My Desire 18 May 2023 Update On Thursday

My desire on Star Life Thursday, May 18, 2023 Update: Roohi puts drunk Rudra to bed properly. She talks to Preesha’s picture, tells her that she’s taking care of Rudra while she’s gone, and asks her to come back. Digvijay, on the other hand, asks Arman if he was aware that Preesha would eventually become violent.

He claims to know. Digvijay then inquires as to why he risks Preesha’s life by administering the memory-erasing injection. Armaan recalls the doctor telling him that Preesha’s continued use of memory-erasing injections could be dangerous. Armaan claims that he would like Preesha to forget someone. The doctor says they can fabricate a story about that person to make Preesha dislike him. Armaan concurs.

Preesha is hypnotized by the doctor, and Armaan forces her to watch a morphed video in which Rudra coerces Preesha into marrying him and tortures him sexually and physically. He causes her to accept that she would rather not see Rudra’s face or hear even his name as he is a malevolence. He tells Armaan that Preesha will despise Rudra when she sees Armaan’s morphed video when she wakes up. He additionally cautions him about the symptoms of memory deleting medication like fits, outrage explosion, and so on. He will oversee Preesha, Armaan.

He later embraces Preesha from behind calling her Wifey like Rudra. Preesha explodes in rage and injures himself when he breaks a vase on his head. She then gets into her faculties and apologizes Armaan. Armaan is told by the doctor that Preesha must have spoken or done something similar to what Rudra used to do. Armaan claims he referred to her as “wifey.” He is asked to continue taking the medication by the doctor, or else Preesha will regain memory.

Digivaj asks Armaan what he got from all of this, and Preesha gets violent if he touches her, but she still thinks of Rudra subconsciously. Armaan asserts, “Who cares?” Preesha now despises Rudra, but she is my wife and content with me. He declares that he will not permit Preesha to resume her previous life.

On the other side, Roohi informs Saransh that Rudra has returned home as she approaches him. Saransh inquires as to why she is telling him this. She says since he is her senior sibling. He claims not to be bothered. She informed him that Rudra had returned home because she believes she knows Saransh is worried about Rudra and keeps him awake until he does. Saransh wishes her great evening and falls asleep. They both weep when they see Preesha’s photo because they miss her.

Next morning, Pihu energetically illuminates family that she got a confirmation in India’s best broad communications school in Delhi. Digvijay denies authorizing. Preesha inquires as to for what reason might Pihu at any point go as she got confirmation as of now. Pihu, according to Armaan, won’t go there alone.

Preesha declares that she will go with Pihu. Armaan says that business delegates are coming this week and refuses. Digvijay says Kanchan will go with Pihu and will return once Pihu settles down. Pihu is overjoyed while Armaan becomes enraged. She appreciates Preesha’s support.

When Preesha hears the same word again, she becomes enraged and attacks the maid. Fear makes the maid shake. Preesha apologizes her and gives her cash for her dauhgter’s school expenses. The maid reluctantly accepts cash. Preesha inquires about her daughter’s name. Maid declares Roohi Preesha feels associated with the name. Preesha is calmed down by Pihu, who asks her to help her pack.

He receives a breakfast call from the Rudra maid. His companion Raj visits him with desserts and contacts his feet. Rudra pulls him over and inquires about the sweets. Raj attributes his admission to a prestigious performing arts college to Rudra’s assistance in winning a singing competition and subsequent care.

He is praised by Rudra. Then comes his cousin. He is asked to care for Raj because he is now his junior, and Rudra tells him that Raj has been accepted into his cousin’s college. Rudra’s cousin agrees, but after Rudra leaves, he warns Raj not to harm his college image and never reveals their relationship. Raj concurs.

Cousin then strolls down and wishes goodmorning to Sharda tending to her as bua/auntie. He learns from Sharda that his father inquired about him. Cousin leaves. Rudra goes to breakfast with his family and tries to talk to Saransh, but Saransh doesn’t listen to him and leaves. Rudra should be cheered up, according to Roohi, so she should sort out their differences.

Rudra walks to Ruhi’s room after breakfast, falls on a skateboard, and tears Roohi’s competition dress. She criticizes him. He dresses her in a teddy bear costume and inquires about Saransh’s outcome. She says he fizzled. He acts normally despite feeling surprised. They have a wonderful time together.

Sharda strolls to them. Roohi uncovers Sharda that she made an honest effort to encourage Rudra. Sharda lavishes her and claims that she is playing Preesha the Kid. She then informs Rudra that he must attend the orientation program at Raj’s college. Simran, Digvijay’s wife, packs her things to go with Pihu to Delhi.

Pihu and Preesha enter. Simran expresses her anxiety about going to Delhi. Preesha is suggested to go with her by Pihu. Simran is also adamant. Preesha recalls Armaan’s warning, but she is in agreement with Pihu’s and Simran’s insistent position. When Armaan learns about Preesha’s trip to Delhi, he becomes enraged and decides not to let her meet Rudra and reunite with him.

When Preesha and Pihu arrive in Delhi, they feel at home there. Rudra arrives at Raj’s school. Raj declares his contentment. Rudra is occupied over the phone. Pihu and Presha graduate from college. Pihu asserts that she was destined to attend this college and may also discover something there.

Preesha asks what she will find here. Fans click selfie with Rudra with Preesha behind the scenes. Preesha crouchs down to check her shoes. Rudra is aware of her, but not of her face.

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