My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 22 December 2021: Episode 82-83



The Episode started with Yashpal entertaining the kids as a joker. Durga smiled seeing him and did not recognize him. He was glad seeing Durga happy, she enjoyed a lot. Aarti complained about Durga to Sanjay. She said it’s time to keep friendship. Sanjay asked how. She told her the plan. Bantu took Shilpa to her friend. The guy told Shilpa and Sheela about his plan, Billu will do their work. Sheela asked him to make them meet Billu soon.

Peon told Rajveer that the principal is calling him at the conference room and Rajveer went. Aarti and Sanjay presented a skit, and insulted Durga. Aarti and Sanjay dressed up as the english teacher and Durga. They made fun of Durga and everyone laughed. Durga was sad. Shri asked them to remove themselves, what are they doing. Aarti said Durga’s dad is a peon, Durga will also become a peon then. The kids laughed. Yashpal looked on. Aarti asked how was our performance. The kids clapped for them. Shri saw Durga upset. Durga left from there. Yashpal recalled Aarti’s words and cried. He collided with Durga, he wished her all the best and she left.

Madhav finalized the design and said I will get a pendrive from the classroom before coming for a meeting. Amrita recalled Madhav making fun of her. She thinks to hide the room keys. She took the keys from the key holder.

Aarti said it was a lot of fun today, we class of Durga. Sanjay asked don’t you think you did wrong, you involved her dad. She said she deserved it. He asked how did you know her dad’s job profile. She recalled Durga helping a peon and saying her dad is also peon like him in the village school.

Madhav came home and looked for keys. He did not find the keys. Amrita came home. Madhav asked for extra keys for the room, he wanted an important thing. Annapurna said Yashpal has the keys, he is outside at this time. She asked Bantu to call the keymaker. Dadi asked why are you sending Bantu, Yashpal has kept keys upstairs. She asked Amrita to go and get the keys. Amrita and Madhav went upstairs. Amrita asked him to check the trunk. He asked is this a place to keep keys. She asked why, then tell Bantu to call the keymaker. He tried finding keys and was tired. She asked him to check well and he got a call.

He said I am not getting keys, I am coming to the office. She placed the keys in the box and asked him to check well and he found the key. He said it was not here. She taunted him for not seeing the thing in front of his eyes.

Durga performed and dressed as a peon. She told everyone that peon is important to help teachers and staff in school. She had all the peons with her in the act, and told how peons don’t get credit, and yet are important part of the school. Shri and Yashpal smiled. Durga said if you can respect the teacher, why don’t you respect the peon. She asked the kids to understand. Yashpal clapped for her an everyone clapped for Durga. Durga took blessings from all the peons of the school. She told everyone that she is studying in this big school because of her dad, who has sent her here. She is proud of him and all peons of this school. Aarti was angry. The Principal smiled and said there is something in this girl. Rajveer said this girl really has something. Durga got down the stage and the Principal praised her. Yashpal cried happily. A diary and glasses fall from his pocket, Durga picked it and identified Yashpal’s diary. She asked why he did not meet me and called him out. Yashpal went and washed off the paint from his face.

Madhav argued with Amrita. Durga went and met Yashpal.


The Episode started with Durga looking for Yashpal. She said the bus would have not left, I can meet dad. Rajveer stopped her and said I got to know you failed in english. She said the bus will be leaving now, I just have 2mins to talk. He said it’s enough come. He showed her the hall of fame. She saw the academic and athletic hall of fame. He said school is proud of those students who has got top grades in education. Durga said I am not even passing, why are you showing this to me and teasing, their parents will be proud of them. He told her about athlete hall of fame.

She saw Aarti and asked how did her pic come here. He said the students are not good in studies, but they have interest in sports, so they are given marks by sports quota, even their parents are proud of them, their dreams get fulfilled, the parents who want their daughter to become collector, they get happiness when they see happiness in this hall of fame, your photo can come here, you can get marks by sports quota, you can pass, your dad will be so proud.

Yashpal sadly looked at the school and recalled Durga’s words. He said I have to be strong, else Durga will fall short. Rajveer said you have to find your talent and make your parents feel proud, their dreams will be fulfilled. She saw Yashpal’s glasses. He asked will you do this. She said I have to go, 2mins are over and she run. He said how do I make her realize her talent.

Yashpal cried. A man asked him why are you crying, is there any costly thing left. Yashpal said I am leaving my heart her, I can’t explain it and left to catch the bus. Durga run out of the school and went to the bus stand. Yashpal sat in the bus and it took off.

Durga checked the other bus and got down. She asked for the Barwara bus,the man said it just left and she cried. Yashpal checked his bag and looked for the glasses. She heard the conductor calling people for Barwara. Durga run to that bus and was shocked seeing Yashpal. She run and hugged him. He thinks of Subhadra’s words and acted strong. Durga asked him to come with her and talk to her. She took him down the bus. Yashpal said my bag is inside, I be back come.

Sheela and Shilpa waited for the guy. The guy came in disguise and boasted of himself. Sheela asked did you talk to Billu. He said yes, he wants 6000rs. She asked what. He asked her to throw money and see drama. Shilpa said I will arrange money. Sheela asked how. Shilpa said Madhav will be arranging it.

Durga drank juice. Yashpal was emotional and asked why did you come here, it’s a new city. She thinks Yashpal is annoyed for her result. She asked for another juice glass, as it’s was a very hot weather. She thinks his hope broke. He asked her to take care of herself and Subhadra, focus on studies. He saw jalebis stall and bought some for Durga. He said you came running here, have jalebis. She said the marks… He said whatever happened is fine, leave it. He wished to hug her and bless her. He asked her to have jalebis. He said remember why you came here, study hard. Conductor asked him to come. Yashpal said am coming. He asked Durga to remember what he explained, he went when she tried to hug him, he cried and left.

Madhav argued with Amrita. He said you think you know better than me about colors. She said maybe yes. He broke a pot. Durga run to the ground and said Sir, you said I will get marks if I run. He said if you win the race competition, you will get 5 marks. Durga said I will pass now, whatever happens.