Radha Mohan 17 February 2023 Written Update

The first scene of today’s Radha Mohan episode, which airs on February 17, 2023, finds Radha attempting to expose the cloaked individual while Damini stands by and offers no assistance.

After being pushed hard by the stranger, Kaveri gets an injury to her elbow.

In the meantime, Radha summons Kadambari, Mohan, and Ajeet to the house because a thief is present.

The unidentified person pushes Radha while struggling to free himself and manages to keep his hood on.

He runs past Damini, who stands idly by and does not try to stop him.

Radha tries to stop him by running after him, but her foot gets caught in the chair and she falls to the ground while the stranger flees.

Kadamabri, Trivedi Ji, Ajeet, Ketki, and Mohan leave the room after a while, and he asks Radha why she screams so loudly at night.

Radha informs Kadambari that there is a thief in the house as she looks at the vanishing thief…Read more

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