked at it and she became shocked.

Annapurna said you can earn a name by happiness and hidden talent, you have to make your dad realize this, I am with you. Brij apologized to Amrita and said you got to know this way, I have proof against Madhav, I will not let him do wrong, he cheated us. Amrita said no, I don’t trust this pic, I want to hear this from Madhav.

He said if he lies then… She said my heart will know that. Durga said I can’t do this. Annapurna said your dad wants to see your success, you have to show it to him. Durga said I just want to see him happy. Annapurna said you are innocent, I have spoken to Rajveer and Shri. Brij said fine, now we will ask Madhav the truth, someone will help us, he looked at Sheela and she agreed.

Annapurna said I have seen everyone chanting your name, and your happiness. Durga said you went to Bhiwani. Annapurna said yes, I have seen you doing a big thing, I am with you, trust yourself. Durga said but how can I forget Yashpal’s efforts, I have to fulfill his dream, I don’t want any medal, I want to support him, I will convince him, I want my dad back and they cried.

It’s morning, Yashpal looked for his slippers. Durga got it and gave it him, he then looked for his glasses and she helped him, she then got food for him and he sat eating. She then asked, won’t you forgive me, tell me and she became sad.

Sheela asked Madhav what is he doing in this photo and Madhav became shocked. Amrita and Brij hid and heard them. Sheela said I will not tell anything to anyone, tell me the truth, what’s your relation with Dulaari and Madhav worried.

Sheela said when everyone was not ready to get you here, I supported you, just tell me the truth, you came here with some motive right. Madhav said yes, you are right, I had come here to take revenge from this family for my mum and brother’s insult, Dulaari is my mum. Amrita and Brij became shocked. Madhav said Rishi is my brother and Amrita cried.

Panchayat Sarpanch asked Durga to win the race. Brij said I will tell the truth to Yashpal. Durga said sorry, I will not run now.


The Episode started with Sanjay looking at Durga’s pic and smiling. Aarti said if I ran in the state championship, I would have won and run in the nationals. He said Durga runs better than you and she became angry. Neelkant stopped Aarti and said you will run in the nationals.

She asked how can I run without participating in the states. He got a call from Aarti’s dad. He promised him to make Aarti participate and win. Aarti became glad and thanked him. Sanjay said you are lucky, I wish Durga won this race.

Amrita cried and thinks of Madhav while Madhav also sat there sad. Annapurna saw the minister coming home. Yashpal welcomed and gave him water. The Minister then said congrats Yashpal, you have a great daughter, I heard a lot about her. Yashpal thinks MLA came to congratulate Amrita and he called Amrita.

Amrita greeted them and the Minister congratulated her for the marriage, and asked him to call Durga, who has shaken the village by her race victory news, she made us proud. Annapurna recalled talking to a neighbor lady about Durga’s win. The Lady said MLA was happy and said if Durga wins nationals, then we can get railway station in our village. Annapurna asked her to get the MLA home and Flashback ended.

Durga came and met him. He then congratulated Durga. He said if you win the nationals, I will make railway station in the village, I got to know children and people have trouble going away from village, I will give you 11000rs as honor prize. He asked her to take it. Durga said sorry, I am not going to run now. He asked what. She said I will bring railway station to the village by studies, not running, I will never run now.

The Minister asked Yashpal to explain to Durga, a big chance is coming and she is refusing, it’s not good, the village will prosper. Dadi said this is our personal matter, Dadi will not run, sorry, thanks for coming.

The Minister said as you wish, if you change your mind, remember the village will remember this always and he left. Brij said Amrita got cheated because of me before, today I got a chance to stop this, I will tell Madhav’s truth to Yashpal.

Brij then went to Yashpal. Amrita got worried and thinks to stop him. The photo fell down and Amrita dropped the plate on the photo and Madhav came there. Amrita picked the photo and Brij looked on. The Lady said I got the MLA but you did not care, the village had hope, is Amrita’s marriage happening or not. Dadi asked her to manage her work. The Lady said Amrita’s first marriage broke and second’s invitation did not come.

Yashpal said she got this guy, see, her fate is good, I will do her marriage well and Dadi scolded the lady and shuts the door. Madhav then left. Amrita asked Brij to come with her. Yashpal said we have less time, Bantu come and distribute the cards and Durga offered help. Yashpal threw the cards in anger and she collected them back.

Amrita asked Brij not to tell Yashpal about Madhav, he was already alert and wanted to know about Madhav, but I had blind belief and informed Madhav. Madhav thinks to tell the truth to Amrita after marriage, I can’t lose you by telling this now.

Yashpal talked to Annapurna about Durga. Durga was then kidnapped.

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